Minutes of the April 12, 2000 Faculty Senate Meeting




Musick, Springer, Allison, Rogers



Senators (Elected):

Goodstein, Johnson, Graham, Oliver, Redfern, Brady, Brewer, Freund, Holyfield, Knowles, Lieber, Peven, Ricker, Schroeder, McKinnon, Denny, Fort, Lyle, Neighbors, Myers, Killenbeck, Bailey, Buono, Caldwell, Cordes, Gay, Hanlin, King, R. Lee, Roland, Rom, Striffler



Senators (Admin.):

Bennett, Buono, Geren, Loewer, Scifres, Stegman, Woods, Young







Senators (Elected):

Daniels, Hoffman, James, Neuse, W. Lee, White, Dennis, Hall, Curington, Kral, Schmitt, Taylor, Ziegler



Senators (Admin.):

Dutton, Moberly, White, Williams,



Jerry Musick called the meeting to order at 3:34 PM.



It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda with a change in adding under V. New Business, Item B, Graduate Student Representation to the Graduate Council. motion passes.



It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of 3/8/00; motion passes



Old Business







New Business




Consent Agenda. It was moved and seconded that Items 990-224 through 990-233, be approved. motion passes

Undergraduate Courses and Programs

Item 990-224: Course Revision - AGED 3141 L
Item 990-225: Course Revision - AGED 3142
Item 990-226: Course Revision - AGED 3146
Item 990-227: Course Revision - CDIS 4103
Item 990-228: Program Revision - Bachelor of Science in Education Kinesiology
Item 990-229: Program Revision - Bachelor of Science in Education Health Science

Graduate Courses and Programs
Item 990-230: Course Revision - HORT 4103 (Original description deleted)
Item 990-231: Course Revision - HORT 4103 (New description added)
Item 990-232: Course Revision - HORT 4203
Item 990-233: Course Revision - CISQ 4333




Graduate Student Representation on the Graduate Council. It was moved and seconded that a second elected graduate student representative be placed as a voting member on the Graduate Council. motion passes




Curriculum Change Form - The Executive Committee moved that 1) an electronic version of the Curriculum Change Form be developed and placed on the University web site, 2) a summary sheet for all program revisions (similar in form and function to that for course changes) be developed, and 3) all documentation concerning any item to be considered for the Faculty Senate Agenda (including course/program revisions as well as the summary sheets) be provided to the Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate in both electronic and hard copy format.

Discussion on this motion included the idea that dissemination of information could best be carried out by posting information relevant to the Faculty Senate on the FS web site at least one week prior to the Faculty Senate meeting. This information will be provided in an Adobe Acrobat format to the FS secretary by the Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate who will post it on the FS website. motion passes




Calendar Committee - Approval of the 2005 and 2006 academic year calendars (that were posted to the Faculty Senate web site prior to this meeting) and information concerning a possible future summer calendar change.

Nancy Talburt addressed the FS with possible changes in these calendars include 1) the inclusion of Academic Festival Week on the Calendars and 2) flexibility for 5 week summer terms.

1) It was moved and seconded to accept the 2005 and 2006 calendars with the addition of the Academic Festival Week.

Discussion of the start date in the Spring Semester indicated that for some the date appeared to be late in comparison with other comparable institutions. The commencement date, which influences the start date, was thought to be dictated by the Board of Trustees. However, Dan Bennett stated that President Sugg indicated that the commencement date could be moved.

Wally Cordes moved to amend the Calendars to start one week earlier date for the Spring Semesters.

Discussion on this focused on two points a) concern over public perceptions that the semester ends too soon and faculty is not working as long as they should to b) many faculty utilize the early January weeks to carry out research at book repositories that are closed in late December.

The motion to amend the spring start dates failed. The motion for accepting the calendars with the addition of the Academic Festival Week passed.

2) Discussion concerning 5 week summer terms centered on the administrative level (college, department) that this would be determined. Nancy Talburt stated that the original intent was that this be determined at the college level. Richard Lee stated concerns over whether 5 and 6 week session will mesh properly. David Gay stated that the Mathematics Department has determined that 5-week sessions did not give adequate time for teaching their courses.

Tom McKinnon moved, and it was seconded, that this matter be referred to an Ad-Hoc committee that will report back to the Faculty Senate in early Fall 2000. Motion passes




Teaching Council - Recommendations relative to Early Grade Reports. The report from the teaching council is posted on the Faculty Senate Web site. Rosalie Di Brezzo summarized the report, the Teaching Council strongly supports early grade reports for first and second year students. These reports should be done with as little lag time between when the reports are submitted and the student receives the results. The administration should support this with a computerized system to make this possible. It was strongly encouraged that, if needed, faculty members should change their teaching style to accommodate a meaningful early grade report.

In drafting this report, advisors for all of the colleges, Arlene Cash, and Nancy Talburt were consulted. It was moved and seconded that the recommendation of the Teaching Council be adopted. motion passes

It was reported that Norm Dennis would be the chair of the Teaching Council next year.




Probation and Suspension Policy Task Force - Changes and recommendations to the current university Probation and Suspension Policies. The faculty web site has posted the full report as well as Curt Rom's PowerPoint presentation.

Curt Rom moved to accept the Task Force policy that was posted to the Faculty Senate Web site prior to the meeting. This was seconded.

Historically, changes to the probation policy have occurred in 1984 and 1992, about every 4 years. This change would be in line with this timeline. The Task Force determined that from the 1995-1997 cohort, 11-13% of students were under academic probation this includes 17-23% of freshman. Of those freshmen, 70% do not return and 55-70% in the 95-99 cohort do not return. All students entering UofA, on average, see a letter grade drop in their first year. Generally we accept B to B+ students and we graduate C, C+ students.

Among benchmark universities, Arkansas ranks lowest in retention rate. Of these schools, 19 out of 24 use sliding scales for academic probation. UofA does not. By changing to a sliding scale, this would not reflect negatively on our academic reputation. Some discussion regarding federal support for students indicated that in many cases the UofA sets this standard and many of our students lose this aid whereas at universities with a sliding scale, the same student with marginal grades would continue to receive funding.

Key in the policy is to replace the word probation and with "academic warning" and to adopt a sliding scale. The data for the sliding scale is posted on the Faculty Senate Web site under Task Force Report.

It was moved and seconded to amend the policy to change the 1 to a 0 under the first column of the Academic Standing Table. motion passes

A vote to accept the policy as amended was taken. Amended motion passes




Task Force on Distance Learning - Strategic plan for distance learning at the University of Arkansas (see the Faculty Senate web site). Dr. Dutton presented the strategic plan on Distance Education. It was moved and seconded to adopt the strategic plan as presented. motion passes




David Gay presented a resolution of welcome to the new provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (see Attachment A, below)

This was moved and seconded. motion passes




David Gay and Jerry Musick also expressed the Faculty Senates' gratitude to Dan Bennett for his very effective and dedicated leadership as the Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.







Ad Hoc Committee on the Faculty Handbook -- David Gay. Work is being carried out by the committee. A draft proposal of changes will be posted on the website during April and a report will be deferred to the May, 2000 meeting.




Retention Task Force -- Dennis Brewer. This was deferred until the May 2000 meeting.






John King stated that with the tuition increase some of the Board of Trustees are now wanting to access the university with respect to cost (administrative and otherwise) vs. productivity (including the number of students receiving degrees from the UofA).






Moved and seconded to adjourn at 5:20 - motion passes.



Jerry Musick, Chair;

Neil Allison, Secretary.

Minutes approved:
May 10, 2000












Attachment A:

A Resolution of Welcome to the New Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, from the Faculty Senate of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, April 12, 2000.


Whereas, the Faculty Senate is assembled today to promote the academic life and welfare of the university, and

Whereas, as faculty we promote the growth of learning, scientific development and scholarship, professional service and outreach for our students, the state of Arkansas, the nation, and

Whereas, we support being a nationally competitive, student-centered research university serving Arkansas and the world.

Be it resolved, by the assembled Faculty Senators, that we welcome the appointment of a Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and

Furthermore, we welcome Dr. Robert V. Smith, as the Provost-designate and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs-designate, to our university and we look forward to helping improve the learning and research mission of our campus for the students, the state, and the nation.