Minutes of the October 13, 1999 Faculty Senate Meeting




Musick, Springer, Allison, Rogers


Senators (Elected):

Goodstein, Graham, Oliver, Redfern, Ricker, Cordes, Holyfield, Lieber, Neuse, Freund, Brady, Lee, Neighbors, Lyle, Denny, Fort, Dennis, Hall, Myers, Killenbeck, Bailey, James, Hanlin, Buono, King, Kral, Rom, Schmitt, Taylor, Ziegler


Senators (Admin.):

Bennett, Buono, Williams, Loewer, Geren, Young



Senators (Elected):

Daniels, Johnson, Knowles, Peven, , Schroeder, Brewer, Hoffman, McKinnon, White, Gay, Lee, Caldwell


Senators (Admin.):

White, Scifres, Woods, Dutton, Stegman, Moberly



Jerry Musick called the meeting to order at 3:35 PM.



It was moved and seconded to approve the Agenda, with the correction that Inza Fort will speak for Item IVB instead of Paul Cronan and that Item VA is removed - motion passes.



It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of 9/8/99 with the corrections that George Denny and Buddy Lyle be placed in the attend column for the meeting - motion passes.






Campus Faculty, Faculty Senate, and Committee Elections Report:

Jerry Musick reported that runoff elections for the Campus Faculty Chair/Vice Chair, APT Committee and Faculty Senate seats will be forthcoming with ballots in the mail by next week.



Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure:

Inza Fort reported the APT committee's concerns regarding an additional step to the promotion and tenure review process was added by the Chancellor; specifically a consultation session with/between the Deans and the Chancellor. This was not viewed to be in the spirit of the rules stated in the Faculty Handbook.



Fall Enrollment Figures:

Arlene Cash reported on a number of aspects of enrollment.
1) Overall, the total enrollment of students is up as well as the quality.
2) The decrease in the enrollment for freshman corresponded to the decrease in the number of scholarships.
3) Higher retention rates from the freshman to sophomore level are in evidence for last year's class 77.2% for 1998 class vs, 74.1%(97), 73.2%(96), 72.5%(95) and 73.9%(94).
4) The 5th year graduation rate were: (year student started) 34.6%(89), 35.1%(90), 37.6%(91), 37.2%(92), and 39.2%(93).
5) The % freshman with advanced placement due to AP, CLEP, proficiency exam, etc gave an upward trend 9.3%(96), 9.6%(97), 13.6%(98), 13.1%(99).
6) The retention rates of students with advanced placement were as follows: 92.3%(96), 93.9%(97), 94.8%(98).
7) For the vast majority of students, overall admissions was for 3.0-4.0 GPA's with more in the 3.5-4.0 area in the last two years.
8) The ACT profiles had the majority of students in range of 21-28. With this profile having a higher average compared to other Arkansas colleges as well as other colleges in the USA.
9) Admission this year depended on high school core units, ACT, and GPA scores. Some students were administratively deferred. Those that were deferred were reviewed at least three times. Administratively admitted students had compelling reasons.
10) The Chancellor Scholarships were discussed including retention of students that did not continue on scholarships (ca. 60% of these returned).
During the Q&A, Dean Cash stated that good students expected to be paid. Out of state student ratios are about the same as in 1994. For next year an ACT of 24 or better and 3.0 GPA will allow students in contiguous states to be admitted with a waiver of out-of-state tuition. Currently the out of state to in state ratio is 11:98. Next year 100 Chancellor Scholars (down from 300 last year) and 50 University Scholars (down from 500 last year) will be awarded. The University Scholars will be chosen based on strength of curriculum, community service, GPA, ACT. These will be offered to the top 100 with an expected 50% acceptance rate.



Campus Diversity Activity:

Interim VCAA Dan Bennett reported that last Fall a Diversity Task Force was established. The Chancellor wanted out students to look like the rest of Arkansas due in part because students graduating from UofA will enter in a diverse work force. The diversity issue involves both staff and student recruitment. Associate Professor Kelly will deal with this issue on a half time basis this year. VC Johnetta Brazzell reported on a UofA team that attended a diversity institute at Wheaton College this past summer. The members of this team were Ro DiBrezzo, Tim Kral, Amanda Stone, Linda Disney, Cameron Irvin (student). Compared to other institutions there, the team felt that the UofA was behind in the process. Both Bennett and Brazzell requested faculty input/help in this process.



Campus Telephone Service and Information Technology Needs

David Martinson reported that a new telephone system conversion is taking place. Digital phones are being placed mainly in reception areas. The cost of analog phones will increase from $10.50 to $12.50 /month. The rates have not increased since 1987.

VC Don Pederson reported that the network and safari is now obsolete and not supported. Shortcomings include routers that are not being manufactured, too small bandwidth, and software for SAFARI is no longer supported by supplier. The network needs $6.2 million/4yrs and SAFARI replacement will be 1.5-5 million/3yrs. The cost for the latter could be higher. The money needed for this is not, and will not be, a high priority in the UofA budget. The funds will be raised by perhaps taxing colleges and departments. An Ad Hoc committee led by Don Bobbitt is looking into finding ways to pay for this.



Distance Learning

Pat Torvestad, Director of Planning and Development for the UofA system discussed the concept of distance learning. There is a web site accessed by http://www.uasys.edu/distlearn/index.html. Last year a meeting was held where the concept and ideas of distance learning, and what was need to pursue this, was discussed. This was presented and approved by the Board of Trustees. This group secured funding for a statewide backbone. It is hoped that funding for the digital library will be approved by the state legislature in their next session.



Old Business


Election of Representatives to Faculty Senate Election Committee

This was postponed until the full Faculty Senate was elected.



New Business



Consent Agenda. Items 990-13 through 990-37 (see below). It was moved that Item 990-14, Revision of AGEC 700V, be removed and discussed separately. motion passes

Consent Agenda Items 990-13, 990-15 through 990-37 were moved and seconded. motion passes


Undergraduate Courses and Programs-

Item 990-13: Course Revision - ENSC 3263

Graduate Courses and Programs-

Item 990-15: Course Revision - AGRN 4234

Item 990-16: Course Revision - ANSC 5922

Item 990-17: Course Revision - ANSC 5932

Item 990-18: Course Revision - ANSC 5942

Item 990-19: Course Revision - ANSC 5940L

Item 990-20: Course Revision - ANSC 5944

Item 990-21: Course Revision - ANSC 5950L

Item 990-22: Course Revision - ANSC 5954

Item 990-23: Course Revision - ANSC 5952

Item 990-24: Course Revision - ANSC 5962

Item 990-25: Course Revision - ANSC 5972

Item 990-26: Course Revision - AGRN 5023

Item 990-27: Course Revision - POSC 5243

Item 990-28: Course Revision - POSC 5922

Item 990-29: Course Revision - POSC 5932

Item 990-30: Course Revision - POSC 5940L

Item 990-31: Course Revision - POSC 5944

Item 990-32: Course Revision - POSC 5942

Item 990-33: Course Revision - POSC 5950L

Item 990-34: Course Revision - POSC 5954

Item 990-35: Course Revision - POSC 5952

Item 990-36: Course Revision - POSC 5962

Item 990-37: Course Revision - POSC 5972


Item 990-14: Course Revision ľAGEC 700V. It was moved and seconded that this course revision be approved. Discussion centered around whether a course be approved before agreements with surrounding institutions are in place. Dr. Cochran, Chair of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business, stated that these agreements were very close to approval and did not see any problems in obtaining this approval. He stressed the importance of his faculty receiving credit for advising Ph.D. students in this situation. motion passed



Motion: The Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Will Study and Make Recommendations to the Faculty Senate on Faculty Involvement in the Appointment, Tenure, and Promotion Process With Specific Emphasis to Consider Consistency on 1) Current Practices With Existing Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Procedures; 2) Study and Make Recommendations on the Degree of Faculty Involvement in the Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Process. motion passes





A. Library Request for Proposals for Special and Supplementary Purchases-- Ann Waligorski



Moved and seconded to adjourn at 5:15. - motion passes.


Jerry Musick, Chair;

Neil Allison, Secretary.

Minutes approved: 11/10/99