Minutes of the February 14, 2001 Faculty Senate Meeting





King, Babcock, Allison, Rogers




Senators (Elected):

Wall, Graham, Redfern, Warnock, Wolf, Brady, Cochran, Freund, Kennedy, Lieber, MacRae, Neuse, Ricker, Schroeder, Denny, Farley, Lyle, Dennis, Hall, Nutter, Bailey, Caldwell, Cordes, Curington, Hanlin, Dale Johnson, Kral, R. Lee, Musick, Norwood, Roland, Springer




Senators (Admin.):


Williams, Hunt, Geren, Henderson Allen









Senators (Elected):

Don Johnson, Oliver, Gupta, Holyfield, James, Knowles, Peven, W. Lee, McKinnon, White, Neighbors, Killenbeck, Gay,




Senators (Admin.):

White, Smith, Weidemann, Shannon, Woods, Dutton, Loewer, Moberly




John King called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM.




It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda motion passes




It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of 1/17/2001 motion passes




Announcement in Memory of Donald Rye – Senator Roland requested a moment of silence for colleague Donald Rye.




Old Business





Report on MWF Classes starting at 8:30AM.  The committee has not completed their report.  This report is postponed until a later meeting.




New Business





Moved and seconded to accept the Consent Agenda – Undergraduate Courses. motion passes.




Moved and seconded to accept the Consent Agenda – Graduate Courses. motion passes.




Moved and seconded to accept the Consent Agenda – Undergraduate Programs. motion passes.




Graduate Council Action Items - Geren– These items came moved and seconded by the graduate council.

1. MS Kinesiology Program Changes.  Fifteen new courses are proposed with only two courses per semester to be offered.   motion passes

2. Graduate School of Business grievance procedures.  A formalization of a process that was already approved by the FS.  motion passes

3. Curriculum Committee Report – “Sunset Delete” list.  The list of undergraduate and graduate courses to be discontinued was widely distributed to colleges and departments.  After some discussion, a few courses were noted that are still being offered.  The report was amended by deletion of the following courses from the list:

CVEG 5120L and CVEG 4343. 

Some discussion regarding that a number of these courses were put into place in order to satisfy a senior writing requirement in the Fulbright Arts and Sciences College.  It was noted that these were not needed since other avenues have now been utilized for the writing requirement..  amended motion passes





Resolution for John Locke Memory Garden.  Report from Margaret Maddox and Kirsten Day included the original conception of the garden being a symbolic garden at Kimple Hall that would symbolize Locke’s peace advocacy and commitment to teaching.  The proposed garden will help one of the least visually appealing spots on campus.  Slides were shown of the architect’s (Noah Shoemaker) concept of the garden that would incorporate the Kimple bust.  It was moved and seconded to accept this resolution. motion passes

Mark Cory spoke to the significance of the funding and timing of the completed garden.  With John Locke’s untimely death on the first day of classes, Fall 2000 by one of his students, it would be appropriate to remember this on the 1st day of classes, Fall 2001 with a completed memory garden.  This garden is being built and maintained solely by private donations.  Already $2,500 has been raised with an additional $1,000 being added from the Ben Kimple fund.  If the entire FS membership donated $100 each then this would raise approximately $4,000 that would guarantee the realization of the memory garden.




Request from the Floor for Appointment of Ad Hoc Committee-Exec Committee.  Allan Cochran reported that some colleagues expressed concerns over last month’s report by Scott Varady.  Discussion included the perceived attitude that the university would support a faculty member if the university believed that s/he was doing a good job.  If not, then no support could be found.  It was moved and seconded that the Faculty Senate appoint an ad-hoc committee that includes at least one member with an expertise in law to study legal actions brought by faculty .  The Chair in consultation with the executive committee will appoint this ad-hoc committee.  The ad-hoc committee will be posted on the FS web site.  motion passes




Westark Community College Acquisition Resolution – Senator Kennedy.  It was moved and seconded to accept the resolution that was posted on the web with the February 2001 agenda.  Concern that the UAF faculty first learned of this acquisition from the newspaper and that the faculty should be informed as to why this acquisition is being carried out.  This includes the anticipated impact of this change to the UAF campus and the Westark campus would be helpful information to this faculty.  Some discussion centered on the person that would be appropriate to reporting to the Faculty Senate on this matter.  It was moved and seconded to amend the resolution to the following:

Whereas the faculty has not been previously consulted with regard to the recent assimilation of Westark Community College into the University of Arkansas system, the Faculty Senate invites President Sugg to inform the body of the advantages and disadvantages that may accrue to this institution as a result of this merger.
amendment passes;
amended resolution passes



Reports & Announcements




Graduate Council COPE Report on Adult Education Reviews – Geren reported that this is required by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.  The COPE committee, a standing committee of the Graduate Council has determined that the EDE, EDS, and EDD programs in Adult Education serve Arkansas well.




Campus Civility – Discussion over decreasing civility of some students is noted.  The Division of Student Affairs/Judicial Affairs is the correct body that deals with these problems.  There is a growing concern over verbal attacks from students.




Nomination for faculty governance – Phil Taylor.  The FS members were asked to encourage colleagues to participate/nominate/volunteer for the following: At large senators, chair and vice chair campus faculty and APT membership.




The FS members are invited to attend the Ferritor Building dedication on March 2, 2001 at 2:00 PM in front of the building.



Moved and seconded to adjourn at 4:45 - motion passes.




John King, Chair;

Neil Allison, Secretary.

Minutes approved: 3/14/01