Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting
October 12, 2011, 3:30 p.m.
ENGR 209

David Gay, Chair
Linda Jones, Secretary
Minutes Status: Approved

Roll Call


Officers: Gay, Freund, L. Jones, Kral, C. Jones

Senators (elected): (ARCH); (ALFS) Rom; (ARSC) Kral, Freund, Comfort, Harrington, Parry, Landman, Christiansen, Shobe, Arenberg, Rhoads, Van Brahana, Stites; (WCOB) Bouwman, Ellstrand, Myers; (EDHP) Murphy, Orr, Deggs, Smith-Nix; (ENGR) Deaton, Hall; (LAW) Brummer; (LIBR) Lehman; (At-Large) Johnson, Fort, Parker Gibson, Dennis, Jensen, Jones, Martin, Allison, Salisbury.

Senators (admin): Gaber, Shields, McMath.


Officers: Brady

Senators (elected): (ARCH) Wall; (AFLS) Savin, Burgos, Ahrendsen, Costello; (ARSC) Grob-Fitzgibbon, Nolan; (WCOB); (EDHP); (ENGR) Beitle, Rossetti; (LAW); (LIBR); (At-Large) Whayne, Rupe, Margulis.

Senators (admin): Gearhart, Vayda, Shannon, Roberts, Worrell, P. Rankin, Smith, Saxena, Leeds, Henderson Allen, Lewis.


I. Call to Order: David Gay, Chair

The meeting was called to order at 3:30.

II. Roll Call

Roll was taken.

III. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved.

IV. Approval of minutes from September 14, 2011.

The minutes of September 14, 2011 were approved.

V. Reports

A. Provost Sharon Gaber. The Provost reported the following:

At the conclusion of Provost Gaber's report, we watched the video on Academic Integrity

B. Monica Holland. Dr. Holland reported on issues reviews and revolved through her office during the past year.

Powerpoint Presentation

At the conclusion of Dr. Holland's presentation, we watched a video on campus construction.

C. Mike Johnson

We currently have a $8 per credit hour fee to support building projects on campus. $10 is the maximum we will be able to require of students. This fee is a piece of a larger puzzle which includes a facility fee, grants, endowments and private gifts as well as a dedicated operating budget. These items are only available for building and reconstruction/renovation. These funds are not available for salaries. Ozark Hall, for example, was paid for with endowments and private gifts.

There is much construction on campus presently and the top priority of this work is pedestrian and vehicular safety. Flagmen and gates are positioned to help keep our community safe. It is anticipated that the Hillside construction will be done by Summer 2012, Ozark and Volwalker by Summer 2013 and the Gate by March 2012. Costs for renovation and construction include:

8.8 million - Peabody Hall (some period restoration)
2 million - ROTC building
500 thousand - Memorial Hall
11.5 million for the Epley Center to support upper level nursing as well as Speech and Hearing
8.5 million for the Jean Tyson Child Development Center (all gifts)
27.1 million for Ozark Hall
30 million for Vol Walker Hall

Classrooms continue to be updated, predominantly in Kimpel Hall. More will be updated during the winter and spring breaks. All buildings need some form of work and are in the queue.

VI. Old Business


VII. New Business

Consent Agenda. The following items are referred to the Faculty Senate for review and action at its meeting scheduled for October 12, 2011:

  1. Undergraduate course change proposals approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on September 23, 2011: Table A
  2. Proposed undergraduate program change for the College of Education and Health Professions – Department of Curriculum and Instruction – CHEDBS – BSE, Childhood Education (Table Two, Attachment 2A).

The Consent Agenda was approved.

VIII. Information Items

  1. Proposed undergraduate program change for the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Arts and Sciences Dean – IRELBA – BA, International Relations - for Information Only (Table One, Attachment 1A).
  2. Proposed undergraduate program change for the Walton College of Business – Department of Economics – INTBBB – BSIB, International Business – for Information Only (Table Three, Attachment 3A and Attachment 3A-1).
  3. Proposed undergraduate program change for the Walton College of Business – Department of Marketing and Department of Supply Chain Management – Alpha Code change for Transportation and Logistics courses – for Information Only (Table Three, Attachment 3B).
  4. Proposed undergraduate program change for the Walton College of Business – Department of Marketing and Department of Supply Chain Management – TRNSBS – BSBA, Transportation, WTLG-M, Minor for Business Students and TRNS-M, Minor for Non-Business Students - for Information Only (Table Three, Attachments 3C, 3C-1, 3C-2, 3C-3 and 3C-4).

IX. Announcements

Thank you to Inza Fort for serving as our Parliamentarian today.

Thank you to the Academic Integrity Board and all who helped with the new Academic Integrity Policy.

Thank you to Joel Freund and Terry Martin for being willing to serve as Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate. Terry Martin was elected to the position.

October 14 - Imhoff Awards are due.

November 1 - Campus Faculty meeting - 3:30 in Giffels Auditorium. Chancellor Gearhart and Provost Gaber will give a presentation on "Unprecedented Growth - What is the plan?"

X. Adjourn

The meeting adjourned at 4:57.