October 17, 2001, 3:30 p.m.

Giffels Auditorium

    I.   Call to Order  Patsy Watkins, Chair
   II.  Approval of Agenda
  III.  Approval of Minutes of Sept. 19, 2001 (see Senate Website)
  IV.  Reports:
        a. Enrollment Report:  Arlene Cash
        b.Transfer of "D" Grades:  David Paul    
   V. Old Business  (none)
 VI. New Business
       a.  Consent Agenda
           Annual Graduate Student Academic Review proposal  (approved
           by Graduate Council) (see Graduate Council website, September
           minutes for copy of this proposal)

           Graduate Council Curriculum Report (approved by Graduate            Council 09/20/01)
              ARSC History, Hist 4493 - Add New Course
             ARSE Geosciences, GEOS 4733 - Add New Course
             ENGR Civil Engineering, CVEG 4420L - Add New

             Course listing and curriculum change forms (approved by              Undergraduate Course Committee 09/11/01)
             (Same as above)

           Undergraduate Programs Committee
               New Program Minor in Global Agricultural, Food and
               Life Sciences
               Course Requirements Change BADM 310V Cooperative                Education

       b.  Increase in HPER fees (see Senate website; meetings,
            agenda, minutes)
       c.  Election of Senators to serve on Campus Council
 VII. Announcements/Information
VIII. Adjournment