Faculty Senate Meeting AGENDA
September 8, 1999, 3:31 p.m.
Bell Engineering Center 282

I. Call to Order--Jerry Musick, Chair

II. Approval of Agenda

III. Approval of the Minutes, May 26, 1999

IV. Reports
A. Chancellorís Report
B. General--Jerry Musick
1. Faculty Senate Membership Status
2. Schedule and Location of Faculty Senate Meetings
3. Posting of the Minutes of Faculty Senate Meetings
4. Faculty Senate Committee Annual Reports
5. Faculty Senate Committee Chairs Listing
6. Faculty Senator and Senate Responsibilities
C. Campus Faculty, Faculty Senate and Committee Elections--Doug Adams
D. Distance Education--Collis Geren
E. Library Report--Juana Young
F. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Provost Search--Greg Salamo

V. Old Business (None)

VI. New Business

A. Consent Agenda. Items 990-1 through 990-11, inclusive, will be handled by a single motion unless individual items are removed from the Consent Agenda by majority vote--These items will be presented by either Robert Welch, Collis Geren or Pat Koski.

Undergraduate Courses and Programs-
Item 990-1: Course revision - FINN 450V
Item 990-2: Course revision - ETEC 2001
Item 990-3: Course revision - ETEC 2002
Item 990-4: Course revision - VAED 3123
Item 990-5: Course revision - VOED 4403
Item 990-6: Course revision - FDSC 4223
Item 990-7: Course revision - POSC 4113
Item 990-8: Course revision - MEEG 4303

Graduate Programs-
Item 990-9: M.A.T. in Physical Education
Item 990-10: M.S. in Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness Concentration, Non thesis
Item 990-11: M.S. in Agricultural Economics, International Agribusiness Concentration, Non thesis

B. Item 990-12: M.S. in Telecommunications Engineering--Collis Geren or Pat Koski

C. Election of Representatives to Faculty Senate Executive Committee (5)--Jerry Musick

D. Election of Faculty Senate Representatives to Campus Council (16)--Jerry Musick

VII. Announcements/Information

A. Ad Hoc Committee Review of Faculty Senate Governance Procedures, David Gay Chair--Jerry Musick

B. Personnel Documents--Jerry Musick

VIII. Adjournment