Classrooms, Technology and Academic Design

The members of the committee serve as an integral part of the planning for classroom design and technology from the viewpoint of faculty to improve learning conditions and classroom outcomes.  The committee will be six faculty (2 per year) serving three year terms, two representatives from Facilities Management, and two students (one year terms).  In addition, there will be a faculty representative from the Teaching Council, and the Director or a representative of the Center for Educational Access will serve as an Ex-Officio member.

  Name Dept College Address Phone Email Term
  Nann Miller ARCH ARCH AGRX 108 54645 2012-15
  Adam Huang MEEG ENGR MEEG 105 54054 2012-14
  Findlay Edwards CVEG ENGR BELL 4190 54456 2012-13
  Michael Evans HORT AGRI PTSC 318 53179 2012-14
  Kathleen Lehman MULN MULN PHYS 221B 57048 2012-13
  Laurent A. Sacharoff LAW LAW WATR 262 54578 2012-15
  Curt Rom (Teaching Council Representative) HORT AFLS PTSC 306 57434 2012-13
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