September 13, 2000
3:30 PM, Giffels
Special Moment of Silence in Honor of Professor John Locke
  I.  Approval of Agenda
  II. Approval of May 10th, 2000 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
  III. Special Order of Business: Introduction of Provost Smith - Chancellor White
  IV. Chair of Senate Remarks - John King
  V. Old Business:
  A. * Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Committee Tabled Report
  B. Ad Hoc Committee on Summer Sessions
  C.  Report on University and Distinguish Professor Titles
  D. Report on Appointments Relative to Fringe Benefits
  VI. New Business:
  A. Consent Agenda - Course Listing
  B.Election of Senators to Executive Committee
  C.Election of Senators to Campus Council
  D.Grievance Policy - Graduate School
  VII. Other Announcements- Call for Nominations for Faculty Committees
  * Senators please refer to complete report at May 10th, 2000 meeting Agenda: http://www.uark.edu/depts/facsen/AgendaMinutes/CAPT.pdf