Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will prepare the Faculty Senate agenda. At the request of the Chair of the Faculty Senate, the Committee will recommend new policies or modifications to existing policies concerning matters regarding faculty service at this institution. It shall also be available to advise the Chairs of the Faculty and the Faculty Senate on matters of pressing faculty concern.

Its membership shall consist of the Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate who shall chair this committee, the Chair of the Campus Council, the immediate past chair of the Faculty Senate, the Campus Faculty Chair, the Campus Faculty Vice Chair, plus five members elected by the Faculty Senate from its own membership. Election shall take place at the first meeting of the Faculty Senate each fall semester.

  Inza Fort HKRD Chair, Faculty Senate, 08-09
  Joel Freund Psychology VC, Faculty Senate, 08-09
  Jeannie Whayne History Past-Chair Faculty Senate
  Neil Allison Chemistry Chair, Faculty, 08-09
  Joyn Rupe Plant Pathology VC, Faculty, 08-09
  Luti Salisbury Library Campus Council Chair, 09
  Timothy Kral Biological Sciences Faculty Senator, 2008-09
  Ro Di Brezzo HKRD Faculty Senator, 2008-09
  David Gay Economics Faculty Senator, 2008-09
  Bill Hardgrave ISYS Faculty Senator, 2008-09
  Cheryl Murphy CIED Faculty Senator, 2008-09
  Robert Brady Communication Parliamentarian, Faculty Senate
  Linda Jones Foreign Languages Secretary, Faculty Senate
  updated 3/10/09