Honorary Degrees

Recommends to the Campus Faculty nominees for honorary degrees to be conferred by the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. In the discharge of its functions it will be guided by the policies and procedures approved by the Campus Faculty.

Membership consists of a chairperson elected from the faculty members, the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, one faculty representative from each of the colleges and schools (except the Graduate School), and one student member.

Name Term Dept. College Phone Email
Kevin Fitzpatrick Fall 2016-Spring 2019 SOCI ARSC 5-3777 kfitzpa@uark.edu
Gary Ferrier Fall 2016-Spring 2019 ECON WCOB 5-6223 gferrier@uark.edu
Kim Furlong Fall 2014-Spring 2017 IDES ARCH 5-3308 kfurlong@uark.edu
Laurent Sacharoff Fall 2014-Spring 2017 LAW LAW 5-7127 lsacharo@uark.edu
Conra Gist Fall 2015-Spring 2018 CIED EDHP 5-3511 gist@uark.edu
Justin Chimka Fall 2015-Spring 2018 INEG ENGR 5-7392 jchimka@uark.edu
Curt Rom Fall 2015-Spring 2018 HORT AFLS 5-7434 crom@uark.edu
Joseph Steinmetz Chancellor CHAN   5-4140 jes@uark.edu
Ashok Saxena Provost and Vice Chancellor-AA VCAC   5-5459 asaxena@uark.edu
Laura Jacobs Ex-Officio CHAN   5-4140 laura@uark.edu
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