Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure
  The Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure shall be elected by the tenured and tenure-track members of the faculty (pursuant to rules adopted by the Faculty Senate) and shall consist of 12 tenured members of the faculty. Four members shall be elected each year for terms of three years each, such terms to begin on July 1. Should a committee member be unable to complete the first 30 months of the three-year term, the chair of the Faculty Senate shall supervise a special election to fill the vacancy. The Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure shall elect its own chair and vice-chair/chair-elect from its membership. The committee may, on its own initiative, make recommendations regarding faculty status to appropriate officers and bodies. Whenever any question concerning faculty status is referred to the committee, including a question concerning a specific faculty member's tenure, promotion, appointment, dismissal, retirement, and the like, the committee shall make a recommendation on such question to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Chancellor, the President, the Board of Trustees, or other appropriate officers. Such questions may be referred to the Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure by any member of the faculty, a department chairperson, a dean, a director, or any administrative officer, after proper grievance procedures have been followed.
  Name     Term
  Curt Rom HORT At-Large 2011-14
  Charlie Rosenkrans AFLS At-Large 2011-14
  Joe Schriver SCWK At-Large 2011-14
  **Matt McIntosh CHEM At-large 2011-14
  Alessandro Brogi HIST At-Large 2012-15
  David Gay WCOB At-Large 2012-15
  Marcia Imbeau CIED At-Large 2012-15
  Mary Savin AGRI At-Large 2012-15
  Inza Fort HKRD At-Large 2010-13
  Davud Joliffe ENGL At-Large 2012-13
  Tom Jensen MKLT At-Large 2010-13
  Luti Salisbury MULN At-Large 2010-13

*Chair, ** Chair-elect

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