Committee on Committees

Responsible for recommending and reviewing the establishment, modification, and termination of standing committees of the Campus Faculty. Represents the faculty in the development of and appointments to Administration Councils and Committees. Recommends nominees to the Chair of the Campus Faculty for possible appointment to committees of the faculty (Faculty Senate committees and Campus Council Committees.

Membership consists of a chairperson appointed for a one-year term after consultation between the Chair of the Campus Faculty and the Chair of the Faculty Senate with the Chancellor, one faculty representative from each of the undergraduate colleges and schools and from the law school, one representative from the Library faculty, and the President of the Associated Student Government. Each college and school shall elect three nominees for each college and school vacancy, and three nominees elected by the Library faculty. The Chair of the Campus Faculty will appoint one of the nominees to fill each vacant position. Neither the chairperson nor any representative shall serve continuously for more than three years. Members serve until their replacement is appointed.

  Name Dept College Address Phone Email Term
  Tim Kring ENTO AFLS 2011-14
  Steve Langsner HPERE COEHP 2011-14
  Ryan Tian CHEM ARSC 2011-14
  Tahar Messadi JARCH ARCH WALK120 57102 2012-15
  Julian Fairey   ENGR 2013-16
  Beth Juhl Library MULN 2012-15
  David Gay   WCOB 2013-16
  Tim Tarvin Law LAW       2013-16
    President ASG 2013-14
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