February 14, 2001, 3:30 PM, Giffels Auditorium


I.     Approval of Agenda

II.    Approval of the Minutes of the January 17, 2001 (See Website for draft)

III.   Announcement In Memory of Donald Rye - Senator Roland

IV.  Old Business

       A.  Report on MWF Classes starting at 8:00 AM

V. New Business

       A.  Consent Agenda - Undergraduate Courses

       B.  Consent Agenda - Graduate Courses

       C.  Consent Agenda - Undergraduate Programs

       D.  Graduate Council Action Items _ Geren

    1. MS Kinesiology Program changes

    2. Graduate School of Business grievance procedures

    3. Curriculum Committee Report - "Sunset Delete" list

       E.   Resolution for John Locke Memory Garden - Margaret Maddox (see below)

       F.   Request from the Floor for Appointment of Ad Hoc Committee-Exec. Committee

       G.   Westark Community College Acquisition Resolution - Senator Kennedy (see below)

VI.  Reports & Announcements

       A.  Graduate Council COPE Report on Adult Education Reviews-Geren

       B.  Campus Civility - Conneely/Serafini

       C.  Nominations for Faculty Governance Positions - Phil Taylor


Consent Agenda 1, Consent Agenda 2, Consent Agenda 3


Whereas both the useful life and appalling death of Professor John Locke have marked the University in indelible ways, and

Whereas as representatives of this faculty we believe in recognizing the extraordinary contributions of our colleagues, and

Whereas the beautification of the campus with commemorative landscaping and public art is a general good,

Be it resolved, by the Faculty Senate, that an appropriate Memory Garden, containing a memorial to John R. Locke, be created at the West entrance of Kimpel Hall as speedily as private funding can be secured.


Whereas the faculty has not been previously consulted with regard to the recent assimilation of Westark Community College into the University of Arkansas system, the Faculty Senate requests that it be informed concerning the advantages or disadvantages that may accrue to this institution as a result of this merger.

Tom Kennedy
Faculty Senator