Faculty Senate
Wednesday, March 13, 2002
3:30 p.m. Giffels Auditorium

Note: Senators, please bring copies of the web materials if you would like to have copies at the meeting. Thanks.

       I. Call to Order: Patsy Watkins, Chair

      II. Approval of Agenda
         Approval of Minutes: Feb. 20, 2002   

     III. Information Items
         a. Michael Freeman: International Programs Office
         b. Randy Apon: Director of Isis

    IV. Old Business
         a. Changes in Student Judicial System (Student Code of Conduct)                (
         b. Rationale For General Education Core, Martin Redfern, Chair, Undergraduate
             Program Committee; Janet Renwick, Chair, General Education Core Curriculum
         c. Academic Standards Committee: Anne O'Leary-Kelly Recommendation from
             Committee: That the grade forgiveness deadline be changed from its current
             date to "anytime prior to the date that the studentís degree is awarded."
         d. APT Committee: Deborah Thomas


      V. New Business
           a. Resolution: The following resolution is cosponsored by Senators Lieber,
              Gupta, Ryan, Macrae, Chappel, Kennedy, Freund and Etges to be presented
              at the March Faculty Senate meeting:

Faculty Senate Resolution

Whereas academic freedom is one of the foundations of higher education, and tenure is principal guarantor of academic freedom,

Whereas the prospect of eventually receiving tenure is essential to attracting and retaining the high quality faculty on which the reputation of the University of Arkansas depends,

Whereas a high quality faculty is necessary to guarantee the high quality education which the students of Arkansas deserve,

Whereas the University of Arkansas system has grown by the addition of several campuses, most notably the new University of Arkansas at Fort Smith where tenure has been abolished for recent faculty hires, or at campuses such as Phillips County Community College where tenure has never existed,

Therefore, the members of the faculty senate at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville express their support for establishing the tenure system at all the campuses of the University of Arkansas System and urge the Board of Trustees to see that this policy is implemented as soon as possible.

      VI. Consent Agenda
            a. Approved by the Graduate Council: Changes to the Graduate Council
                Curriculum Committee (approved on 02/21/02)         
            b. Approved by the Graduate Council: Changes to the Financial Aid Policy
                (approved on 02/21/02)
            c. Approved by the Graduate Council Curriculum Committee: Course listings and copies of curriculum change forms (approved on 02/21/02)
            d. Approved by the Undergraduate Course Committee: Course listings and copies of curriculum change forms (approved on 02/12/01)
            e. Undergraduate Program Committee: Require Kinesiology Majors in the 4 Exercise Science Concentrations to earn a grade of ěCî or better in KINS 3153, KINS 3353, KINS 3533.

      VII. Announcements
            a. Proposed policy from University's Toxic Substances Committee       
                Senators may provide comments on the proposed policy to the
                Chair of the Toxic Substances Committee:
                Dr. Ralph Henry, FERR B-2,

       VIII. Adjourn