Minutes of the September 13, 2000 Faculty Senate Meeting




King, Babcock, Allison, Rogers




Senators (Elected):

Wall, Graham, Oliver, Warnock, Wolf, Brady, Cochran, Freund, Gupta, Holyfield, James, Kennedy, Lieber, MacCrae, Neuse, Schroeder, McKinnon, White, Denny, Lyle, Neighbors, Nutter, Killenbeck, Bailey, Cordes, Curington, Gay, Hanlin, Johnson, Kral, R. Lee, Musick, Roland, Springer




Senators (Admin.):


White, Smith, Williams, Geren, Young









Senators (Elected):

Johnson, Redfern, Knowles, Peven, Ricker, W. Lee, Farley, Dennis, Hall, Caldwell, Norwood




Senators (Admin.):


Scifres, Shannon, Woods, Dutton, Stegman, Loewer, Moberly



John King called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM.



A moment of silence was observed in honor of Professor John Locke




It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda with a change in the title of VI.A Consent Agenda from Course Listing to Course Listing and Program Changes, motion passes




It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of 5/10/00; motion passes




Special Order of Business.  Chancellor White introduced the first Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Bob Smith.

Provost Smith addressed the audience with special mention of Diane Blair and John Locke.  His PowerPoint presentation to the Faculty Senate that is posted at the Faculty Senate web site at


addressed his role at the UofA and also UofA's role as the flagship campus for the state.  His role is to encourage, evaluate, and represent the UofA.  The trust between the chancellor and faculty is important in this role.  He specifically has already met with numerous faculty, staff, and students and has also met with college, and departmental units on campus.  These will be followed by presentation to the various units starting next week with the business college.  In the web based multimedia journal, All Things Academic, messages and articles from the Chancellor and Provost are available.  If faculty have concerns/questions/or comments that would like to be addressed these should be preferably email (or paper correspondence) to Chancellor Smith.  These will be posted on the "Our Turn" portion of this web site. 

The shared vision of the universities mission of a "National Competitive Student Centered Research University Serving Arkansas and the World" is an important statement that everyone should feel comfortable with.  The 2010 Commission is a planning agency that has been set up by the chancellor over the past few months.  A commission of 93 participants has been assembled with UofA faculty, staff and students making up about a third of the group.  It is believed that the future of Arkansas is dependent on having a first ranked research institution in the UofA.  An October 25 meeting will look at a final draft of a "Making the Case" report from the commission.

Partnering with the FS, Provost Smith feels that the important parts are engaging the faculty with the role of research, particularly in relationship to how it impacts with students.  The question of "Why do research in Arkansas" is important to answer.  The teaching mission is important at the university and the Teaching and Faculty Support Center serves a very important function at the University and should be expanded.

It was expressed that at a dialog between the Provost and faculty is important regarding the promotion and tenure process in order to stay within the guidelines of the Faculty Handbook. 

During Q&A:

The makeup of the commission was stated to be about 1/3 of the university community.  From that about 5-6 staff, 4 students and the rest faculty.  The remaining people are from the public and private side, legislators, school superintendents, and economic development officials in the state, prominent people from industries including CEO's. 

The provost was queried concerning his review of the promotion and tenure recommendations that came to the Faculty Senate at the end of Spring 2000.  Provost Smith has reviewed these and has put these in the context of his experience at other universities.  His thoughts are that the best way to operate within the guidelines is to come from the units with solid recommendations from the chair and deans of the respective units.  Outside recommendations are very important within this process with the Deans and Chairs having recommendations coming from first-rate institutions that the UofA would like to emulate.  At the provost office this compiled information will be followed by review with Collis Geren and Nancy Talburt being utilized to help at that stage of the process.  At this time the Deans will be asked to visit and talk about each individual case, followed by the Chairs of the departments.  Fairness in the process was stressed.  This was followed by a question regarding whether the Provost has had a chance to review the specifics in the document that is in front of the Faculty Senate.  Provost Smith stated he has not at this time looked at the detailed concerns.  If differences between the APT process and Provost Smiths perception of how this should proceed then these must be adjudicated.  Concerns were expressed regarding some of the statements made by the Provost regarding this process that are not in alignment with the current APT process.  The Provost stated that this year the process would not be changed to be fair to the people currently in the process.

Concerns that his outside recommendation benchmark institutions are different from the ones that the chancellor has spent considerable time over the past three years identifying was expressed.  Rather that the idea was expressed that the very top institutions with vast resources and low teaching loads that are very different from the UofA should be used.  The provost stated that the top 50 public research universities are the ones that we should benchmark.  In some cases, however, some of the finest programs in specific research/scholarly areas are not at these top 50 institutions and in this case outside letters would be acceptable.

A question was asked regarding how Arkansas, and specifically the UofA system office, perceives the UofA.  Provost Smith stated that the large majority of the Board of Trustees perceives the UofA as the land grant institution of the state and that the "system" is not the land grant institution.




Chair of Senate Remarks - John King stated that he would like to thank Chancellor White, Provost Smith, the UofA Police Department, University Relations and the community agencies that acted above and beyond the call of duty with respect to the John Locke incident. 

Jerry Musick was thanked and presented a desk hog for his duty as the FS Chair for the 1999-2000 year.  Bill Springer was also thanked with an engraved desk notepad for his duty as V Chair of FS last year.  Neil Allison and Jimmie Rogers were thanked and presented engraved notepads for their service as secretary and parliamentarian.




Old Business





Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Committee Tabled Report.  Paul Cronan.  It was stated that the committee and Provost Smith would be meeting concerning the recommendations and process of promotion and tenure.  It is believed that more discussion among the FS colleagues should be followed by returning this item to the October meeting.  Copies of the document are on the Faculty Senate Web site at:


 Refinements under the process of dismissal of a tenured faculty should be reviewed as well as procedures for promotion and tenure, specifically IIIB should be reviewed.  Changes to the procedures for promotion and tenure evolving from concerns regarding the process are in the document regarding when and where specific processes are carried out as well as where information is used.  Also concerns regarding discussions between parties at various levels in the process are addressed and should be reviewed.  The committee is accepting additional suggestions from faculty concerning the APT process.

During Q&A it was stated that meetings with Provost Smith would occur on a weekly bases concerning this process.  Some question was raised regarding whether the committee will be ready by next month for the Faculty Senate to address to this package.

It was moved and seconded to table further discussion of the APT document until the October meeting; motion passes.





Ad Hoc Committee on Summer Sessions - Bill Curington.  The committee benchmarked 46 institutions with respect to summer sessions.  The distribution found that the following <5wk summer sessions, 9 schools; 5 wk summer session, 20 schools; 6 wk summer sessions, 11 schools; >6 wk summer sessions, 6 schools.  The Associate deans surveyed the department chairs and the ASG and graduate school was consulted for student input.  A handout was available to the FS.  The recommendation of the committee are summarized as follows:

1) That the university allows the option of 5 wk and 10 wk sessions.

2) 2001 dates, session A, June 4-July6 (starts 2 wks after 6 wk session and end one week after the 6 wk session).  Session B starts one week after the 2nd 6 wk session and end at the same time as the second 6 wk session.

3) These will replace current sessions 5 and 6 that are currently restricted to graduate education classes.

4) No change to existing sessions

5) Class times start at same times but end at different times, 6 wk sessions, 80 minutes; 5 wk sessions 90 minutes.  There will be 20 minutes between the 6wk sessions and 10 minutes between 5 wk sessions making it possible for students to mix 5wk and 6wk classes

6) Each college should have the option of flexibility for their departments in choosing these schedules.

During Q&A the motivation for studying this problem was questioned.  Flexibility in different programs was the main motivation for this query.  It was pointed out that the UofA was the only university in Arkansas with only 6 wk sessions.  The committee was commended for the work involved in working out a workable schedule for consecutive summer sessions.

It was moved and seconded to adopt the report; motion passes





Report on University and Distinguished Professor Titles - Paul Cronan stated that no report would be give at this time.





Report on Appointments Relative to Fringe Benefits - The committee must be reconstituted this year and will report in the October meeting.



New Business




Consent Agenda - Course Listing and Program Changes.  

It was requested that the Master of Information Systems at Three Off Campus Sites in Europe be removed from the agenda for further discussion.

It was moved and seconded for approval of the remaining items; motion passes

Concern with the number of sites including Asolo, a fourth site, was questioned.  Asolo is the site that will administer the center.  Bill Curington stated that the intent of the committee was that the UofA would work with the consortium at the multiple locations.  Some concern regarding at how the control of the quality in off-location will be administered was expressed.  Collis Geren stated that the classes that are taught at all distance learning centers must be of the same quality as those taught at the UofA.  A question regarding that the bulk of funding (point 15, page 6) would remain at the center, with only some money coming to the UofA.

It was moved and seconded to approve the Master of Information Systems at Three Off-Campus Sites; motion passes.




Election of Senators to Executive Committee.  The following senators were elected to the Executive Committee: Wally Cordes, Tim Kral, Bill Springer, Allan Cochran, and Dick Oliver.




Election of Senators to Campus Council - It was suggested that these senators be elected by ballot before the October FS meeting.




Grievance Policy - Graduate School - Collis Geren first presented this at the May Faculty Senate meeting.  The current policy is antiquated.  There were no questions regarding the new policy.

It was moved and seconded to accept this new policy; motion passes


Other Announcements - Call for Nominations for Faculty Committees

Phil Taylor announced that we would need nominations for the following: Chair, Campus Faculty, Vice Chair Campus Faculty, and APT members.

John King charged the Academic and Standards Committee that they review the students that were admitted that did not meet the academic standards for admission and that they report this information to the Faculty Senate along with the student's current progress.

It was noted that the Faculty Staff mixer is September 23. 

Also it was requested that if there are people that have needs from the John Locke incident please contact John King or Jonathan Perry at CAPS.

Jerry Musick announced the Faculty Staff Giving Campaign had 25% of UA employees contributing to the University last fiscal year.  The total faculty, grad students, and staff contributed a total of $229,151.




Moved and seconded to adjourn at 5:15 - motion passes.



John King, Chair;

Neil Allison, Secretary.

Minutes approved: 10/11/00