Minutes of the November 10, 1999 Faculty Senate Meeting




Musick, Springer, Allison, Rogers


Senators (Elected):

Goodstein, Graham, Redfern, Brady, Freund, Holyfield, James, Knowles, Lieber, Neuse, Peven, Ricker, Schroeder, McKinnon, Denny, Fort, Lyle, Dennis, Hall, Myers, Bailey, Buono, Caldwell, Cordes, Curington, Gay, Hanlin, King, Kral, R. Lee, Roland, Rom, Striffler, Taylor, Ziegler


Senators (Admin.):

Bennett, Buono



Senators (Elected):

Daniels, Johnson, Oliver, Brewer, Hoffman, W. Lee, White, Neighbors, Killenbeck, Schmitt


Senators (Admin.):

Dutton, Geren, Loewer, Moberly, Scifres, Stegman, White, Williams, Woods, Young



Jerry Musick called the meeting to order at 3:32 PM.



Tim Kral moved to add under New Business an Early Grade Reports item to the agenda. It was seconded. motion passed It was moved and seconded to approve the amended Agenda motion passes.



It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of 10/13/99 with the corrections in Item IVC - that 93.9%(95) be changed to the correct value of 73.9%(94), motion passes.






Doug Adams reported on the elections including the Campus Faculty, Faculty Senate, and P&T Committee positions. Recapping the election, the first electronic variation (have ballot on the web that is printed out and a general flyer announcing the web address) was done due to expediency. The run off election process was done in the fashion of previous years after the dissemination of the information of the web-based process (flyer) was in question. A recommendation for the next election (for the Spring 2000), is to stick to the prior years balloting procedure with mailed ballots.

The election results are as follows:

Campus Faculty Chair: John E. King

Campus Faculty Vice-Chair: Buddy Babcock

Committee On Appointment, Promotion And Tenure:

Curt Rom,; Steven Neuse, Ro DiBrezzo, Kathleen Barta,

At-Large Members Of The Faculty Senate: Mary Beth Caldwell, Wally Cordes, David E. Gay, Catherine Roland, Bill Curington, Steve Striffler, Richard Lee, Todd Hanlin.



Retention Task Force - Postponed until the next meeting (Charles Adams is out of town)



Fringe Benefits Committee - Roy Neyman spoke to two items of interest: Solvency of QualChoice and health benefit changes. For the former, a $9 million influx of funds from stockholders is keeping QualChoice solvent. For the latter, after seeing an increasing dip in the reserve funds, President Sugg called for immediate action. This includes: A) increasing employers contributions by 10%; B) each campus paying off the current deficit over the next 12 months and C) increasing employee's premiums in January 2000. Amounts of this increase are not official at this time. Graham Gillis will be on campus next week to address some of these questions. During the discussion, David Gay added that our contribution to the deficit would be based on our university’s contribution to the pool, which is less than UAMS. Phil Taylor discussed the idea of going out for bids for an alternate provider since QualChoice is a for profit organization. A discussion of reasons for the current deficit alluded to a number of catastrophic problems including chronic disease, premature babies, etc.



Old Business



Election of Representatives to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. The following were elected to the FS Executive Committee: Gay, Ricker, Taylor, Caldwell, and Kral



New Business



Consent Agenda. Items 990-38 through 990-45, were moved and seconded. motion passes

Undergraduate Courses and Programs

Item 990-38: Course Revision - AGEC 3303

Graduate Courses and Programs-

Item 990-39: Course Revision - PLPA 5603

Item 990-40: Course Revision - PLPA 6193

Item 990-41: Course Revision - PLPA 6203

Item 990-42: Course Revision - PLPA 6603 (changed from 5942)

Item 990-43: Course Revision - ELEG 5613

Item 990-44: Program Revision - M.S. in Agricultural Economics

Item 990-45: Program Revision - Ph.D. in Public Policy, Transportation Specialization



For the Faculty Athletic Committee, Michael Buono moved for the approval of the Brandon Burlsworth Scholar/Athlete Award. The Athletic Committee will review all applicants and choose the best male and female athlete that best matched the ideals that Brandon Burlsworth represented. This is not a monetary award. These awards will be presented starting at the next convocation. During the discussion, concern over what materials were to be reviewed for each applicant was expressed and that the committee should draw up guidelines. motion passes



It was moved and seconded to discontinue the early grade report process. Jerry Musick pointed out that this was not presented at least 24 hours prior to this meeting so this item will move as the first item of old business in the next meeting. It was moved and seconded to suspend the rules. motion failed



After non-voting members of the Faculty Senate were dismissed, Susan Mayes presented the names recommended from the Honorary Degree Committee. A vote was taken for recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The vote will be reported to the Chancellor by the committee chair.








Moved and seconded to adjourn at 4:43. - motion passes.


Jerry Musick, Chair;

Neil Allison, Secretary.

Minutes approved: