Academic Standards Committee

Adjudicates petitions for readmission and variance to academic policies and recommends policies or the modifications of existing policies concerning grading, examinations, academic probation and exclusion, and related matters, and reviews the enforcement and effectiveness of these policies.

Membership consists of one faculty representative from each of the undergraduate colleges and schools, one representative from the Registrar's Office, and three students.

  Name Dept College Email Address Phone Term
  Lona Robertson HESC AFLS HOEC 118 54579 2009-12
  Eric Funkhouser PHIL ARSC MAIN318 57441 2008-11
  Buddy Babcock CHEG ENGR BELL3202 55410 2009-12
  Tahar Messadi JARCH ARCH WALK120 57102 2010-13
  Inza Fort HKRD EDHP HPER326B 52910 2010-13
  Anne O'Leary Kelly MGMT WCOB WCOB402 54566 2010-13
  Dave Dawson Registrar's Office REGISTRAR HUNT146 55451  

Trae Holzman

  STUDENT     2010-11

Joseph Van Matre

  STUDENT     2010-11

Caitlyn Rutledge

  STUDENT     2010-11
  updated 11/22/10