Minutes of the January 16, 2002 Faculty Senate Meeting





Watkins, Lyle, Allison, Rogers




Senators (Elected):

Wall, Redfern, Allison, Amason, Brady, Cochran, Freund, Dale Johnson, Kennedy, Lieber, MacRae, Ryan, Magalene Taylor, Denny, Farley, Stegman, Martin, Etges, Fort, Gay, Holyfield, Norwood, Schmidt




Senators (Admin.):


Weidemann, Henderson, Allen









Senators (Elected):

Don Johnson, Rom, Rosenkrans, Wardlow, Warnock, Chappell, Gupta, Schroeder, Lee, Phillip Taylor, White, Park, Dennis, Hall, Nutter, Killenbeck, Salisbury, King, Kral, Miller, Musick, Springer




Senators (Admin.):

White, Smith, Shannon, Woods, Williams, Dutton, Greenwood, Loewer, Geren, Moberly




Patsy Watkins called the meeting to order at 3:40 PM. 








Approval of Agenda. 

Without objection the agenda was approved.




Approval of Minutes

Without objection the minutes of Dec 12, 2001 were approved. (A stated typo error was a printing error from the web - no correction was required)



Patsy Watkins remembered three recently deceased faculty members, Gordon McNeil, Claude Faulkner and Sam Siegel for their substantial and valuable contribution to the University of Arkansas.  A moment of silence was observed.







Carolyn Allen, Dean of UA Libraries, reported on the current status and future initiatives of the library.  A PowerPoint presentation that outlines this report is posted on the FS website at:


The library serves primary missions of supporting research on campus and teaching services.  Other services include assistance to the local and state communities.  Evolving changes to the library include web-based material, non-proprietary databases, interlibrary loans.  The different media include printed books and journals, microfiche, and electronic databases.  The library has a $2M endowment and a $6.9M total budget.  The UAF library needs $13M in operating base to come to the lowest level of the Association of Research Libraries.  Fund raising with a goal of $10M has so far helped.  So far 42% of this goal has been achieved.  National and Arkansas trends have shown that the cost of interlibrary loan is substantial and will probably grow.  With an increase in electronic sources, a decrease in circulation of hard copies has been observed.  In order to offset some earlier losses, an increase in journal subscriptions has been allowed.  With the current holdings, the library does not have any collection that provides 100% support to any PhD program.  In order to accomplish this goal with the current increases in funding, it will take a projected 5-7 years.

Current policy in the library is to define and rearrange priorities in order to allow the best service to the campus and community.  This involves identifying weaknesses, active management of money, and reassigning people with respect to their expertise.  The library should be involved when new classes or programs are in development.  Faculty must be involved with the library and active in giving feedback and suggestions.



Old Business




Motion to support AAUP Resolution.  This AAUP resolution is posted on the FS website at:


Tom Kennedy stated that the purpose of this resolution is to support the rights of faculty at other UA campuses.  During Q&A senators noted that although many of the concerns brought forward by this resolution are important, it contains too many points and cannot be easily considered by the Faculty Senate.  For instance, details concerning what constituted part-time and adjunct members were questioned, as well as the censuring of another campus within the system.  Some senators suggested that it was not appropriate for the senate to instruct other campuses on their policies.  Kennedy responded that the UAF is the original campus and a leader in the UA system; therefore, it is appropriate for the Faculty Senate to consider this resolution.  Some senators again noted that this resolution is too complicated which made support for the complete document difficult.  It was suggested that the document should be broken up into three different resolutions and brought back to the senate for a vote.  In further discussion, various senators noted that although there were many positive aspects to this resolution, it was too complicated as it stood.

The motion to support this resolution was already on the floor from the last FS meeting.  The motion was defeated by a vote of 11 to 9.




Consent Agenda




1) Approved by the Graduate Council 12/20/01:  Program change for Ph.D. in comparative literature: Addition of 3 concentrations:

web site:


2) Approved by the Graduate Council Curriculum Committee 12/20/01: Course listings and curriculum changes

3) Approved by the Undergraduate Course Committee 12/20/01: Course listings and curriculum change

4) Undergraduate Program Committee

a. In order to streamline and add flexibility to the major in the Biological Sciences, the BS degrees in Botany, Zoology, and Microbiology are eliminated and some of the requirements for the BS in Biology.

Without objection the Consent Agenda was approved.

. Meeting adjourned at 4:45.



Patsy Watkins, Chair;

Neil Allison, Secretary.

Minutes approved: