All University Academic Integrity Board

The Board is composed of six faculty or instructional staff (one from each undergraduate academic college), one faculty representative of the library and one of the Graduate School; two students (one graduate and one undergraduate).  In order to facilitate timely review of cases, there will be two such committees constituted each year and each of these committees will meet one time per month. The committees will elect their own chair.  The Director of OAISC will be an ex officio member of the AUAIB.  (Note:  The School of Law has its own academic integrity process.)  There will also be a pool of trained alternates who can serve on the Board in the event that a member is unable to attend a hearing due to a schedule conflict, illness, conflict of interest, or the like.  A third committee, which may be comprised of members of the other two committees, will meet during the summer.  Ordinarily, board hearings should consist of at least seven (7) faculty (at least one of which has graduate faculty status) and two (2) students.


  Tuesday Board Regular Members  
  Name   College Email       Term, Fall to Spring
  John Rupe   AFLS       11-14
  Lorraine Brewer   ARSC       11-14
  John Pijanowski   COEHP       11-13
  Greg Herman   JARCH       11-14
  Bob Beitle   ENGR       11-14
  Paul Cronan   WCOB       11-14
  Tuesday Board Alternate Members  
  Laurie Apple   AFLS       11-13
  Donna Graham   AFLS       11-13
  Leigh Southward   AFLS       11-14
  Hope Christiansen   ARSC       11-14
  John Hehr   ARSC       11-13
  Lynn Spellman   ARSC       11-13
  Jeannie Whayne   ARSC       11-13
  Laura Kent   COEHP       11-14
  Wen-Juo Lo   COEHP       11-14
  Tom Kippenbrock   COEHP       11-13
  Darin Nutter   ENGR       11-13
  Rick Ulrich   ENGR       11-14
  Nina Gupta   WCOB       11-13
  Tom Jensen   WCOB       11-13
  Friday Board Regular Members  
  Bob Wideman   AFLS       11-14
  Fionna Davidson   ARSC       11-14
  Reed Greenwood   COEHP       11-13
  Kim Sexton   JARCH       11-13
  Charles Leflar   WCOB       11-14
  Micah Hale             11-14
  Friday Board Alternate Members  
  Tim Killian   AFLS       11-14
  Lalit Verma   AFLS       11-13
  Trish Amason   ARSC       11-13
  Bob Cochran   ARSC       11-14
  Bill Schreckhise   ARSC       Indefinite Alternate
  Daniel Levine   ARSC       ????
  Bob Maranto   COEHP       11-14
  Lynn Koch   COEHP       11-13
  Gregory Benton   COEHP       11-14
  Anne O'Leary-Kelly   WCOB       11-13
  Robert Stapp   WCOB       ????
  Other Board Members  
  Brink Kerr Friday Hearings GRAD       11-14
  Janet Parsch   MULN       11-13
  Joshua Youngblood   MULN       11-14
  Phil Jones   MULN       11-13
  Suresh Thallapuranam Tuesday Hearings GRAD       11-14
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