Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting
March 14, 2007, 3:30 p.m.
ENGR 209

Charles Riggs , Chair
Linda Jones, Secretary
Minutes Status: Approved

Roll Call:


Officers: Riggs, Rupe, Jones, Whayne

Senators (elected):  Gbur, Rosenkrans, Popp, Rupe, Wardlow; (ARSC) Allison, Turner, Parry, James, Freund, Spiegel, Brady, Davidson; (WCOB) Riemenschneider, Waller; (EDHP) Mayes, Stegman, Moiseichik; (ENGR) Deaton, Gordon; (LAW) Killenbeck; (Library) Cantrell; (At-Large) Jensen, Gay, Lieber, Schroeder, Turner, Martin, Thomas, Kral.

Senators (admin): Geren, Smith


Officers:  Fort

Senators (elected): (ARCH) Wall; (AFLS) Wailes; (ARSC) Comfort, King, Detels, Tsai, Martin; (WCOB) Hardgrave; (EDHP) DiBrezzo; (ENGR) Dennis, Hall; (At-Large) Johnson, Sears, Salisbury.

Senators (admin):  White, Weidemann, Shannon, Bobbitt, Worrell, Dutton, Greenwood, Saxena, Nance, Allen, McMath, Lewis, Broyles.

I. Call to Order: Charles Riggs, Chair

The Chair called the meeting to order at 3:36.

II. Roll Call

The roll was called.

III. Approval of agenda

The agenda was amended to add a discussion of honorary degrees under New Business. Amended agenda approved.

IV. Approval of minutes from February 14, 2007 meeting.

The February minutes were approved.

V. Reports

A. Provost's Report

1) HCC/NCA Accreditation update. The on campus visit to address our re-accreditation is one month away. The review team will be on campus April 15-18. To prepare for their visit, the Provost encouraged us to review the reports on the self-study website, help identify required materials, and be prepared to answer questions. The Self study website is: http://selfstudy.uark.edu/

2) Budget hearings are on going and will continue through March 26, 2007. These hearings began on February 21st, 2007.

3) Honors College Fellowship Competition. 500 students applied for fellowships, 140 were interviewed and a total of 90 have been awarded thus far. Award notices went out March 13th, 2007.

4) All Things Academic 8(1) is coming out and will focus on plagiarism.

B. Athletic Committee Report - John Delerey

The Athletic Committee put forth a recommendation for approval by the Senate: "Recommendation to be added to Fayetteville Campus Policies and Procedures 802.0: "When the football team is invited to a bowl game, under normal circumstances members of the Faculty Athletic Committee, including all members of the committee, will be included in the official party."

Recommendation approved.

C. Faculty Governance Task Force - Jeannie Whayne

Professor Whayne reported that some of the proposed changes put forth by the Task force have not been implemented into the Faculty Handbook. The Senate must send a letter to the Chancellor requesting that approved changes be placed in the handbook. She also discussed the discrepancies that exist on campus in terms of colleges that do and do not award faculty for service, colleges that do or do not have a numerical rubric for evaluating faculty participation, and a lack of clarity on what colleges do with funds received for faculty officers.

VI. Old Business


VII. New Business

A. Fiona Davidson-Resolution on Divestment from Sudan

A request was made to the Senate to contact TIAA CREF regarding the resolution on Divestment from Sudan. A motion was made to table the resolution and was approved. The Chair of the Faculty Senate will send the resolution to the Finance Committee.

B. Honorary Degree Committee

The Committee sought approval for 6 posthumous degrees - 4 BA degrees; 2 MA degrees.


C. Consent Agenda

1. Undergraduate course change proposals approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on February 23, 2007:

Table A

2. Graduate and dual credit course change proposals approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on February 23, 2006 and January 26, 2007 and the Graduate Council on February 15, 2007:

Table B
Table C

3. Proposed undergraduate program change for the Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences – School of Human Environmental Sciences – Food, Human Nutrition and Hospitality (Table 1, Attachment 1A) approved without opposition by the University Course and Programs Committee on February 23, 2007.

Tables 1 and 2
Attachment 1A

4. Proposed graduate program change for the Department of Educational Leadership, Counseling, and Foundations (Table 2, Attachments 2A and 2B) approved by the Graduate Council on February 15, 2007.

Tables 1 and 2
Attachment 2A
Attachment 2B

5. Proposed graduate program change for the Department of Business Administration - Master of Business Administration (Table 2 Attachments 2C and 2D) approved by the Graduate Council on February 15, 2007.

Tables 1 and 2
Attachment 2C
Attachment 2D

6. For information only, Attachment 3 contains a change in the Policy on Transfer of Credit Regulations Established by the Graduate School for the Various Master’s Degrees and was approved by the Graduate Council on February 15, 2007.

Attachment 3

Consent Agenda Approved

VIII. Announcements

A memorial for Patrick Fenn was read by John Rupe

IX. Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 4:39.