April 11, 2018

Faculty Senate Minutes
April 11, 2018 (Approved)
Chair, Kevin Hall
Secretary, Linda Jones
Attendance (A-absent; otherwise, present)

Faculty Senate Officers and Senators

OFFICERS  Kevin Hall
 Kathleen Lehman
 Fran Hagstrom
 Tom Jensen
 Robert Brady  Linda Jones  A-John Pijanowski
School of Architecture  A-Frank Jacobus        
School of Law  A-Uche Ewelukwa Ofodile        
Library  Stephanie Pierce        
Walton College  A-Rajiv Sabherwal  John Delery  A-Vern Richardson  Jennifer Kish-Gephart  
College of Engineering  A-Paneer Selvam   A-Manuel Rossetti   Justin Chimka  Kevin Hall  
Bumpers College  A-Ioannis E. Tzanetakis  Kate Shoulders   Bruce Ahrendsen  Navam Hettiarachchy  A-Don Edgar
College of EDHP  Chris Goering  A-Kaitlin Gallagher  A-Kristin Higgins   Stephanie Lusk  A-Lisa Bowers 
Fulbright College  A-Anna Zajicek 
 Hope Christiansen 
 Myria Allen 
 A-William Quinn
 James Gigantino
 A-Fred Spiegel 
 A-Ravi Barabote
 A-Calvin White 
 Weston Wilkerson 
 A-Shauna Morimoto
 Dennis Brewer 
 A-Denise Beike 
 A-Suresh Kumar Thallapuranam 
 Stephen Caldwell
 A-James Lampinen
 A-Matt McIntosh 
 Kathy Comfort 
 A-Michael Landman 
At-Large Members  Cheryl Murphy
 Luti Salisbury
 Tom Jensen
 A-Kelly Hammond
 Deborah Korth
 Karen Sebold 
 David Gay
 A-Michelle Gray
 A-Norm Dennis
 Neil Allison
 Timothy Kral
 A-Don Johnson
Non-Voting Senators in Administration        
A-Joe Steinmetz 
Kathy Van Laningham
Kim Needy
A-Lynda Coon
 Jim Coleman 
 Don Judges
 A-Matthew Waller
 Melissa Harwood Rom 
 Ro DiBrezzo
 A-Charles Robinson 
 Michael Miller
 A-Julie Cromer
 A-Lona Robertson
 A-John English
 A-John Fagg
 Terry Martin
 A-Peter MacKeith
 A-Stacey Leeds
 Suzanne McCray
 A-Todd Shields
 A-Carolyn Henderson Allen 


I.  Call to Order:  Chair, Kevin Hall

II. Roll Call

III. Approval of Agenda

Amended to include item VIII. D.   Amendment approved

Amended agenda approved

IV. Approval of Minutes of March 14, 2018

Minutes approved

V.  Reports

A. Provost

      • Thank you to faculty for all you do  - Faculty appreciation week!
      • Guests here to thank us - cup cakes and coffee brought to us!! 

B.  Faculty Senate Chair - Kevin Hall

      • Board of trustees met in Monticello.  Board Policy voted in; Ro has met with the Deans regarding this; goes into effect July 2019.  This will filter down to College and Departmental policy.
      • Great panel with students today with regards Faculty Appreciation Week

VI.  Announcements

Campus Faculty Meeting - April 12, 3:30, Giffels Auditorium - Guest speaker Vice-Provost Yvette Murphy-Erby

VII. Old Business

A.  Recommendations from Academic Standards - Julie Trivitt

File 1File 2 - Incompletes

Recommended change approved.

B.  Proposed Student Conduct Record Policy - Rachel Eikenberry


Concerns over the  transcript segment; works through administrator, not a faculty member.  This was added at the recommendation of the Academic Advisory Committee.  

Amendment proposed to  say the following:  (Remove - Students must petition to the Dean of Students or his/her designee to have the Disciplinary Suspension removed from the transcript.).  Rework to add "automatically" in this sentence - The Disciplinary Suspension will be removed automatically only when a student has fulfilled all conditions for re-enrollment and when the petition has been approved.

Amendment passed

Recommended changes as amended approved

C.  Calendar Committee 2022/2023

Proposed calendars 2022 and 2023

Proposed calendars approved

D.  Academic Integrity Rubric Change - Joshua Youngblood

Revised Document

Revised document policies approved.

VIII. New Business

A.  General Education/Common Core – David Joliffe, Laurence Hare, Jeannine Durdik

Document for Review

Clarity on the recommendation was all that was provided today; greater discussion will occur during our May meeting.

Model based on student learning goals/outcomes/indicators.  Will help to determine which courses fit into these outcomes.  Stems from the need to better assess undergaduate student learning.

Two terms - state minimum core (2007); UA General Education Core Curriculum (this includes the state minimum core that can achieve goals and objectives within the  UA document.)

6 goals - an emphasis on writing, speaking, communication; quantitative literacy; fine arts; humanities; social sciences; natural sciences; expand diversity awareness, intercultural competency, etc.  The final goal - a focus on a substantial project in one's major.  Write reflectively and deeply so as to explain what one has learned in reference to the goals and how is that playing a part as they move forward.

Courses have to accomplish three of the five learning indicators of a given category to count towards that goal.

Hope that this can be implemented in the fall of 2020.

Comes as approved by UCPC.

B.  Teaching Council revision to Academic Policy 1405.15 – Jim Gigantino


Focus on who gets to see the written comments on course evaluations.  Recommends training for Chairs and Deans so as to know how to use narrative comments appropriately.

Question as to whether or not this should have gone through the APT committee and not the Teaching Council.

Can these written evaluations be confidential rather than anonymous?  

C.  Committee on Committees – Inactive committees – Tahar Messadi


Recommendations to retire two committees...1) Classrooms, Technology, and Academic Design Committee; 2) Continuing Education Committee

D. Non-Tenure Track Revision to Academic Policy 1405.12 - Added to the agenda today; asking for it to be adopted.

E.  Consent Agenda:  The following items are referred by the University Course and Programs Committee and/or the Graduate Council for review and action by the Faculty Senate at its meeting scheduled April 11, 2018:

1.   Course Change proposals – including undergraduate and graduate classes approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on March 16, 2018, and the Graduate Council on March 15, 2018:  (pdf report).

2.   Undergraduate Program Change Proposals approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on March 16, 2018:  (pdf_report).

a.   Proposed undergraduate program change for the College of Education and Health Professions, Department of Education Dean – EDUC Acad Regs – EDUC College Academic Regulations (2a_egedacadregs­_report04112018).

3.   Graduate Program Change Proposals approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on February 23, 2018 and the Graduate Council on March 15, 2018:

a.   Proposed graduate program change for the Department of Business Dean - BADMMB – Business Administration, Master of Business Administration


b.   Proposed graduate program change for the Department Industrial Engineering –EMGTMS – Master of Science in Engineering Management (3b_emgtms_report04112018).

c.   Proposed graduate program change for the Department of Industrial Engineering – OMHSGC – Homeland Security, Graduate Certificate (3c_omhsgc_reportapr1120183c_omhsgc_gradcert_ltrofnotification_041120183c_omhsgc_gradcert_supportingdocumentation_041120183c_costforhomelandsecurity_04112018).

d.   Proposed graduate program change for the Department of Rehabilitation, Human Resources, and Communication Disorders – HIEDME – Higher Education, Master of Education (3d_hiedme_report04112018).

All items of the Consent Agenda approved.

F.  Committee of the Whole

IX. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 5:20.