Minutes of the September 8, 1999 Faculty Senate Meeting



Musick, Springer, Allison, Rogers


Senators (Elected):

Goodstein, Graham, Oliver, Redfern, Holyfield, Lieber, Neuse, Peven, Ricker, Brewer, Freund, Brady, Douglas (for Lee), McKinnon, Neighbors, Fort, Myers, Killenbeck, Bailey, James, Macrae, Gay, Knowles, Buono, King, Kral, Rom, Taylor, Ziegler, Dennis, Denny, Lyle, Schroeder


Senators (Admin.):

White, Bennett, Stegman, Loewer, Geren, Moberly, Young



Senators (Elected):

Daniels, Johnson, Cordes, Knowles, Hoffman, White, Hall, Caldwell, Schmitt


Senators (Admin.):

Scifres, Woods, Williams, Dutton



Jerry Musick called the meeting to order at 3:35 PM.



It was moved and seconded to approve the Agenda, with the addition of one item under reports for a special presentation - motion passes.



It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of 5/26/99 - motion passes

Wally Cordes was recognized for serving Chair of the Campus Faculty in 1997-1998 and Chair of the Faculty Senate in 1998-1999.






Chancellor's Report:

A new vision statement for the campus has been identified as "The University of Arkansas is a nationally competitive student centered research university serving Arkansas and the world". Today we have $19 million funded R&D, needs to be $40 million. Currently we have enough PhD's (50 needed, currently 80). Business school is ranked amoung the top 50 public universities. US News and World report has benchmarks that the U of A should strive to achieve. Comparisons of the U of A with ACC, Big 10, Big 12, PAC 10 and SEC (54 schools) was noted. A third of these universities are ranked in the top tier. Compared to Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, and South Carolina we were competitive in all areas except 6-year graduation rate. The chancellor grades his administrative staff as as accomplishing the following last year: B, Centers of Excellence; B+ Student Body; B+, Diversity; B, Public Support; and A+, Private Support. It was noted that revenue per student is smaller than all universities of our size an smaller. For FY01 the budget priorities are: Faculty Staff Salaries, Scholarships and Fellowships, Information Technology; Library Funding; Strategic Investments (including recruitment and retention). The revenue outlook includes traditional sources: state, students, private and federal funding. Other opportunities include expanding summer school, retaining existing students, recruiting new students, creating new programs, growing existing programs, expanding distance delivery, expanding research programs. The single most important change that will make a difference is the 6 year graduation rate. If we increased this number then our enrollment can be at 22,000 students.



General--Jerry Musick

1. Faculty Senate Membership Status - Because nominations and elections of FS members were not held last year, some FS members at large whose terms would have expired were asked to continued with this meeting. Nominations and elections of new members is forthcoming.

2. Schedule and Location of Faculty Senate Meetings - Executive meetings and FS meetings are in supplemental material

3. Posting of the Minutes of Faculty Senate Meetings - Minutes and attachments of the Faculty Senate Meetings will be on file at the Circulation Desk in Mullins Library.

4. Faculty Senate Committee Annual Reports - In the current handouts, the annual reports of FS committees are attached. Students have not been assigned to current committees yet.

5. Faculty Senate Committee Chairs Listing - In the attachments, a listing of the current FS committee chairs are given.

6. Faculty Senator and Senate Responsibilities - The FS members were charged with becoming involved with FS matters. The FS is the body that makes decisions regarding academic matters.



Campus Faculty, Faculty Senate and Committee Elections--Doug Adams reported on the current progress with Nominations and Elections Committee regarding the filling of the Faculty Chair and vice chair, the FS at large positions and University Promotion and Tenure Committee. A few more Faculty Chair and Promotion and Tenure nominations are needed. The election process involves balloting as before. The ballots and information of the candidates will be available from a link on the Faculty Governance web page. A flyer that everyone on campus will receive will have the web address.



Distance Education--Collis Geren updated the role of distance education with the University of Arkansas. We have been invited to participate with the Clinton Library education component. Pat Torvestad, the person in charge of the Clinton Library, is also the program project person for the system's distance education effort. She will be asked to be placed on the FS Agenda for the next meeting. The system distance education effort is the tool that is being used to initiate 1) the development of a statewide backbone that is network based and 2) an Arkansas Digital Library that will be housed at UAF. Active participation is needed. Donnie Dutton is in charge of developing distance education plans for the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. He has requested information from the Deans regarding this matter.



Library Report--Juana Young discussed issues relative to library. Two handouts were available. The library funding is very low, compared to any benchmark. For instance OK State had $4.5 million and Texas Tech had $5.4 million in funding last year compared to UAF's $2.5 million for materials. Serials were 75% of the overall budget last year. With no increase in budget, this year they will be 85% and the next year will be 95%. There is not enough money to carry this load. Serials cut were in 1992 of $150,000 1995 of $250,000 1997 of $521,000. It is not desirable to have another cut. A one time donation for $1 million for monographs was received. Departments will be allowed to compete for these funds by submission of a grant proposal to the library.



Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Provost Search--Greg Salamo recounted last years unsuccessful search. The search firm that was used last year has been activated and the committee has already met with them. There is no additional cost for the use of the search firm. The goal of the committee is to have candidates brought forth before the end of the year.



Old Business






New Business



Consent Agenda. A single motion with no further discussion handled Items 990-1 through 990-11, inclusive. motion passes


Undergraduate Courses and Programs-

Item 990-1: Course revision - FINN 450V

Item 990-2: Course revision - ETEC 2001

Item 990-3: Course revision - ETEC 2002

Item 990-4: Course revision - VAED 3123

Item 990-5: Course revision - VOED 4403

Item 990-6: Course revision - FDSC 4223

Item 990-7: Course revision - POSC 4113

Item 990-8: Course revision - MEEG 4303

Graduate Programs-

Item 990-9: M.A.T. in Physical Education

Item 990-10: M.S. in Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness Concentration, Non thesis

Item 990-11: M.S. in Agricultural Economics, International Agribusiness Concentration, Non thesis



Item 990-12: M.S. in Telecommunications Engineering--Collis Geren reported that Neil Schmitt was primary author 30h course work program including a thesis or a 36h course work program without thesis. The Graduate Council supported this degree. motion passes



Election of Representatives to Faculty Senate Executive Committee (5)--Jerry Musick discussed charge of the executive committee. It was moved and seconded to defer election until the next meeting because the full faculty senate has not been elected. motion passes



Election of Faculty Senate Representatives to Campus Council (16)--Jerry Musick discussed that the makeup of the CC has changed this year. This year we require 16 representatives. It was moved and seconded to nominate the 2nd year senators as representatives motion passes. After paper ballot, the following second year FS members were elected: Goodstein, Redfern, Brewer, Freund, Brady, White, Fort, Hall, Myers, Buono, King, Kral, Rom, Schmitt, Taylor, Ziegler.





A. Ad Hoc Committee Review of Faculty Senate Governance Procedures, David Gay Chair- This committee was appointed late last year and will evaluate inconsistencies in the Faculty Handbook. For instance, in the Promotion and Tenure committee we had both tenure track and instructors voting on that committee. The Calendar Committee that is a functioning body at the administrative level still must have approval from the FS. The structural changes in the administrative International Programs Committee how they interact with the faculty International Programs Subcommittee interaction is being looked at. Continuing education programs that has not met in a couple of years is being looked at. A report from this committee may be ready by the October or November 1999 meeting.

B. Personnel Documents--Jerry Musick reported that each college that has any change in their Personnel Document must pass through the Faculty Senate.



Moved and seconded to adjourn at 5:32. - motion passes.


Jerry Musick, Chair;

Neil Allison, Secretary.

Minutes approved: 10/13/99