Committees 2018-2019

Committees of the Faculty Senate - 2018-2019

Faculty shall constitute 75 percent or more of the voting membership of all Faculty Senate Committees.  These committees shall report to the Chair of the Faculty Senate, although they may be advisory to other individuals or units.  All Faculty Senate committees shall select a Vice-Chair/Chair Elect from faculty members each year at the first meeting of the committee.  That person will succeed to the Chair of the committee the following year.


 The committee makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate on all matters related to the policies associated with student conduct (academic integrity and student life).  There will be six faculty and one member of the library with three year staggered terms, one faculty from the All-University Academic Integrity Board, one faculty from the All-University Conduct Board, two students (one undergraduate, one graduate, each with one year terms), and one ex-officio, non-voting representative from each of the following:  the Office of Academic Initiatives and Integrity, the Office of Student Standards and Conduct, and the Graduate School and International Education.


 Name  Term  College  Email
 Angie Maxwell  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ARSC
 Kate Shoulders  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  AFLS
 Rick Coffman  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ENGR
 Paul Cronan  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  WCOB
 Kim Furlong  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARCH
 Janet Forbess  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  EDHP
 Laura Cameron  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  MULN
 Ex-Officio, Non-Voting      
 Chris Bryson  Office of Academic Initiatives and Integrity
 Rachel Eikenberry  Office of Student Standards and Conduct
 Pat Koski  Graduate School and International Education

The Academic Standards Committee adjudicates petitions for readmission and variance to academic policies, and recommends policies or the modifications of existing policies concerning grading, examinations, academic probation and exclusion, and related matters, and reviews the enforcement and effectiveness of these policies.  Membership consists of one faculty representative from each of the undergraduate colleges and schools, one representative from the Registrar's Office, and three students.


 Name  Term  College  Email
Tabatha Diann Teal  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  EDHP
 Julie Trivitt*  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  WCOB
 Reina Ruiz  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC
 Chuck Rotolo  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARCH
 Ashley Dowling  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  AFLS
 Bryan Hill  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ENGR
 Spencer Bone  Fall 2017-Spring 2018  Student
 Dave Dawson  Registrar  UA

This committee is responsible for recommending policies on admission and transfer of credits and serving as the appellate board for individual petitions for variances.  Membership consists of co-chairs, one co-chair elected from the faculty members, and one co-chair is the person serving as current Vice-Provost for enrollment, one voting and one attending representative from Fulbright College (ARSC), and one faculty representative from each of the remaining  undergraduate colleges/schools (AFLS, ARCH, WCOB, ENGR, EDHP), a representative from Institutional Research, the Associate Director of Admissions, and the Executive Director of the Office for Academic Success.


 Name  Term  College  Email
 Dub Ashton*  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  WCOB
 Leigh Southward  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  AFLS
 Bryan Hill  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ENGR
 Kelly Johnson  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  EDHP
 Mike Pierce  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC
 Surendra P. Singh  Fall 2017-Spring 2020   ARSC-NV
 Allison Turner  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARCH
 Suzanne McCray*  Office of Admissions
 TBD  Institutional Research    
 Taj Cobbs  Ex-Officio
 Don Nix  Office for Learning and Student Success
 Danielle Dunn  Associate Director of Admissions

The Board is composed of TWELVE faculty or instructional staff (TWO from each undergraduate college), TWO faculty representative of the library and TWO of the Graduate School.  TEN students (FOUR graduate and SIX undergraduate).  In order to facilitate timely review of cases, there will be two such committeees constituted each SEMESTER and each of these committees will meet one time per month.  The committees will elect their own chair.  The executive director of ACADEMIC INITIATIVES AND INTEGRITY will be an ex officio member of the AUAIB.  (Note:  The School of Law has its own academic integrity process.)  There will also be a pool of trained alternates who can seve on the Board in the event that a member is unable to attend a hearing due to a schedule conflict, illness, conflict of interest, or the like.  A third committee, which may be comprised of members of the other two committees, will meet during the summer.  Ordinarily, board hearings should consist of at least seven (7) faculty (at least one of which has graduate faculty status) and two (2) students.

 AUAIB, Regular Members
 Name  Term  College  Email
 Peggy Lee  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  EDHP
 Jason Endacott  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  EDHP
 Rodney Engen  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARSC
 TBA  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARCH  
 Lobat Siahmakoun  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  AFLS
 Tim Killian  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  AFLS
 Jennifer Kish-Gephart  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  WCOB
 Paul Cronan  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  WCOB
 TBA  Fall 2018-Spring 2020  MULN  
 Michelle Gibeault  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  MULN
 Suresh Thallapuranam  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  GRAD
 Merry Moiseichik  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  GRAD
 John Gauch  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ENGR
 Natalie Becknell  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ENGR
 David Buege  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARCH
 Lorraine C. Brewer  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC
 AUAIB, Alternates      
 Name  Term  College  Email
Donna Graham  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  AFLS
 Julie Trivitt  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  WCOB
 Ronn Smith  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  WCOB
 Jay McAlister  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  MULN
 Jack Sun  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  GRAD
 Ginney Norton  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  GRAD
 Carol Altom  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  GRAD
 Rich Ham  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  GRAD
 Don Johnson  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  AFLS
 Bill Schreckhise  Indefinite Alternate  ARSC
 Rod William  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ENGR
 TBA  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARCH  
 Findlay Edward  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ENGR
 Matthew Mihalka  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARSC
 Thomas Kippenbrock  Fall 2018-Spring 2020  EDHP
 Janet Forbess  Fall 2018-Spring 2019  EDHP

 The Athletic committee's function is to oversee the Athletic Department's compliance with the academic standards established by the University, and advises this department on matters of academic concern.  Membership consists of seven members of the faculty, one of who shall be elected chairperson, two students, the University's representative to the Southeast Conference and National Collegiate Athletic Association, the Director of Athletics, and the Executive Director of Athletics as ex-officio members, and a non-voting member from the office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.


 Name  Term  College  Email
 Tim Tarvin  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  LAW
 Neil Allison*  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ARSC
 Andrew Braham  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ENGR
 Jean Henry  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  EDHP
 Jim Gigantino  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARSC
 Tim Kral  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARSC
 Tom Jensen  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  WCOB
 TBD  Fall 2018-Spring 2019  Student  
 TBD  Fall 2018-Spring 2019  Student  
 Gerald Gordon  UA SEC/NCAA Representative
 Julie Cromer Peoples  Associate VC and Executive Assoicate Athletic Director
 John Fagg  Senior Associate Athletic Director
 Tim O'Donnell  Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

 The Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure shall be elected by the tenured and tenure-track members of the faculty (pursuant to rules adopted by the Faculty Senate) and shall consist of 12 tenured members of the faculty.  Four members shall be elected each year for terms of three years each, such terms to begin on July 1.  Should a committee member be unable to complete the first 30 months of the three-year term, the Chair of the Faculty Senate shall supervise a special election to fill the vacancy.  The Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure shall elect its own Chair and Vice-Chair/Chair Elect from its membership.  The committee may, on its own initiative, make recommendations regarding faculty status to appropriate officers and bodies.  Whenever any question concerning faculty status is referred to the committee, including a question concerning a specific faculty member's tenure, promotion, appointment, dismissal, retirement, and the like, the committee shall make a recommendation on such questions to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Chancellor, the President, the Board of Trustees, or other appropriate officers.  Such questions may be referred to the Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure by any member of the faculty, a department chairperson, a dean, a director, or any administrative officer, after proper grievance procedures have been followed.


 Name  Term  College  Email
 Lisa Corrigan  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ARSC
 Tom Jensen  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  WCOB
 Donald Johnson**  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  AFLS
 Luti Salisbury   Fall 2016-Spring 2019  MULN
 Marcia Imbeau  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  EDHP
 John Delery  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  WCOB
 Kevin Brady  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  EDHP
 Song Yang  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARSC
 Tom Smith  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  EDHP
 Kathleen Collins  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  EDHP
 Denise Beike  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC
 Anna Zajicek  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC

The Calendar Committee drafts the academic calendar and makes recommendations concerning the calendar and the academic schedule to the Faculty Senate.  The Faculty Senate requests input from the Campus Council prior to the approval of the calendar and academic schedule by the Faculty Senate.  Voting membership consists of one representative from each of the colleges and schools, one student, and one staff representative.  Non-voting, ex officio representatives will be from the offices of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Dean of Students, Computing Services, Registrar, and Treasurer.  The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected from the faculty representatives to the committee.


 Name  Term  College  Email
 Ranil Wickramasinghel  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ENGR
 Colleen Williams  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  LAW
 Phillip J. Jones  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  MULN
 Rachel Glade*  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  EDHP
 Eunjoo Cho  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  AFLS
 Russell Rudzinski  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARCH
 Maria Tjani  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC
 Carole Shook**  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  WCOB
 TBD     STAFF  
 James Gigantino (Grad Council)  Fall 2017-Spring 2019  GRAD
 Non-voting ex officio members (from the offices listed)    
 Jim Coleman  Provost and VC for Academic Affairs  VCAC
 Ron Neyman  IT Services  UITS
 Dave Dawson  Registrar  REGR
 Jason Rankin  Treasurer's Office  AVCF
 Melissa Harwood Rom  Dean of Students  SADE

 This committee is responsible for recommending and reviewing the establishment, modification, and termination of standing committees of the Campus Faculty.  It represents the faculty in the development of and appointments to Administration councils and committees.  It also recommends nominees to the Chair of the Campus Faculty for possible appointments to committees of the faculty (Faculty Senate committees and Campus Council committees).  Membership consists of a Chairperson appointed for a one-year term after consultation between the Chair of the Campus Faculty and the Chair of the Faculty Senate with the Chancellor, one faculty representative from each of the undergraduate colleges and schools and from the Law School, one representative from the Library faculty, and the President of the Associated Student Government.  Each college and school shall elect three nominees for each college and school vacancy, and three nominees elected by the Library faculty.  The Chair of the Campus Faculty will appoint one of the nominees to fill each vacant position.  Neither the Chairperson nor any representative shall serve continuously for more than three years.  Members serve until their replacement is appointed.


 Name  Term  College  Email
 Findlay Edwards  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ENGR
 Laurent Sacharoff  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  LAW 
 Tom Jensen  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  WCOB
 Kris Brye*   Fall 2017-Spring 2020  AFLS
 Jim Gigantino  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC
 Jean Henry  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  EDHP
 Tahar Messadi   Fall 2015-Spring 2018  ARCH
 Rachel Paul  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  MULN
 ASG President  Fall 2017-Spring 2018  ASG

The ESL committee establishes policies for testing of English as a second language and the University's English as a Second Language Program (EASL).  Responsible for creating, administering, and grading the English Language Placement Test (ELPT), as well as for making placement recommendations for international students based on ELPT results.  Functions as an advisory committee to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs concerning the training of international graduate teaching assistants and the University's relationship with the Spring International Language Center of Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Membership consists of one faculty representative from each undergraduate college and school (six), with the Dean of the Graduate School or her/his designee representing the Graduate School (GRAD); the Chairperson of the Department of World Languages (WLLC) or his/her designee; the Chairperson of the Department of English (ENGL) or her/his designee; one student who is a non-native speaker of English; and the Directors of the following offices:  International Admissions, International Programs, and Testing Services.  The Director of the Spring International program on campus will not serve as a member of the committee but may routinely be invited to attend meetings to provide the committee with information.


 Name  Term  College  Email
 Pat Slattery (ENGL)  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARSC
 Han-Seok Seo  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  AFLS
 Reina Ruiz* (WLLC)  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ARSC
 Song Yang  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ARSC
 Greg Herman  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARCH
 Findlay Edwards  Fall 2017-Spring 2020   ENGR
 Steven W. Kopp  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  WCOB
 Freddie Bowles**  Fall 2018-Spring 2021   EDHP
 Pat Koski  Graduate School   GRAD
 Lynn Mosesso  International Admissions  IREC
 Michael Freeman  International Programs  ISS
 Yassaman Mirdamadi  Testing Services
 Qian Zhang  Student (non-native speaker)

Ad hoc grievance committees described in the Faculty Handbook section, "Faculty Grievance Procedure," will be constituted from the membership of the Faculty Grievance Panel at the request of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  The Faculty Grievance Panel shall elect its own Chair and Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect from its membership.  (When ad hoc grievance committees are needed, the Chair of the Faculty Senate shall impanel such individual committees so as to maximize impartial evaluation of the plaintiff's grievance.)  Individual ad hoc grievance committees shall select their own chairs who shall be responsible for reporting the recommendations of their committees to all parties in the grievance, including the administrative supervisors of the faculty members involved and the Chair of the Faculty Grievance Panel who will, in turn, provide a summary annual report of the total recommendations of all ad hoc grievance committees to the Chair of the Faculty Senate, excluding the names of aggrieved faculty members.

*Chair/**Vice Chair

 Name  Term  College  Email
 Anna Zajicek  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ARSC
 Marcia Imbeau  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  EDHP
 Tim Tarvin  Fall 2017-Spring 2020   LAW
 Claretha Hughes  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  EDHP`
 Jonathan Torres   Fall 2017-Spring 2020  MULN
 Nina Gupta  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  WCOB
 Doug Rhoads  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC
 Kimball Erdman  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARCH
 Jim Gigantino  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARSC
 Samir M. El-Ghazaly  Fall 2018-Spring 2021   ENGR
 Dan Donoghue  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  AFLS
 TBD  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  GRAD  

The Executive Committee will prepare the Faculty Senate agenda.  At the request of the Chair of the Faculty Senate, the committee will recommend new policies or modifications to existing policies concerning matters regarding faculty service at this institution.  It shall also be available to advise the Chairs of the Faculty and the Faculty Senate on matters of pressing faculty concern.  Its membership shall consist of the Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate who shall chair this committee, the Chair of the Campus Council, the immediate past Chair of the Faculty Senate, the Campus Faculty Chair, the Campus Faculty Vice Chair, plus five members elected by the Faculty Senate from its own membership.  Election shall take place at the first meeting of the Faculty Senate each fall semester.


 Name  Title  College  Email
 Kathleen Lehman  Chair, Faculty Senate  MULN
 Tom Jensen*  Vice Chair, Faculty Senate  WCOB
 Kevin Hall  Outgoing Chair, Faculty Senate  ENGR
 Fran Hagstrom  Chair, Campus Faculty  EDHP
 Kevin Brady  Vice-Chair, Campus Faculty  EDHP
 Lisa Frye  Chair, Campus Council  WCOB
 Linda Jones  Secretary, Faculty Governance  ARSC
 Robert Brady  Parliamentarian, Faculty Senate  ARSC
 Jim Gigantino  Faculty Senator  ARSC 
 Don Johnson  Faculty Senator  AFLS
 Neil Allison  Faculty Senator  ARSC
 Cheryl Murphy  Faculty Senator  EDHP
 Tim Kral  Faculty Senator  ARSC

 Responsible for soliciting from the faculty and communicating to the campus administration, ideas and suggestions identifying areas of potential cost saving, and in cooperation with the campus administration, for recommendations leading to the establishment of budgeting priorities for the campus.  Membership consists of a Chairperson who shall be a member of the faculty elected from the committee members, one faculty representative from each of the colleges and schools, and one representative from the Chancellor's staff.  Members of the Financial Advisory Committee shall be nominated by the Committee on Committees and be appointed by the Chair of the Campus Faculty.  New members shall be appointed to five-year terms.


 Name  Term  College  Email
 Michael Thomsen  Fall 2017-Spring 2022  AFLS
 Fran Hagstrom  Fall 2017-Spring 2022  EDHP
 Lonnie Beard  Fall 2017-Spring 2022  LAW
 Wesley Stites*  Fall 2017-Spring 2022  ARSC
 Dan Worrell  Fall 2018-Spring 2023   WCOB
 Findlay Edwards  Fall 2018-Spring 2023  ENGR
 Tahar Messadi  Fall 2014-Spring 2019  ARCH
 Robert Brady*  Fall 2014-Spring 2019  GRAD
 Mandi Smith  Fall 2017-Spring 2022  MULN
 Laura Jacobs  Chancellor's Office - Ex-Officio  CHAN
 TBD  Provost's Office - Ex-Officio  VCAC  

This Committee establishes the objectives of the general education and core curriculum for the Fayetteville campus; reviews courses requested by the college faculties to be added to the state-approved list of courses and recommends additions and deletions from that list; reviews the performance of UA students on the Rising Junior Exam and other assessments of achievement in general education in relation to the core to assess educational needs; and explores alternative ways to satisfy core curriculum objectives.  The Committee monitors the effectiveness of the general education core curriculum to detect the need for, or possibility of, variances and undertakes other duties as required to ensure that the core meets the needs of this campus and its students.  Membership consists of five representatives from the Fulbright College, on representative from each of the other undergraduate colleges, one from the library, and two students.  Members shall be appointed for three-year terms, and a chairperson shall be elected by the members.


 Name  Term  College  Email
 Tamara Snyder  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ARSC 
 Lori Holyfield  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ARSC
 Lesley Vandermark  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  EDHP
 Laurence Hare  Fall 2017-Spring 2019  ARSC
 Chaim-Goodman-Strauss  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC
 Katrina Windon  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  MULN
 Ethel Goodstein  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARCH
 Susan Bristow  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  WCOB
 Leigh Southward  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  AFLS 
 Kathy Sloan  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARSC
 Kevin Hall  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ENGR
 TBD  Fall 2018-Spring 2019  Student  
 TBD  Fall 2018-Spring 2019  Student  

 The Honorary Degrees committee recommends to the Campus Faculty nominees for honorary degrees to be conferred by the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.  In the discharge of its functions it will be guided by the policies and procedures by the Campus Faculty.  Membership consists of a Chairperson elected from the faculty members, the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, one faculty representative from each of the colleges and schools (except the Graduate School), and one student member.

*Chair/**Vice Chair

 Name  Term  College  Email
 Kevin Fitzpatrick  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ARSC
 Gary Ferrier  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  WCOB
 Jeff Shannon   Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARCH
 Laurent Sacharoff  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  LAW
 Amanda Lynn Sullivan   Fall 2018-Spring 2021  EDHP
 Justin Chimka*  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ENGR
 Curt Rom  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  AFLS
 Jonathan Torres  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  MULN
 TBD  Fall 2018-Spring 2019  Student  
 Joseph Steinmetz  Chancellor  CHAN
 Jim Coleman  Provost  VCAC
 Laura Jacobs   Ex-Officio   CHAN

Recommends policies and guidelines concerning the use and development of library facilities.  Membership consists of a Chairperson elected from the faculty members, one faculty representative from each of the undergraduate colleges and schools, one at-large faculty member, one at-large graduate faculty member chosen by the Graduate Council from its members, the Dean of the Libraries, two undergraduate students, and one graduate student.  The charge of the committee, in collaboration with the Dean of University Libraries, is to assist in the formulation of policies and procedures governing the research and service activities of the university libraries; assist in the preparation of and provide advice on major library information technology planning; collaborate on policies and guidelines concerning the use and development of library facilities. (Approved by the Faculty Senate, May 2003).

*Chair/**Vice Chair

 Name  Term  College  Email
 Vernon Richardson  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  WCOB
 Carson Schmidtke  Fall 2026-Spring 2019  EDHP
 Michael Hevel  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  EDHP
 Norm Dennis*  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ENGR
 Joel Freund  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC
 Curt Rom  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  AFLS
 Noah Billig   Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ARCH
 Justin Chimka  Fall 2016-Spring 2019   GRAD
 TBD  Fall 2018-Spring 2019  Student  
 TBD  Fall 2018-Spring 2019  Student  
 TBD  Fall 2018-Spring 2019  Grad Student  
 Carolyn Henderson Allen  Dean of Libraries  MULN

 This committee shall prepare and distribute names of nominees for the office of Faculty Chair, Vice Chair, and members-at-large of the Faculty Senate, and members of each standing committee to which members are elected, except where specified.  This committee is also responsible for ballot preparation and distribution, voting, and vote enumeration as prescribed int he section under "elections."


 Name  Term  College  Email
 John Rupe  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  AFLS
 Heath Schulterman  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  ENGR
 Kim Furlong  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARCH
 Frank Scheide  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC
 Denise Breaux Soignet  Fall 2018-Spring 2021   WCOB
 Deborah A. Brown  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  EDHP

 The Council recommends policies to encourage research, establish a research environment, and provide research support facilities; serves as a review board for proposed research programs and facilities; recommends adjudication of variance to policies and procedures; supervises the approved policies; and addresses research misconduct cases at the direction of the Provost.  Membership consists of two research-active faculty members (each) from (a) Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences; (b) the Sam M. Walton College of Business; (c) the College of Education and Health Professions; (d) the College of Engineering; (e) the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, the natural and physical sciences areas; (f) the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, research areas other than the natural and physical sciences; (g) the Fay Jones School of Architecture and design; (h) the University Libraries; and (i) the School of Law.  Membership also includes (j) non-voting, one student; (k) ex officio and non-voting, Assistant Vice-Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs; (l) ex officio and non-voting, the Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development; (m) ex officio and non-voting, an Associate Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development.  A secretary (non-voting) will be provided by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.  The committee elects its own Chair from the faculty representatives on the Council.


 Name  Term  College  Email
 Navam Hettiarachchy  Fall 2016-Spring 2019  AFLS
 Esten Mason  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  AFLS
 John Aloysius  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  WCOB
 Cory Cassell  Fall 2017-Spring 2019  WCOB
 TBD  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARCH  
 TBD  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARCH  
 Geoboo Song  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC
 Tricia Starks  Fall 2017-Spring 2019  ARSC
 TBD  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  EDHP  
 Kevin Roessger  Fall 2017-Spring 2019  EDHP
 Paul Thibado  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ARSC
 Suresh Kumar Thallapuranam  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC
 Min Zou  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  ENGR
 Samir M. El-Ghazaly  Fall 2017-Sprign 2020  ENGR 
 TBD  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  LAW  
TBD  Fall 2018-Spring 2021  LAW  
 Melody Herr  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  LIBR
 Jonathan Torres  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  LIBR
 TBD - Non-Voting  Fall 2018-Spring 2019  Student  
 Daniel Sui  VC, Research and Innovation   VPRS
 Bob Beitle  Associate VP, Research  VPRS
 Jennifer Taylor   Assistant VP, Research  VPRS
 Jennifer White  Council Secretary  VPRS

 The Teaching Council replaces the former Teaching and Faculty Support Center Advisory Committee and the Faculty Orientation Committee.  The council absorbs the charge of the former Advisory Committee to serve as an advisory body for the Teaching and Faculty Support Center.  Faculty orientation activities have become a responsibility of the Teaching and Faculty Support Center.  The Teaching Council devises policies and procedures to protect and improve the quality of teaching at the institution and serves as an advisory body for the Teaching and Faculty Support Center.  Issues may be referred to the committee by the Chair of the Faculty, the Chair of the Faculty Senate, the President of the Associated Student Government, the Chair of the Campus Council, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, or the Chancellor.  The Council reports to the Chair of the Faculty Senate and is advisory to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  The Teaching Council will be composed of nine members.  Five members will be selected by the Teaching Academy.  The remaining four members of the Teaching Council will be members of the faculty appointed by the Chair of the Faculty from nominations generated by the Committee on Committees.  Members of the Teaching Council serve for three years and will not be eligible for immediate reappointment.  The Council will elect its own Chairperson.

*Chair/***Appointed by Teaching Academy

 Name  Term  College  Email
 Angie Smith-Nix  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  EDHP
 Rachel Paul  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  MULN
 Stephanie Lusk*  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  EDHP
 Jason Burrow  Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ARSC
 Jennifer Beasley***  Fall 2015-Spring 2018  EDHP
 Tim Kral***  Fall 2015-Spring 2018  ARSC
 Paul Cronan***   Fall 2015-Spring 2018  WCOB
 Tish Pohl***   Fall 2017-Spring 2020  ENGR
 Jim Gigantino***  Fall 2015-Spring 2018  ARSC
 Mary Savin  Ex-Officio TFSC  AFLS
 Lori Holyfield  Ex-Officio TFSC  ARSC
 Jack Kern  Ex-Officio TFSC  EDHP