Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting
April 13, 2011, 3:30 p.m.
ENGR 209

Ro DiBrezzo, Chair
Linda Jones, Secretary
Minutes Status: Approved

Roll Call


Officers: DiBrezzo, Freund, Jones, Brady, Kral, Gay

Senators (elected): (ARCH); (ALFS) Karcher, Savin, Burgos, Ahrendsen; (ARSC) Turner, Parry, Scheide, Grob-Fitzgibbon, Arenberg, Stites, Rhoads, Van Brahana; (WCOB) Ellstrand, Jensen; (EDHP) Stegman, Deggs, Smith-Nix; (ENGR) Gordon, Hall; (LAW) Brummer; (LIBR) Kirkwood; (At-Large) Fort, Gay, Murphy, Riggs, Johnson, Allison, Salisbury.

Senators (admin): J. Rankin, Shields, McMath.



Senators (elected): (ARCH) Wall; (AFLS) Milus, Costello; (ARSC) Behrend, Comfort, Landman, Shobe, Nolan; (WCOB) Bouwman; (EDHP) Kissinger; (ENGR) Beitle, Rossetti; (LAW); (LIBR); (At-Large) Curington, Whayne, Allen, Margulis.

Senators (admin): Gearhart, Gaber, Vayda, Shannon, Schwab, Worrell, P. Rankin, Smith, Saxena, Nance, Henderson Allen, Lewis.


I. Call to Order: Ro DiBrezzo, Chair

The meeting was called to order at 3:32.

II. Roll Call

Roll called!

III. Approval of Agenda

Motion to reorder the agenda as needed today passed.

IV. Approval of minutes from March 9, 2011.


The minutes were approved

V. Report

A. Provost Sharon Gaber:

In Dr. Gaber's absence today, the Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. DiBrezzo, relayed some important points in her behalf. The candidates for Dean of Law School and for the Graduate School are participating in on-campus interviews. Robin Roberts has accepted the position of Dean of Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences.

B. Jim Rankin, Huron Report

This presentation discussed how we distribute F & A on campus. 21 recommendations were given to us in the Huron Report.

C. ASG, Emily Nevala

Ms. Nevala updated us on the events of ASG this year.

D. Ro DiBrezzo, Chair of Faculty Senate

Dr. DiBrezzo updated us on events since March.

A. P & T wording Motion to strike "with the department committee seeking suggestions from department chair/head for reviewers".

Motion amended to state "(the department committee may seek suggestions from the department chair/head for reviewers)".

Motion passed

A further new motion was made to add "chair/Head" in point #14.

Motion passed

B. Drop Deadline Extension, Dave Dawson - Proposal to move the drop deadline from the 10th week to the 13th week of the semester. This gives students more time to think about their grades, gets them to through priority registration to discuss with their advisers the option of dropping or staying in a course. The big question: How much do students need to know before they drop?

Motion to change the drop deadline to the 13th week passed, 16 Yes Votes, 14 No Votes.

VII. New Business
A. Student Conduct, Danny Pugh & Paul Cronin
Paul Cronin and Monica Holland presented the revisions to the Student conduct policy and procedure.  Paul presented the significant changes, and Monica worked through the flow chart.  Cronin covered the composition of the AUCB.  The entire report is on the website, and Cronin will post the slides from the presentation today.  Senator Stites indicated that there was no place in the flow chart for an accuser to ask for an appeal if the case is closed because of insufficient evidence.  Cronin and Monica indicated that had been discussed, but no resolution achieved.
B. APT Committee - Clinical faculty


Motion to accept this criteria for clinical faculty passed.

C. Resolution concerning prescription drugs from Fringe Benefits:

We ask that the following be adopted by the faculty senate.
Whereas the drug formulary determines the availability of payment for prescriptions for given conditions and the level of co-payment required by the member.  
And whereas the current practice does not allow for any exceptions to the formulary for any reason.  
We, the faculty senate of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville campus, support the efforts of the Campus Fringe Benefit Committee to ask the system benefits committee to pursue a process for requesting an exception to the preferred drug formulary when patient and physician agree it’s medically necessary to have access to a Tier 3 drug for the price of a Tier 2 co-payment.

Motion to accept resolution passed.

D. The following items was removed from the March Consent Agenda and is reintroduced here for review and action:

15. Proposed graduate program change for the Department of Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders, ADLLED – EDD, Adult and Lifelong Learning – (Table Two, Attachments 2H, 2H-1, 2H-2 and 2H-3) was approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on December 17, 2010 and the Graduate Council on February 17, 2011.

Motion to approve this item passed.

E. Consent Agenda: The following items are referred to the Faculty Senate for review and action at its meeting scheduled for April 13, 2011:
  1. Undergraduate course change proposals: None
  2. Graduate and Dual credit course change proposals: None
  3. Proposed graduate program change for the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, EDPOMC – PMC, Educational Policy Studies (Table One, Attachments 1A and 1A-1) was approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on February 25, 2011 and the Graduate Council on March 17, 2011.
  4. Proposed graduate program change for the College of Engineering Dean, ENGRPH – PhD, Engineering (Electrical Engineering Concentration) – (Table One, Attachment 1B) was approved by the Graduate Council on March 17, 2011.
  5. Proposed graduate program change for the Department of Industrial Engineering, OPMGMS - (Table One, Attachment 1C) was approved by the Graduate Council on March 17, 2011.

Motion to approve consent agenda passed.

VIII. Announcements


IX. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 5:16