March 14, 2018

Faculty Senate Minutes
March  14, 2018 (Approved)
Chair, Kevin Hall
Secretary, Linda Jones
Attendance (A-absent; otherwise, present)

Faculty Senate Officers and Senators

OFFICERS  Kevin Hall
 Kathleen Lehman
 Fran Hagstrom
 Tom Jensen
 Robert Brady  Linda Jones  A-John Pijanowski
School of Architecture  A-Frank Jacobus        
School of Law  A-Uche Ewelukwa Ofodile        
Library  Stephanie Pierce        
Walton College  A-Rajiv Sabherwal  John Delery  Vern Richardson  Jennifer Kish-Gephart  
College of Engineering  Paneer Selvam   A-Manuel Rossetti   Justin Chimka  Kevin Hall  
Bumpers College  A-Ioannis E. Tzanetakis  A-Kate Shoulders   Bruce Ahrendsen  A-Navam Hettiarachchy  A-Don Edgar
College of EDHP  A-Chris Goering  A-Kaitlin Gallagher  A-Kristin Higgins  A-Stephanie Lusk  Lisa Bowers 
Fulbright College  A-Anna Zajicek 
 Hope Christiansen 
 Myria Allen 
 A-William Quinn
 James Gigantino
 Fred Spiegel 
 A-Ravi Barabote
 Calvin White 
 A-Weston Wilkerson 
 Shauna Morimoto
 Dennis Brewer 
 A-Denise Beike 
 A-Suresh Kumar Thallapuranam 
 Stephen Caldwell
 A-James Lampinen
 A-Matt McIntosh 
 Kathy Comfort 
 Michael Landman 
At-Large Members  A-Cheryl Murphy
 Luti Salisbury
 Tom Jensen
 Kelly Hammond
 Deborah Korth
 Karen Sebold 
 David Gay
 A-Michelle Gray
 Norm Dennis
 Neil Allison
 Timothy Kral
 Don Johnson
Non-Voting Senators in Administration        
A-Joe Steinmetz 
Kathy Van Laningham
Kim Needy
Lynda Coon
 Jim Coleman 
 Don Judges
 Matthew Waller
 Melissa Harwood Rom 
 Ro DiBrezzo
 A-Charles Robinson 
 Michael Miller
 A-Julie Cromer
 Lona Robertson
 A-John English
 A-John Fagg
 Terry Martin
 Peter MacKeith
 A-Stacey Leeds
 Suzanne McCray
 Todd Shields
 A-Carolyn Henderson Allen 


I.  Call to Order:  Chair, Kevin Hall

II. Roll Call

Roll called

III. Approval of Agenda

Agenda Approved

IV. Approval of Minutes of February 14, 2018

Minutes approved

V.  Reports

A. Provost

      • Budget process is still moving forward.  Will be holding tuition flat for instate students; will probably have an increase for out of state.
      • 1% reallocation plans have for the most part been approved and are moving forward
      • Law School Dean search is ongoing - two on campus visits completed; two more to take place
      • Vice Provost for Reserach and Innovation ongoing; hope to have candidates on campus before graduation in May.
      • Kathy Van Laningham is retiring.  An extrodianary helper for Provost since his arrival; will do an internal search, hopefully find someone before she leaves.
      • Suzanne McCray - Looks like about 5100 new students coming in, with upwards to 300-400 more.
      • John Delery's task force has made a great deal of progress around non-tenure track faculty.
      • Wes Stites - working with Provost to discuss institutional space planning
      • Gen Ed core program continues to make progress forward. 

B.  Faculty Senate Chair - Kevin Hall

      • Still need one more name for Chair of Campus Faculty - help us identify one more person so that this can move forward.  Provide the name to Kim Frazier.
      • Gen Ed - the final draft of the proposal was sent out earlier this week to a few people.  Will be in the UCPC meeting this Friday.  We could possibly see it in our April Agenda for review.
      • ASG - Reached out to Andrew Counts to see if they had anything they wanted to bring to Faculty Senate.  One resolution they would like to pass - an election polling station on campus.  They may also want us to examine their proposal on grade forgiveness. 
      • March 28 and 29, Board of Trustees Meeting in Monticello.  Kevin anticipates their voting on policy for our campus.
      • Kevin had a good meeting with the OE advisory committee, talking about diversity and inclusion.  Saw a heartful presentation from Dean English.  Kevin encourages us to be proactive; anticipates great stuff coming out of Yvette's Office of Diversity.  Let's work hard on making this University an inclusive campus - a culture of inclusiveness and diversity.  Play a part!

VI.  Announcements

CAC Recommendation on Classroom Technology - Frank Liu & Mandel Samuels


VII. Old Business

A. Recommendations for changes to the Academic Integrity Policy - Josh Youngblood


Motion to approve Item A - passes

Motion to approve Item B

Concerns raised with regards the wording, and the issue of intent:  “
Lying (such as communicating untruths or miscommunications) in an academic context in order to gain an unfair advantage.”

Misunderstanding about the word miscommunication 

Motion made to amend the phrase - to remove everything in parentheses.

Motion to amend passes

Motion made to amend the phrase to say "Lying in an academic context, such that an unfair advantage is gained." 

Motion to amend fails.

Motion to change  to "Lying in order to gain an unfair academinc advantage."

Concerns about the word lying - and the word "unfair."  Also, in order to vs. attempt to.

Motion to amend fails.

Motion to return to committee passes.

B.  APT Committee - Norm Dennis

Academic Policy 1435.50 

Motion to amend the document at the rank of University Professor and to remove "or incoming faculty who will be awarded tenure and who hold credentials of similar merit from another university or other venues."

Motion passes

Motion to approve document as amended

Appointed to ranks, not promoted; perhaps one should not utilize the ranks.  It is more about distinction rather than rank.  Board Policy is wrong to use the term Rank but concerns raised that that's not appropriate.

Motion passes

C.  Recommendations from Academic Standards - Julie Trivitt 

Credit Hours

Degree Recommendations

Motion to approve adoption of recommended credit hour definition

Motion passes

Motion to approve additional undergraduate degree policy

Motion passes


VIII. New Business

A.  Recommendations from Academic Standards - Julie Trivitt

File 1File 2 - Incompletes

Proposes that an I convert to an F twelve months later when a student receives an I and does not enroll in the following semesters.

B.  Proposed Student Conduct Record Policy - Rachel Eikenberry


See handout just above for proosed changes - revisions to record expungement; transcript notation; student conduct record retention; proposed disciplinary records policy

C.  Calendar Committee 2022/2023

Proposed calendars 2022 and 2023

D.  Consent Agenda:  The following items are referred by the University Course and Programs Committee and/or the Graduate Council for review and action by the Faculty Senate at its meeting scheduled March 14, 2018:

1.  Course Change proposals – including undergraduate and graduate classes approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on February 23, 2018, and the Graduate Council on February 15, 2018:  (pdf report).

 2.  Undergraduate Program Change Proposals approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on February 23, 2018:  (pdf report).

a.  Proposed undergraduate program change for the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Music – MUSCBM-GPRF – Music Guitar Performance Concentration (2a_muscbm-gprf­_report03142018).

 b.  Proposed undergraduate program change for the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Music – MUSCBM-WPRF – Music Woodwind-Brass-Percussion Performance Concentration (2b_muscbm-wprf_report03142018).

c.  Proposed undergraduate program change for the College of Education and Health Professions, Department of Education Dean – EDUC Honors – EDUC College Honors Requirements (2c_educhonors_report03142018).

3.     Graduate Program Change Proposals approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on January 26, 2018 and the Graduate Council on February 15, 2018:

a.   Proposed graduate program change for the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering - BENGMS – Biological Engineering, Master of Science in Biological Engineering (3a_bengms_report03142018).

 b.   Proposed graduate program change for the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering – BENGPH – Biological Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy 3b_bengph_report03142018).

 c.   Proposed graduate program change for the Department of Industrial Engineering – INEGPH – Engineering (Industrial Engineering), Doctor of Philosophy (3c_inegph_report03142018).

Item 3 c was pulled for further discussion.  - Tabled 

All other items in sections 1, 2 and 3 were approved.

4.      Informational Items: 

a.    MBA Dismissal Policy – Graduate Council approved a revision to the policy language.  See the attached document (mba_dismissal_policy03142018).

b.   Center for Innovation in Healthcare Logistics – Proposal to delete the center has been approved by campus and will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees and Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  (4b_cihl_deletion_ltrofnotif.docx4b_cihl_deletion_deans_memo.pdf).

E.  Committe of the Whole

IX. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.