Faculty Grievance Panel

Ad hoc grievance committees described in the Faculty Handbook section, "Faculty Grievance Procedure," will be constituted from the membership of the Faculty Grievance Panel at the request of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The Faculty Grievance Panel shall elect its own chair and vice-chair/chair-elect from its membership. (When ad hoc grievance committees are needed, the Chair of the Faculty shall impanel such individual committees so as to maximize impartial evaluation of the plaintiff's grievance.)

Individual ad hoc grievance committees shall select their own chairs who shall be responsible for reporting the recommendations of their committees to all parties in the grievances, including the administrative supervisors of the faculty members involved and the Chair of the Faculty Grievance Panel who will, in turn, provide a summary annual report of the total recommendations of all ad hoc grievance committees to the Chair of the Faculty Senate, excluding the names of aggrieved faculty members.

  Name Dept. College Email Address Phone   Term
  Tim Tarvin LAW LAW ttarvin@uark.edu     At-Large 2011-14
  Marcia Shobe SCWK SSWK mshobe@uark.edu ASUP106 54510 At-Large 2008-11
  Ed Bengston CIED EDHP egbengts@uark.edu     At-Large 2011-14
  Tim Zou LIBR MULN tzou@uark.edu MULN206 53201 At-Large 2011-14
  Ro DiBrezzo HKRD EDHP rdibrezz@uark.edu HPER308 56762 At-Large 2008-11
  Sean Mulvenon CIED EDHP seanm@uark.edu PEAH215 58727 At-Large 2009-12
  Rebecca Newgent RHRC EDHP rnewgent@uark.edu GRAD106 57311 At-Large 2009-12
  Kim Coats Law Law kcoats@uark.edu WATR171 57643 At-Large 2009-12
  Gary Peters ACCT WCOB peters@uark.edu     At-Large 2011-14
  Doug Rhoads BISC ARSC drhoads@uark.edu     At-Large 2011-14
  Cathy Chick LLIB Law cchick@uark.edu WATR220 55835 At-Large 2010-13
  Nina Gupta MGMT WCOB ngupta@uark.edu WCOB402 56233 At-Large 2010-13
  Tom Smith CIED EDHP tecsmith@uark.edu GRAD324 53326 At-Large 2010-13
  Updated 09/28/11