Calendar Committee

The Calendar Committee drafts the academic calendar and makes recommendations concerning the calendar and the academic schedule to the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate requests input from the Campus Council prior to the approval of the calendar and academic schedule by the Faculty Senate. Voting membership consists of one representative from each of the colleges and schools, one student, and one staff representative. Non-voting ex officio representatives will be from the offices of the Provost & Vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Dean of Students, Computing Services, Registrar, and Treasurer. The Chair and Vice Chair are elected from the faculty representatives to the committee.

Name Term Dept. College Phone Email
Ranil Wickramasinghe Fall 2016-Spring 2019 CHEG ENGR 5-2344
Colleen Williams Fall 2016-Spring 2019 LLIB LAW 5-7506
Phillip J. Jones Fall 2016-Spring 2019 MULN MULN 5-3081
Rachel Glade Fall 2016-Spring 2019 RHRC EDHP 5-3575
Leslie Edgar Fall 2014-Spring 2017 AEED AFLS 5-6770
Marie Gentry Fall 2014-Spring 2017 ARCH ARCH 5-2578
Maria Tjani Fall 2014-Spring 2017 MASC ARSC 5-7309
Carole Shook Fall 2014-Spring 2017 LSCM WCOB 5-6108
Stephanie Adams Fall 2013-Spring 2015 HOUS STAFF 5-3150
Ron Warren (Grad Council) Fall 2016-Spring 2019 COMM GRAD    
Non-voting ex officio members (from the offices listed)        
Ashok Saxena Provost & VC for Academic Affairs   5-5459
Ron Neyman IT Services     5-2901
Dave Dawson Registrar     5-5451
Jo Ann Pepper Treasurer's Office     5-2718
Melissa Harwood Rom Dean of Students     5-5004
*Chair, **Vice Chair          
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