Minutes of the May 8, 2002 Faculty Senate Meeting




Watkins, Lyle, Allison, Rogers


Senators (Elected):

Redfern, Rom, Rosenkrans, Warnock, Allison, Amason, Brady, Cochran, Freund, Gupta, Dale Johnson, Lieber, MacRae, Ryan, Denny, Farley, Nutter, Martin, Killenbeck, Fort, Gay, King, Kral, Miller, Musick, Norwood, Springer


Senators (Admin.):

Smith, Geren, Allen





Senators (Elected):

Wall, Don Johnson, Wardlow, Chappell, Kennedy, Magalene Taylor, Schroeder, Lee, Phillip Taylor, White, Park, Stegman, Dennis, Hall, Salisbury, Etges, Holyfield, Schmitt,


Senators (Admin.):

White, Weidemann, Shannon, Woods, Williams, Dutton, Greenwood, Loewer, Moberly



Patsy Watkins called the meeting to order at 3:32 PM.



Approval of Agenda.

Without objection the agenda was approved.



Approval of Minutes

Without objection the minutes of April 17, 2002 were approved.






Long-term care insurance. Graham Gillis was unable to attend but requested meeting with the FS in the Fall 2002.



Old Business



Calendar Committee

Two motions on the agenda moved and seconded by the Calendar Committee were presented.

1. The academic festival week should be included on the calendar. The time for this is the third week in April, no sooner than April 12 and no later than April 18.

Motion passes.

2. It was moved to equalize the semesters to 73 days each by making the Wednesday before Thanksgiving an Academic Holiday. This change will take effect starting with the Fall 2003 term.

Discussion concerned a balance between MWF and TR classes. It was noted that this was a safety issue; students needed time to travel home for Thanksgiving.

Motion passes.



New Business



Faculty Committee on Admission and Transfer Credit. David Paul

The following (italicized) was presented on the Agenda, and brought forward, moved and seconded by the Executive Committee:

FCATC Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting of May 2002

The following items come recommended to the Faculty Senate from the FACTC

1. Proposed changes to the College Catalog:

Voting on the following addition to the College Catalog:

On Page 17 under transfer of credit.

Add the following to #1

Students may request a variance in the requirements for transfer credit by written petition (via the Office of Admissions) to the Faculty Committee on Admission and Transfer Credit.

Rationale: Makes a "more" public statement to students wishing to be considered for admission or transfer who have less than the stated requirement.

2. Proposed changes in the FCATC committee

Voting on the following:

The FCATC is to be composed of 2 representatives from the Fulbright College, 2 representatives from the Walton College, and 1 representative from each of the remaining colleges in the University.

Rationale: The Committee is currently composed of 1 representative from each college. The proposed change is to add an additional member from the Fulbright and Walton Colleges. The Chancellor now requires that so many student files be read, that more members are needed to spread out the work load. The majority of the students seeking a variance are from the Fulbright or Walton colleges

VI.A.2. Changes To The Financial Aid Policy. This will help students submit applications for financial aid by aligning the university with the current Federal Aid guidelines. This basically backs off of the criteria for 67% of completed courses to 60% completed courses. The Director of the Office of Financial Aid thought that a committee should be making the decisions on a student’s financial aid, rather than an individual.


The underlined part of the above Item 2 was modified for this meeting to the following:

The FCATC is to be composed of 1 voting representative and 1 attending representative from both the Fulbright College and Walton College, and 1 voting representative from each of the remaining colleges in the University.


Item #1 resulted from Provost Smith’s suggestion that the committee had to make a change. This is not a change from current policy. This just states the policy in a more prominent place. In some cases, "D" grades have been accepted for transfer credit. Some pressure has been applied to the committee to accept "D" grades from students with special talents (i.e. athletes). The committee did not generally want this to happen.

Further discussion revealed that the committee has sole right to accept "D" transfer grades. The Deans of the colleges have the right to reject the grade for credit toward a degree. It was pointed out only half of the SEC schools accepted "D" grades.

Considerable sentiment was expressed that the FACTC committee should report to the senate on a regular basis.

It was moved and seconded to suspend the 24 hour rule to consider the FACTC recommendations. This was ruled out of order.

It was moved and seconded to amend the original Item #2 to the new Item #2 (replace the agenda Item #2 with that given in the handout).

Amended motion passes

It was moved to amend Item #2 to have the FCATC be composed of 2 representatives from the Walton and Fulbright College and 1 member from other colleges in the University. This was ruled out of order because it is identical to the original Item #2.

Motion to accept the amended motion passed 14-9.



Annual Evaluation of Administration. A Faculty Senate Resolution calling on the annual evaluation of administration was posted on the Faculty Senate website at:


It was moved and seconded to amend this resolution on the 17th line to the following:

Vice-provost and Graduate School Dean, and Graduate School Associate Dean; Deans, Department chairs and a random sample of graduate faculty.

Motion passes

During Q&A it was pointed out that the administration and supervisors will get some input from their constituency. This would hopefully make the administration more responsive.

It was pointed out that the library was being treated differently than the other colleges. In this case the library has a university wide constituency so this was added.

It was noted and questioned why associate and assistant deans of the library were not included in this evaluation.

The response was that in all colleges the constituencies deal frequently with associate deans, but that the library was an exception to this practice.

Motion to pass the amended resolution passes



Consent Agenda


It was pointed out that 5000 level Architecture courses were being approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. These courses are actually undergraduate courses.

With no objection the consent agenda was approved.



Patsy recognized that many faculty invest significant time for service, which should be 20% component of the annual evaluation. Desk paperweights signifying recognition of that 20% were presented to Neil Allison (secretary), Jimmy Rogers (parliamentarian), Tom Jensen (campus faculty vice chair), Dennis Brewer (campus faculty chair), and Buddy Rogers (faculty senate vice chair) The rock was passed on from Patsy to Dennis Brewer, the next chair of the Faculty Senate. Tom Jenson was recognized as the next vice chair and Buddy Lyle was recognized as the outgoing vice chair of the Faculty Senate.

Tom Jenson recognized Buddy Lyle with the presentation of a clock. Dennis Brewer recognized Jimmy Rogers as the continuing parliamentarian. He stated that Patsy Watkins did a great job not only in the visible end of the Senate meeting but also with countless meetings, scheduling, emails, etc.


Meeting Adjourned 4:30.


Patsy Watkins, Chair;

Neil Allison, Secretary.

Minutes approved: 9/18/02