Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting
May 2, 2012, 3:30 p.m.
ENGR 209

David Gay, Chair
Linda Jones, Secretary
Minutes Status: Approved

Roll Call


Officers: Gay, L. Jones, Kral, Brady, Martin

Senators (elected): (ARCH); (ALFS) Rom, Burgos, Ahrendsen; (ARSC) Kral, Freund, Comfort, Harrington, Parry, Landman, Christiansen, Arenberg, Rhoads; (WCOB) Ellstrand, Myers; (EDHP) Murphy, Smith-Nix; (ENGR) Hall, Beitle, Rossetti; (LAW) Brummer; (LIBR) Lehman; (At-Large) Johnson, Fort, Rupe, Dennis, Jensen, Jones, Martin, Allison.

Senators (admin): Gaber, J. Rankin, Shields, Lewis.


Officers: C. Jones

Senators (elected): (ARCH) Wall; (AFLS) Savin, Costello; (ARSC) Shobe, Grob-Fitzgibbon, Nolan, Stites, Brahana; (WCOB) Bouwman; (EDHP) Orr, Deggs; (ENGR) Deaton; (LAW); (LIBR); (At-Large) Whayne, Parker-Gibson, Salisbury, Margulis.

Senators (admin): Gearhart, Vayda, Shannon, Roberts, Worrell, P. Rankin, Smith, Saxena, Leeds, Henderson Allen, McMath.


I. Call to Order: David Gay, Chair

Meeting called to order at 3:29.

II. Roll Call

Roll was called.

III. Approval of Agenda

Agenda approved.

IV. Approval of minutes from April 11, 2012

Editorial suggestion made for minutes regarding Chancellor's comments on distance education. Edited minutes approved.

V. Reports

    1. Provost Sharon Gaber - The Provost reported on the following:

    2. Blackboard Retention Policy – Susan Adkins

    A brief report, as attached above, explored the needs of retaining faculty materials housed within Blackboard.

    3. Faculty Senate Chair – David Gay - The Faculty Senate Chair reported on the following:

VI. Old Business

    1. Executive Committee – Code of Conduct – Academic Integrity Policy Changes

      Item 1 - Academic Integrity Policy Revised 4/24/2012
      Item 2 - Academic Integrity Sanctions Rubric Revised 4/24/2012
      Item 3 - Academic Integrity Update - Powerpoint

      In consideration of Item 1, a motion was made to amend it and include a faculty representative of the graduate school as one of the faculty members of the board.

      Motion passed and amended document passed.

      In consideration of Item 2, editorial suggestions were made including changing the word "should provide a rationale" to "shall provide a rationale" on page 1.

      Motion to accept revised document approved.

VII. New Business

1. Committee on Committees – Proposed Changes in Committees – Micah Hale

    Under item 3, an amendment was made to change the composition slightly to say "In addition, there will be one member of the Teaching Council and another, the Director of the Center for Educational Access".

    This amendment was approved.

2. Faculty Senate Representatives to Campus Council Executive Committee to be Chair of Campus Faculty and Chair of Faculty Senate.

3. Resolution of Intent to Support Providing Optically Scanned Exam Materials to Students

“A Resolution  to Endorse Associated Student Government’s Intention to Provide Certain Examination Materials to Departments for Distribution to Students During Course Examinations”

Whereas, the Associated Student Government intends to provide academic departments with paper OMR (optical mark recognition) forms to be used in examination administration;

Whereas, the Associated Student Government also intends to provide academic departments with paper booklets to be used in exam administration;

Whereas, these OMR forms, and booklets, will be provided to the academic departments without charge;  and,

Whereas, making these OMR forms and booklets free and readily available to students should help reduce stress and provide examination security,

Be It Hereby Resolved, that the Faculty Senate, assembled at its regular meeting, May 2, 2012, endorses  Associated Student Government’s intention to offer these materials.

Resolution passed.

4. The following items are referred by the University Course and Programs Committee and/or the Graduate Council for review and action by the Faculty Senate at its meeting scheduled for May 2, 2012:

    A. Course Change Proposals:

    1. Undergraduate and School of Law course change proposals approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on April 27, 2012: Table A and Table B - Special note: MLIT 1013, Music Lecture of Music Majors, was approved as a University Core Course by the University Core Committee and is being forwarded for consideration.
    2. Graduate and Dual credit course change proposals approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on February 24, 2012 and the Graduate Council on April 19, 2012: None

    B. Undergraduate Graduate Program Change Proposals:

    1. Proposed undergraduate program change for the Fay Jones School of Architecture, Department of Landscape Architecture, – LARC-M – Minor in Planting Design (Table One, Attachments 1A and 1A-1).
    2. Proposed undergraduate program change for the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, College Wide Requirement – 50 % Rule for majors and minors (Table Two, Attachment 2A).
    3. Proposed undergraduate program change for the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Arts and Sciences – AIST-M – Minor in Asian Studies & Second or dependent major in Asian Studies (Table Two, Attachment 2B).
    4. Proposed undergraduate program change for the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychological Science  – PSYC-M – Minor in Psychology (Table Two, Attachments 2C and 2C-1).

    Consent Agenda Passed.

VIII. Announcements

      1. We may have a Faculty Senate Meeting, May 9 (W), 3:0 p.m., ENGR Hall 209
      2. Moment of Remembrance Honoring Deceased Faculty


      Charles Carnes
      Gerald Dean Clayton
      Glen Cochran
      James L. Dale
      Jacqueline Douglas
      Arthur J. Fry
      Willard Gatewood
      Nicholas Roy Gyles
      Feng Huang
      Donald Market
      Joe McFerran
      Mary McGetrick
      Henry J. Meenen
      Lois Morris
      Scott O’Leary-Kelly
      Robert Savage
      Ronald W. Skeith
      Elizabeth Thomas
      J. Reed Welker
      Anne Vizzier

      2012  (As of April 1, 2012)

      Harry Snyder
      James M. Stewart

IX. Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55.