Continuing Education Committee

Responsible for developing and recommending policies and guidelines for the Division of Continuing Education for correspondence courses, extension classes, symposia, and other activities. The committee is responsible for planning the University's long- and short-term activities in the area of distance education, evaluating the quality of offerings (courses and programs), and advising the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs on all associated matters.

Membership consists of a chairperson elected from the faculty members, one faculty representative from each of the undergraduate colleges and schools, a representative from the Division of Continuing Education, and one student.

Name Term Dept. College Phone Email
Brent Williams Fall 2016-Spring 2019 WCOB WCOB 5-2477
Thomas Rosteck Fall 2016-Spring 2019 COMM ARSC 5-6435
Omar Manasreh Fall 2016-Spring 2019 ELEG ENGR 5-6053
Kim Furlong Fall 2015-Spring 2018 IDES ARCH 5-3308
Leigh Southward Fall 2015-Spring 2018 THES AFLS 5-4311
TBD Fall 2015-Spring 2018   GLBL    
Kendra Grover Fall 2015-Spring 2018 RHRC EDHP 5-2675
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