General Education Core Curriculum Committee
  General Education Core Curriculum Committee

Establishes the objectives of the general education core curriculum for the Fayetteville campus; reviews courses requested by the college faculties to be added to the state-approved list of courses and recommends additions and deletions from that list; reviews the performance of UA students on the Rising Junior Exam and other assessments of achievement in general education in relation to the core to assess educational needs; and explores alternative ways to satisfy core curriculum objectives. The Committee monitors the effectiveness of the general education core curriculum to detect the need for, or possibility of, variances and undertakes other duties as required to ensure that the core meets the needs of this campus and its students.

Membership consists of five representatives from the Fulbright College, one representative from each of the other undergraduate colleges, one from the library, and two students. Members shall be appointed for three-year terms, and a chairperson shall be elected by the members.

Name Term Dept. College Phone Email
Tamara Snyder Fall 2016-Spring 2019 PHYS ARSC 5-5294
Lori Holyfield Fall 2016-Spring 2019 SOCI ARSC 5-3205
Lesley Vandermark Fall 2016-Spring 2019 HHPR EDHP 5-5566
Chaim Goodman-Strauss Fall 2014-Spring 2017 MATH ARSC 5-3361
Drew Beisswenger Fall 2016-Spring 2017 MULN MULN 5-5510
Marie Gentry** Fall 2014-Spring 2017 IDES ARCH 5-2578
Susan Bristow Fall 2015-Spring 2018   WCOB 5-4057
Leigh Southward Fall 2015-Spring 2018 THES AFLS 5-4311
David Jolliffe Fall 2015-Spring 2018 ENGL ARSC 5-4301
John Duval Fall 2015-Spring 2018 ENGL ARSC 5-4301
Findlay Edwards Fall 2015-Spring 2018 CVET ENGR 5-4456
TBD Academic Affairs        
**Vice Chair          
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