February 9, 2000, 3:31 p.m.

Engineering Hall 209

I. Call to Order -- Jerry Musick, Chair

II. Approval of Agenda

III. Approval of the Minutes, January 19, 1999

IV. Reports

A. Retention Task Force -- Charles Adams

B. First Year Experience Task Force -- Johnetta Brazell

V. Old Business

VI. New Business

A. Consent Agenda. Items 990-185 through 990-200, inclusive, will

be handled by a single motion unless individual items are removed from

the Consent Agenda by majority vote -- These items will be presented

by either Martin Redfern, Bill Curington, Collis Geren, or Pat Koski.

A limited number of the copies of the Course and Program Revisions Forms

will be available at the meeting. Any current Faculty Senator that

would like to see one or more of these forms prior to the meeting should

contact Bill Springer (wts@engr.uark.edu or 52948)

Undergraduate Courses and Programs-

Item 990-185: Course Revision - ARCH 4026
Item 990-186: Course Revision - ARCH 5016
Item 990-187: Course Revision - ARCH 5026
Item 990-188: Course Revision - ARCH 5162
Item 990-189: Course Revision - ARCH 5314
Item 990-190: Course Revision - CENG 1113
Item 990-191: Course Revision - CENG 1111L
Item 990-192: Course Revision - CENG 1123
Item 990-193: Course Revision - CENG 1121L
Item 990-194: Course Revision - CENG 2133
Item 990-195: Course Revision - CENG 2143
Item 990-196: Course Revision - CENG 3213
Item 990-197: Course Revision - CENG 3313
Item 990-198: Course Revision - CENG 4413
Item 990-199: Course Revision - CENG 4513
Item 990-200: Program Revision - B.A. Degree in Architecture

Graduate Courses and Programs-


B. Resolution from AAUP concerning compensation of part time faculty

-- (See attachment below)

C. Motion -- An ad hoc committee will be formed to delineate 1) the
faculty benefits which change when a faculty member moves from a nine
month to a twelve month appointment and from a twelve month to a nine
month appointment, 2) how these benefits change for each type of
change in appointment, and 3) recommend any modifications needed in
how these benefit changes are implemented to insure the faculty member
is treated fairly and equitably by a process they do not control. (See
attachment below)

D. Personnel Document from the College of Agricultural, Food, and

Life Sciences -- Paul Cronan

VII. Announcements/Information

VIII. Adjournment


Item VI. B.

Resolution of the Arkansas Conference of the American Association of
University Professors, Adopted at the annual meeting, October 23, 1999.
The treatment of part-time faculty is a barometer whereby the general
status of the profession may be measured.
The status of all faculty is undermined by the degree of exploitation
the profession allows of its members.
Failure to extend to all faculty reasonable professional commitments
compromises quality and risks the stability of the profession and the
integrity of our standing with the public.
Be it resolved that:
Compensation for part-time employment should be the corresponding
fraction for a full-time position having qualitatively similar
responsibilities and qualifications. Compensation shoul d include such
essential fringe benefits as health insurance, life insurance, and
retirement contributions.
Be it resolved that:
The Faculty Senate of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville calls
upon the administration of our institution to implement this resolution
and urges all institutions of higher education to implement this

Item VI. C. -

Due to the nature of their appointments, faculty members can move from
nine month to twelve month appointments as well as move from twelve
month to nine month appointments. In moving from a twelve to a nine
month appointment, a faculty member's benefits change and that includes
the loss of some benefits they earned as a result of their twelve month
appointment. Even though a faculty may return to a twelve month
appointment in the future, they are not allowed to have these lost
benefits reinstated. In addition, it is often unclear to the faculty
member what the change in benefits will actually be at the time they
agree to the change in their appointment.