Faculty Senate
Dec. 12, 2001 3:30 p.m.
Giffels Auditorium

        I. Call to Order: Patsy Watkins, Chair
       II. Approval of Agenda
      III. Approval of Minutes from Nov. 14, 2001 (see Senate web page)
      IV. Reports
            1) Response to Senate Questions: Don Pederson (see Senate web page)
            2) APT Committee: Draft of the proposed Guidelines for University and
                Distinguished Professor: Deborah Thomas, Phil Taylor (see Senate web page)
       V. Old Business
            1) Proposal : Change in start time for MWF classes: Joel Freund
                               (see Senate web page)
     VI. New Business
           1) Consent Agenda
                a. Graduate Council Curriculum Committee (approved on 11/15/01)
                     (see Senate web page)
                b. Undergraduate Course Committee (approved on 11/13/01)
                     (see Senate web page)
                c. Undergraduate Program Committee
                    (limited number of complete hard copies will be available at the meeting)
                    1. AFLS:
                        Add back HESC Catering for Healthy Lifestyles
                        Restore Food Engineering course lost with elimination of BAST courses
                        Delete certain courses, and add others to the requirements for a
                        minor in animal science
                   2. ARSC:
                       Several proposed changes in BM, MUED that are driven by program
                       evaluation by national accreditation agency
            2) Motion to support AAUP Resolution: Bill Etges (see Senate web page)
    VII. Announcements
   VIII. Adjournment