Faculty Panel, Complaint Procedures for Undergraduate Students

Members are chosen at the beginning of the academic year. The panel is selected by the Committee on Committees. The committee has no set duties unless a complaint is lodged. See pages 42-43 of the Catalog of Studies, 1999-2000.

Membership consists of fifteen at-large members from the faculty.

  Name Dept. College Email Address Phone   Term
  Lorraine Lorne LLIB LIBR llorne@uark.edu WATR220 55834 At-Large 2008-11
  Rod Williams CVEG ENGR rdw@uark.edu     At-Large 2011-14
  Carole Shook ACCT WCOB shook@uark.edu WCOB401 56096 At-Large 2008-11
  Ed Bengston CIED COEHP egbengst@uark.edu     At-Large 2011-14
  Tim Zou LIB MULN tzou@uark.edu     At-Large 2011-14
  Omar Manasreh ELEG ENGR manasreh@uark.edu BELL3217 56053 At-Large 2009-12
  Sam Totten CIED EDHP stotten@uark.edu PEAH215 56677 At-Large 2009-12
  Mary A. Walker LIBR MULN mawalker@uark.edu MULN206 55417 At-large 2009-12
  Lepaine Sharp-McHenry NURS EDHP lmchenry@uark.edu OZAR217 53906 At-large 2009-12
  Cory Cassell ACCT WCOB ccassell@walton.uark.edu WCOB401 56126 At-large 2010-13
  Lawton L. Nalley AEAB AFLS llnalley@uark.edu AGRI 217 56818 At-large 2010-13
  Mark Gentry ARCH ARCH gmgentry@uark.edu WALK 120 52578 At-large 2010-13
  Kimball Erdman ARCH ARCH kerdman@uark.edu MEMH 230 55617 At-large 2010-13
  Kazem Sohraby ELEC ENGR sohraby@uark.edu BELL 3178 52635 At-large 2010-13
  James Myers ACCT WCOB jmyers@walton.uark.edu WCOB 401 56132 At-large 2010-13
  updated 08/11/11