Admissions and Appellate Board

Responsible for recommending policies on admission and transfer of credits and serving as the appellate board for individual petitions for variances.

Membership consists of co-chairs, one co-chair elected from the faculty members and one co-chair is the person serving as current Vice Provost for Enrollment, one voting and one attending representative from Fulbright College (ARSC), and one faculty representative from each of the remaining undergraduate colleges/schools (AFLS, ARCH, WCOB, ENGR, EDHP), a representative from Institutional Research, the Associate Director of Admissions and the Executive Director of the Office for Academic Success.

  Name Dept. College Email Address Phone Term
(Fall - Spring)
  Leigh Southward HESC AFLS HOEC 118 54311 2013-16
  Jim Gigantino HIST ARSC     2014-17
  Surendra P. Singh   ARSC (non-voting)     2014-17
  David Buege   ARCH     2012-15
  Dub Ashton   WCOB     2012-15
  Christophe Bobda   ENGR    


  Kelly V. Johnson   EDHP    


  Suzanne McCray* EMSP Office of Admissions HUNT232 54883  

Kathy Van Laningham

VCAC Institutional Research ADMN422 55910  
  Wendy Stouffer, Associate Director ASCR Office of Admissions HUNT232 56870  
  Taj Cobbs   Ex-Officio        
  Karen Hodges, Executive Director OACS Office for Academic Success GREG008 52989  
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