Minutes of the February 20, 2002 Faculty Senate Meeting





Watkins, Lyle, Allison, Rogers




Senators (Elected):

Wall, Redfern, Rom, Wardlow, Warnock, Allison, Amason, Chappell, Cochran, Freund, Gupta, Dale Johnson, Lieber, MacRae, Phillip Taylor, White, Denny, Farley, Park, Stegman, Dennis, Nutter, Salisbury, Etges, Fort, Gay, Holyfield, King, Miller




Senators (Admin.):


Smith, Weidemann, Geren, Henderson Allen









Senators (Elected):

Don Johnson, Rosenkrans, Brady, Kennedy, Ryan, Magalene Taylor, Schroeder, Lee, Hall, Martin, Killenbeck, Kral, Musick, Norwood, Schmitt, Springer




Senators (Admin.):

White, Shannon, Woods, Williams, Dutton, Greenwood, Loewer, Moberly




Patsy Watkins called the meeting to order at 3:35 PM.








Approval of Agenda.

Without objection the agenda was approved.




Approval of Minutes

Without objection the minutes of Jan 16 and Feb 6 were approved




Information Items




Changes to the University Student Judicial System.A draft of the Student Code of Conduct is posted on the web at: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/AgendaMinutes/2001-2002/2002Feb/StudCode.pdf

The proposed new code has been referred to the All -University Judiciary Subcommittee.Responses regarding changes or concerns of this document should be addressed to Jerry Patnoe, chair, All-University Judiciary Subcommittee.This committee will report to the Faculty Senate in April.




Fall Break Proposal. Associated Student Government has proposed a plan for a fall break.Three somewhat different plans from ASG are posted on the Faculty Senate web site under the February agenda. This issue is being referred to the Calendar Committee.Concerns and comments regarding fall break should be addressed to Joel Freund, chair, Calendar Committee.




Rationale for General Education Core.Refer to the document that is posted on the Faculty Senate web site at:


This document has been drafted by the General Education Core Curriculum Committee and unanimously approved by the Undergraduate Program Committee (Martin Redfern, chair).Questions regarding this document can be addressed to Janet Renwick and/or Mark Corey.During Q&A questions were raised regarding the intent of this document.For example, who will be using this document?The response wasthat the document would serve two purposes.It would be used by 1) the General Education Core Curriculum Committee which is in charge of modifying the university core courses, and 2) prospective students.

A vote will be taken at the March meeting after the Faculty Senate members have time to review the document.







Fall Convocation Plan. Dennis Brewer discussed a proposed Fall Convocation for New Students.The Convocation Committee is chaired by Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Johnette Cross Brazell and is in charge of this event.At this convocation, all freshmen would assemble at Bud Walton Arena on the Sunday afternoon before classes begin in the fall.Each faculty unit (department) would send one member in regalia.Costs to faculty would be supported by a budget from the committee.

Questions and comments regarding this convocation should be addressed to Dennis Brewer and/or Jerry Musick, both of whom serve on the committee.



Old Business




Report from Academic Standards Committee. Ann OíLeary-Kelly, chair of this committee, provided a handout regarding the numbers of students applying and receiving grade forgiveness since Fall 2000.Data gathered revealed that about 5 percent of UofA students seek grade forgiveness.Math and chemistry courses are the most sought after for grade forgiveness.

Many students are unaware of the deadline for applying for grade forgiveness which results in a glut of petitions near the end of each semester.Most petitions are denied unless an advisor provides a supporting letter stating he or she misadvised the student.

A set of benchmark schools (on back of handout), shows that six have similar grade forgiveness policies with up to six courses that can be ĒforgivenĒ.All have a deadline date either prior to graduation or no deadline date.Most grade forgive only D and F grades.

The committee also recommends/discussed the following:

1) That the deadline date should be moved to anytime before a studentísscheduled graduation.The current deadline date creates a lot of student frustration.

2) Whether any grade (not strictly D or F) was eligible for forgiveness; however, there was no agreement on this point.Concern over senior students taking lower level courses was expressed.

3)That a studentís transcript should reflect accurately courses that were grade forgiven.The transcript should give a full and accurate description of the studentís experience at the university.

4) That there should be no change in the number of hours or courses allowed for grade forgiveness.The committee found no clear reason for change.

It was pointed out that the ASG has also considered Grade Forgiveness and has its own resolution.

During Q&A, it was stated that the present committee did not consult members of the committee which drafted the original policy.Fall 1996 was the first year that grade forgiveness was implemented.

For the March meeting additional information will be provided and the Senate will vote on recommendations at that time.




Report from the Admissions and Transfer Credit Committee.David Paulis chair of this committee. Hereported on the follow-up to the Provostís request of guidelines for transfer of D grades.The FCATC confirmed that no such guidelines were needed and the information in the current Undergraduate Catalog of Studies was sufficient.

Unless the Faculty Senate requests further study, the committee did not recommend any changes to current policy.




Report from the Fringe Benefits Committee.Harold Goodwin, representing this committee, reported thatthe UofA system Fringe Benefits committee will offer the current long term care policy and will recommend that employees be offered the option to have insurance that keeps up with inflation.Goodwin did not have information regarding health care costs, etc, of comparable institutions.The committee does intend to compile this information.The system committee will meet in March.During Q&A concerns were expressed over the long-term aspect of the policies.For instance, if the university decides to drop a plan, will the people who are enrolled at that time still have a plan?Also addressed was the need for a table which shows what UA faculty are paying and future expected payments.It was stated that this will be posted on the Human Resources web site..

A report in April will give information concerning the studies that are underway.



New Business




Resolution, Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences.Without objection Preston Laferney, chair, Faculty Council in Bumpers College, was allowed to speak to this resolution.It was stated that this resolution is two-fold.First, it grew out of concern regarding the new APT document because the Faculty Senate did not review the final document before it went into effect.Secondly, there was concern over the composition of the APT committee.

It was moved and seconded that the Faculty Senate accept the report and that it be referred to an ad-hoc committee for further consideration.This motion was out of order.

During discussion it was pointed out that complaints should be directed to the Provost and Chancellor.The APT committee was out of the loop on any changes or modifications.It was pointed out that APT committee membership can allow for representation from different colleges with the current at-large elections.The Board of Trustees must approve a stated change in the composition of this committee.

It was moved and seconded to file the motion.The Faculty Senate will take action when appropriate.motion passes.




Without objection the consent agenda was approved.

Consent Agenda
b.1.  Graduate Council
Program change for the non-thesis
M.S. in Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences
Program change in the Athletic Training Specialization: 
Request to change the specialization to a concentration
Program change to the M.S. in Operations Research
b.2. Graduate Council Curriculum Committee
Course listings and copies of curriculum change forms
b.3. Undergraduate listings and copies of curriculum change forms
b.4. Undergraduate Program Committee
HMAP Minor to HORT Minor; Change alpha code from HMAP to HORT
LDUH Minor to LHRT Minor; Change alpha code from LDUH to LHRT
TMGM Minor to TURF Minor; Change alpha code from TMGM to TURF
Add FINN 4163, Fixed Income Securities, to Financial Management/Investment Requirements as one of the choices
Insert:  The pre-business requirement that Walton College of Business students must meet is being increased from a 2.00 cumulative GPA and a 2.00 GPA in the pre-business courses to a 2.25 cumulative GPA and a 2.25 GPA in the pre-business courses.
HMAP Minor to HORT Minor
TMGM Minor to TURF Management Minor
LHRT Minor to Landscape Horticulture Minor
HORT: Modifying curricula course requirements
HORT: Modifying curricula course requirements; changes in the TLHT Major
Dept of Landscape Architecture:  Total of 157 hours



Announcements - none



Meeting adjourned 4:42 pm



Patsy Watkins, Chair;

Neil Allison, Secretary.

Minutes approved: