All-University Judiciary Subcommittee

  The faculty membership of the All-University Judiciary Committee (a committee of the Campus Council) constitutes the membership of this subcommittee.

The subcommittee's charge is to review and recommend policies or modifications to policies for the University judiciary to the Faculty Senate and to monitor the operation of those approved policies by the parent committee.

  Name     Term
  Kim Coats LAW At-Large 2009-12
  Phillip Jones LIBR At-Large 2009-12
  Tim Killian HESC At-Large 2007-10
  Timothy Nutt LIBR At-Large 2009-12
  Paul Cronan ISYS At-Large 2007-10
  Bill Greenhaw WCOB At-Large 2008-11
  James Stewart AGRI At-Large 2008-11
  Jason Springman LAW At-Large 2008-11
  updated 08/10/09