English as a Second Language Committee

Establishes policies for testing of English as a second language and the University's English as a Second Language Program (EASL). Responsible for creating, administering, and grading the English Language Placement Test (ELPT), as well as for making placement recommendations for international students based on ELPT results. Functions as an advisory committee to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs concerning the training of international graduate teaching assistants and the University's relationship with the Spring International Language Center of Fayetteville, AR.

Membership consists of one faculty representative from each undergraduate college and school (six), with the dean of the graduate school or his designee representing the Graduate School; the chairperson of the Department of Foreign Languages or his or her designee; the chairperson of the Department of English or his or her designee; one student who is a non-native speaker; and the directors of the following offices: International Admissions, International Programs, and Testing Services. The director of the Spring International program on campus will not serve as a member of the committee but may routinely be invited to attend meetings to provide the committee with information.

  Name Dept. College Email Address Phone Term
  Moez Limayem ISYS WCOB mlimayem@uark.edu WCOB204 57740 2008-11
  Laura Terry ARCH JARCH lmt@uark.edu     2011-14
  Sandra Stotsky EDRE EDHP sstotsky@uark.edu GRAD201 57282 2009-12
  Tom Soerens CVEG ENGR tsoerens@uark.edu BELL4190 52494 2009-12
  Viba Srivastava CSES AFLS vibhas@uark.edu JBHT504 54872 2010-13
  Song Yang SOCI ARSC yangwang@uark.edu MAIN211 53206 2010-13
  Pat Koski Graduate School GRAD pkoski@uark.edu OZAR119 54401  
  Joan Turner* WLLC ARSC joant@uark.edu KIMP425 52951  
  Joseph Candido ENGL ARSC candido@uark.edu KIMP333 54301  

Micy Liu

Student (non-native speaker)   yxl062@uark.edu     2011-12
  Lynn Mosesso Director, International Admissions GRAD mosesso@uark.edu OZAR119 56247  
  Michael Freeman Director, International Programs SADE mfreeman@uark.edu HOLC104 55003  
  Yassaman Mirdamadi Director, Testing Services VPRS ymirdam@uark.edu HOTZ700 53948  
  updated 11/21/11