Athletics Committee

The committee's function is to oversee the Athletic Departments' compliance with the academic standards established by the University and advise these departments on matters of academic concern.

Membership consists of seven members of the faculty, one of whom shall be elected chairperson, two students, the University's representative to the Southeast Conference and National Collegiate Athletic Association, the Director of Athletics and the Executive Director of Athletics as ex-officio members, and a non-voting member from the office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.

  Name Dept. College Email Address Phone   Term
  Curt Rom HORT AFLS crom@uark.edu     At-Large 2011-14
  Micah Hale CVEG ENGR micah@uark.edu     At-Large 2011-14
  Barbara Gartin CIED EDHP bgartin@uark.edu     At-Large 2011-14
  Cheryl Murphy   EDHP cmurphy@uark.edu     At-Large 2012-15
  Robert Stapp           At-Large 2012-13
  Lora Lennertz Jetton MULN MULN lennertz@uark.edu     At-Large 2012-15
  Neil Allison CHEM ARSC nallison@uark.edu     At-Large 2010-13

Kevin Billings

Student   klbillin@uark.edu     ASG 2013-14
  Matt Morgan Student   mrmorgan@uark.edu     ASG 2013-14
  Sharon Hunt UA SEC/NCAA Representative   sbhunt@uark.edu        
  David Douglas Alternate SEC/NCAA Representative         ATHLETICS  
  Bev Lewis Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Associate Athletic Director         ATHLETICS  
  John Fagg Senior Associate Athletic Director            
  David Martinson VC for Finance & Admn.Office         ADMN  
**Vice Chair
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