Minutes of the Faculty Senate Meeting

January 21 , 2004, 3:30 p.m.

ENGR 209

Curt Rom, Chair

Linda Jones, Secretary

Minutes Status: Approved


Officers: Jensen, Jones, Riggs, Rogers, Rom, Salisbury

Senators (elected): Allison, Cantrell, Comfort, Deaton, Dennis, Denny, Elliott, Freund, Gay, Hall, Hanlin, Haydar, James, Killenbeck, King, Kopp, Kral, Lawson, MacRae, McGee, Murphy, Popp, Riggs, Riha, Rosenkrans, Rupe, Ryan, Springer, Wall, Waller, Warnock, Watkins

Senators (admin): Henderson Allen, Geren, Greenwood, Smith, Weidemann



Senators (elected): Brady, Cornell, Curington, Farley, Hughes, Matlock, Nutter, Sears, Striffler, Wailes, Webb, Wilson, Zajicek

Senators (admin): Atkinson, Bobbitt, Dutton, Saxena, Shannon, Williams, White


I. Call to Order: Curt Rom, Faculty Senate Chair

Curt Rom called the meeting to order at 3:30.

II. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was accepted by unanimous consent.

III. Approval of Minutes: November 19, 2003

The minutes of November 19, 2003 were approved.


IV. Reports

A. Faculty Senate Chair's Report

1. Letter from President Sugg The President rejected the Faculty Senate appeal.

2. Curt will form a committee to examine the operations of the Faculty Senate; the committee on committees will examine the individual committees themselves.

3. Please begin thinking about nominations for Chair and Vice Chair of Campus Faculty and other committees, councils, task forces, etc. We will hold elections for Chair at the end of this semester to prepare for the beginning of the fall semester. Also, please have your committees elect Chairs for the 2004-2005 year by the end of the Spring semester.

B. Provost's Report

1. Promotion and Tenure Review - The Provost reported that 49 cases were reviewed this year. Provost Smith continues to appreciate the external review process but encourages 3 - 5 external review letters maximum for this portion of the tenure review process.

2. Inclement Weather Policy - We were reminded that this policy does not apply to faculty and staff; we make our own policy about how students will be notified or how they will be informed when we experience inclement weather in our region.

3. Performance Evaluations & Possible Salary Adjustments - The latest reports in the media concerning salary adjustments are incorrect. There are state budget challenges but it is possible that we will receive salary adjustments in July & August of this year. Our performance will be based on calendar years 02 and 03. Discussions are being held at the President, DHE and Chancellor levels as to how to allocate funds to make these adjustments. Different strategies and discussions include probable tuition and fee adjustments, alternative funding sources, and future faculty salary incentive policies and procedures.

4. Honors Dean Search - The committee continues to search for a Dean and has compiled a short list of 12 individuals. A number of off-campus "airport" interviews took place on January 10th and 3 on campus interviews with 3 candidates will take place between February 9 through the 9th, 2004.

C. Computing Services report on SPAM - David Merrifield, Associate Director, Computing Services

Computing Services has raised its mighty fork against the unpalatable spam at the U of A!!

We do have problems on campus and it does cost us a lot of money. On the server side, it piles up and takes up disk space, bandwidth, and consumes large amounts of CPU. How does this happen? One way is that spammers use your computer, via a virus, to send out hundreds of spam message all over the world. This can lead to the blocking of our domains or servers by outside mail servers - this is tremendous problem. We can be blocked from sending email to colleagues with AOL addresses, for example.

Computing Services has put in two servers - spam assassin and sophos antivirus - to arrest spam and virus e-mail issues. This is expensive. On average, 40% of all incoming e-mail is spam, some days it can be much higher or lower than this. Spam assassin correctly tags spam about 85% of the time.

An Anti spam initiative is underway. It is user oriented, under the jurisdiction of Marie Riley. The goal of this initiative is to educate users to pay attention to spam and to find ways to reduce it on the users' end. One of these ways includes learning how to filter spam. From the server side, they are working on an anti-spam server project. Looking to replace spamassassin with a commercial antispam and antivirus appliance.

Bon Appetit!

D. Institutional Biosafety Committee Report on the Policy and Procedures document and the Biological Safety Manual (Roy Penney) - The current versions of these two documents are available on the UofA Research Support and Sponsored Programs Compliance page at http://www.uark.edu/admin/rsspinfo/compliance/biosafety/index.html.

A motion to approve the recommendations of the IBC was made and passed.

V. Old Business


VI. New Business

A. Consent Agenda

Matters from University Course and Programs Committee and the Graduate Council

1. Course change proposals:

a. Undergraduate (Tables A, B): Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on 11/21/03 and 12/19/03.

Table A
Table B

b. Graduate (Tables C, D): Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on 10/24/03 and 11/21/03, and by the Graduate Council on 11/20/03 and 12/11/03.

Table C
Table D

c. Dual (Tables E, F): Approved by the University Course and Programs Committee on 10/24/03 and 11/21/03, and by the Graduate Council on 11/20/03 and 12/11/03.

Table E
Table F

2. Program change proposals in the Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences: Table G (Attachment G1).

Table G (Summary)
Attachment G1

3. Program change proposals in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences: Table H (Attachments H1-H17).

Table H (Summary)

4. Program change proposals in the Walton College of Business: Table I (Attachments I1-I10).

Table I (Summary)

5. Program change proposal in the College of Education and Health Professions, Table J (Attachment J1).

Table J (Summary)

Attachment J1

6. Program change proposals in the College of Engineering: Table K (Attachments K1-K6).

Table K (Summary)

7. New program proposals: Table L (Attachments L1-L16).

Table L (Summary)

(a) Walton College of Business

(1) Department of Accounting - Create a minor in Accounting for business students (ACCT-M, Attachments L1,L2)

Attachment L1
Attachment L2

(2) Department of Finance - Create a minor in Finance for business students (FINN-M, Attachments L3,L4)

Attachment L3
Attachment L4

(3) Department of Information Systems - Create a minor in Information Systems for business students (ISYS-M - Attachments L5,L6)

Attachment L5
Attachment L6

(4) Department of Marketing and Logistics - Create a minor in Marketing for business students (MKKT-M, Attachments L7,L8)

Attachment L7
Attachment L8

(5) Create a minor in Transportation/Logistics for business students. (TLOG-M, Attachments L9,L10)

Attachment L9
Attachment L10

(6) Interdisciplinary Programs - Create a minor in Enterprise Resource Planning for business students (BS-M, Enterprise Resource Planning - Attachments L11,L12)

Attachment L11
Attachment L12

(7) Create a minor in Financial Economics for business students (BS - M - Attachments L13,L14)

Attachment L13
Attachment L14

(b) College of Education and Health Professions Eleanor Mann School of Nursing

Create a new degree: Master of Science in Nursing (Attachments L15, L16)

Attachment L15

Attachment L16

8. Program deletion: College of Education and Health Professions
Eliminate the M.Ed. Degree in Physical Education (Table M (Attachment M1)).

Table M (Summary)
Attachment M1

Attachment H15 under item 3 was removed and tabled for further review during the February Faculty Senate meeting.

Other than Attachment H15, items 1 through 6 were considered together and were accepted unanimously.

The minor proposals under item 7a were accepted by unanimous consent .

Item 7b, a new Masters of Science in Nursing, was accepted by unanimous consent.

Item 8, elimination of the Masters Degree in Physical Education, was accepted by unanimous consent.

B. Faculty Athletic Committee Resolution to support the "Framework for Comprehensive Athletics Reform" as proposed by the Coalition of Intercollegiate Athletics. (Alan Mantooth)

"The Faculty Athletic Committee recommends to the Faculty Senate that the University of Arkansas participate in ongoing discussions and deliberations regarding the "Framework for Comprehensive Athletics Reform" from the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA). The FAC wants to be very clear that we do NOT necessarily recommend or agree with each item or goal stipulated within the framework itself. However, due to the fact that this body is engaged with the NCAA and the faculty governance bodies of the BCS schools, we feel it is important that the University of Arkansas be an active participant in shaping the outcome of these reforms."

For further information, visit the COIA homepage - http://www.math.umd.edu/~jmc/COIA/COIA-Home.html.

The resolution was adopted by unanimous consent.

VII. Announcements

(1) Resolution recognizing John Harrison (Janet Parsch)

The resolution for John was approved unanimously.

(2) Tribute recognizing Brian Wilke (Suzanne MacRae)

VII. Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 4:58.