Financial Advisory Committee

Responsible for soliciting from the faculty and communicating to the campus administration, ideas and suggestions identifying areas of potential cost saving, and in cooperation with the campus administration, for recommendations leading to the establishment of budgeting priorities for the campus.

Membership consists of a chairperson who shall be a member of the faculty elected from the committee members, one faculty representative from each of the colleges and schools, and one representative from the Chancellor's staff. Members of the Financial Advisory Committee shall be nominated by the Committee on Committees and be appointed by the Chair of the Campus Faculty. Members were appointed initially for either two- or three-year terms. New members shall be appointed to five-year terms.

  Name Dept. College Email Address Phone Term
(Fall - Spring)
  Tahar Messadi ARCH ARCH WALK120 53805 2014-19
  Robert Brady COMM ARSC KIMP417 53048 2014-19
  Michael Thomsen AEAB AFLS AGRI226 53932 2012-17
  Fran Hagstrom RHRC EDHP     2012-17
  Lonnie Beard LAW LAW WATR171 52206 2012-17
  Dan Worrell MGMT WCOB     2013-18
  Robert Babcock CHEG ENGR     2013-18
  Wesley Stites* CHBC ARSC CHEM 237 57478 2012-17
  Judy Schwab Chancellor's Office - Ex-Officio, Non-Voting ADMN CHAN 54149  
  Kathy Van Laningham Provost's Office - Ex-Officio, Non-Voting ADMN VCAC




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