All University Academic Integrity Board

The Board is composed of six faculty or instructional staff (one from each undergraduate academic college), one faculty representative of the library and one of the Graduate School; two students (one graduate and one undergraduate).  In order to facilitate timely review of cases, there will be two such committees constituted each year and each of these committees will meet one time per month. The committees will elect their own chair.  The Director of OAISC will be an ex officio member of the AUAIB.  (Note:  The School of Law has its own academic integrity process.)  There will also be a pool of trained alternates who can serve on the Board in the event that a member is unable to attend a hearing due to a schedule conflict, illness, conflict of interest, or the like.  A third committee, which may be comprised of members of the other two committees, will meet during the summer.  Ordinarily, board hearings should consist of at least seven (7) faculty (at least one of which has graduate faculty status) and two (2) students.


  Tuesday Board Regular Members  
  Name   College Email       Term,
Fall to Spring
  Donna Graham   AFLS       14-17
  Lorraine Brewer   ARSC       14-17
  Nan Miller   ARCH       14-17
  John Gauch   ENGR       14-17
  Peggy Lee   EDHP       13-16
  Paul Cronan   WCOB       14-17
  Janet Parsch   MULN       14-17
  Tuesday Board Alternate Members  
  Laurie Apple   AFLS       15-18
  Don Johnson   AFLS       14-17
  Leigh Southward   AFLS       15-18
  Hope Christiansen   ARSC       14-17
  Matthew Mihalka   ARSC       15-18
  Shawn Irish   ARSC       14-17
  Jeannie Whayne   ARSC       14-17
  Wen-Juo Lo   COEHP       14-17
  Kelly Vowell Johnson   EDHP       15-18
  Natalie Becknell   ENGR       15-18
  Patricia Kirkwood   MULN       14-17
  Friday Board Regular Members  
  Tim Killian   AFLS       14-17
  Ron Engen   ARSC       14-17
  Stabrous Kavou   COEHP       14-17
  Findlay Edwards   ENGR       14-17
  Tim Zou   MULN       14-17
  Chris Rosen   WCOB       14-17
  Friday Board Alternate Members  
  Esten Masen   AFLS       15-18
  Jeff Miller   AFLS       14-17
  Dan Sutherland   ARSC       14-17
  Bill Schreckhise   ARSC       Indefinite Alternate
  Shauna Morimoto   ARSC       14-17
  Marcia Imbeau   COEHP       14-17
  Hayriye Kayi Aydar   COEHP       14-17
  Ronn J. Smith   WCOB       14-17
  Michelle Gibeault   MULN       14-17
  Brajendra Panda   ENGR         15-18
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