Calendar Committee
  The Calendar Committee drafts the academic calendar and makes recommendations concerning the calendar and the academic schedule to the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate requests input from the Campus Council prior to the approval of the calendar and academic schedule by the Faculty Senate. Voting membership consists of one representative from each of the colleges and schools, one student, and one staff representative. Non-voting ex officio representatives will be from the offices of the Provost & Vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Dean of Students, Computing Services, Registrar, and Treasurer. The Chair and Vice Chair are elected from the faculty representatives to the committee.
  Voting Members Dept. College Email Address Phone  
  Leslie Edgar TAEE AFLS AGRI205 56770 2008-11
  Roy Penney CHEG ENGR BELL3202 55681 2009-12
  Marie Gentry** ARCH JARCH WALK120 52578 2010-13
  Ignatius Fosu JOUR ARSC KIMP116 55215 2008-11
  Susan Bristow* ISYS WCOB WCOB204 54057 2008-11
  Cathy Wissehr ELED EDHP PEAH215 52127 2010-13

Mike Richardson

HORT Graduate School PTSC 316 52860 2010-13
  Uche Ewelukwa Law LAW WATR171 55283 2009-12
  Kim Bradford CTED CTED CTED507 56494 2009-10
  Jewel Lindsey   Staff        

Natalie Van Pelt

  Student     2010-11
  Non-voting ex officio members (from the offices listed)
  Sharon Gaber Provost & VC for Academic Affairs VCAC ADMN422 52151  
  Ron Neyman Computing Services UITS ADSB220 52901  
  Dave Dawson Registrar REGR HUNT146 55451  
  Jo Ann Pepper Treasurer AVCF ARKU213 52718  
  Danny Pugh Dean of Students VCSA ADMN325 55004  
  *Chair, **Vice Chair            
  updated 11/11/10