Minutes of the December 8, 1999 Faculty Senate Meeting




Musick, Springer, Allison, Rogers



Senators (Elected):

Goodstein, Johnson, Graham, Redfern, Brady, Brewer, Freund, Holyfield, James, Knowles, Lieber, Neuse, Ricker, Schroeder, McKinnon, White, Denny, Fort, Lyle, Neighbors, Dennis, Hall, Myers, Killenbeck, Bailey, Buono, Caldwell, Cordes, Curington, Gay, Hanlin, King, Kral, R. Lee, Roland, Rom, Schmitt, Striffler, Taylor,



Senators (Admin.):

Buono, Geren, Young




King, Babcock



Senators (Elected):

Daniels, Oliver, Hoffman, Peven, W. Lee, Ziegler



Senators (Admin.):

Bennett, Dutton, Loewer, Moberly, Scifres, Stegman, White, Williams, Woods



Jerry Musick called the meeting to order at 3:35 PM.



It was moved and seconded to approve the revised agenda with the addition of two items under Item IV (Reports): 1) a presentation and announcement from VC Student Affairs, Johnetta Cross-Brazzell, on The First Year Experience Task Force and 2) a report from the Committee on Appointment, Promotion and Tenure on the Promotion and Tenure Review Process and to add one item under VII (Announcements): an announcement from the Teaching Academy on the Spring workshop. It was moved and seconded to approve the amended Agenda; motion passes.



It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of 11/10/99; motion passes.







University of Arkansas First Year Experience, Dr. Johnette Cross-Brazzell reported on the VC office efforts to identify factors that influence the student's first year experience. She identified three areas which are thought to promote successful college careers which are summarized in the following quote: "The first year experience will 1) help students to better understand themselves 2) motivate students to become intellectually engaged; and 3) create a strong bond to the institution." In a handout that was available, faculty and staff were identified as being either coordinators, partners, or members in teams to study the first year experience in a campus-wide effort. On December 17 the teams will have recommendations for the coordinators and on January 6 these efforts will be finalized at a retreat.

She announced that the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation has approved a planning grant developed by the VC office for $67,500. It provides for the 1) marketing of the plan to the entire campus, 2) establishing of an evaluation process through the institutional research office and 3) funding of a state-wide conference in the Fall, 2000 that will focus on student retention. Other universities in Arkansas and the Nation will also participate. John Lewis, President of the Bank of Fayetteville and a member of the Board of Directors of the WR Foundation, was present and asked to comment. He said that he was pleased to see UAF receive this funding and was pleased to support the application. Chairman Musick thanked Mr. Lewis for his support and asked that he express the appreciation of the faculty to the WR Board for their assistance with this important study. Mr Lewis further indicated that, if the planning grant was successful, additional funds may become available to the University for follow-up studies and to implement findings of this one.




Stephen Neuse reported on the APT committee progress.

On November 29 a letter was sent to Chancellor White that addressed the promotion and tenure process. It requested that the Chancellor seriously reconsider utilizing the Deans in the AP&T process, a process that was deemed an extra, non-approved step, which is not in compliance with the Faculty Handbook. This could violate privacy laws. If the Chancellor thought an extra step was needed there are formal processes that should be followed to change the Faculty Handbook. Candidates who receive negative recommendations may have legal recourse, as the specific procedures in the Faculty Handbook were not followed.

The APT committee's role in the university process is under study and a report will be given to the Senate in the Spring 2000.




Campus Financial Status Report -- VC of Financial Affairs, Don Pederson, gave a first quarter report (copies of some of the overheads are attached). It was noted that funding for scholarships would show a shortfall of $1,700,000, unless additional funding was identified. If this occurs, the shortfall will come out of university reserves.

During the Q&A period Senate discussed with Pederson areas regarding the following.
1) Out-of-State students are being recruited by waving out of state fees.
2) Hog call, the network and any other system that requires regular upgrades is not budgeted and that they should be budgeted in the future as upgrades will always be necessary.
3) The size of the student body is still low. With an increase from the current 15,000 to 18,000 or 20,000 the budget would appear very different by not having to grow the administration in a proportional fashion.
4) Scholarships being stabilized to a lower, more fundable, number from the large number given two years ago. Decisions on the number for Fall, 2000 have not been finalized.
5) Problems with the current health care system QualChoice were discussed. It was noted that the Fayetteville campus is the only campus without a dental plan.

6) He indicated that a significant portion of the dollars in the budget reserve consisted of funds that have been identified for other projects which are planned for the future.



Old Business




A. Resolution: "Faculty Senate requests that the University stops issuing 'Early Grade Reports'" -- Tim Kral asked for floor priviledges for Dr. Derek Sears. Without objection, Dr. Sears was permitted to speak. Derek Sears spoke regarding the limitations of the Early Grade Report System (copy of his comments are attached). A "rush to judgment" argument was presented. Reports of student's grades needed to be tabulated by the third week of class to be turned in on the fifth week of class so that the students could receive them during the eighth week of class. Many teaching styles did not fit this mold. The Senate discussed that early feedback is important for students particularly freshmen and perhaps timing of reports should be studied. It was moved and seconded to refer this resolution to the Teaching Council for their recommendation, which is to be presented to the Senate by the end of the spring term; motion passes



New Business




Consent Agenda. It was moved and seconded that all 124 Items (990-46 through 990-170), with the editorial correction noted below for Item 990-60, be approved. motion passes

Undergraduate Courses and Programs-

Item 990-46: Course Revision - ANSC 3610L
Item 990-47: Course Revision - ANSC 3613
Item 990-48: Course Revision - ANSC 3614
Item 990-49: Course Revision - FDSC 472V
Item 990-50: Course Revision - HESC 1035
Item 990-51: Course Revision - HESC 1045
Item 990-52: Course Revision - HESC 4063
Item 990-53: Course Revision - HESC 4811
Item 990-54: Course Revision - HESC 4843
Item 990-55: Course Revision - ANTH 3123
Item 990-56: Course Revision - ANTH 3153
Item 990-57: Course Revision - ANTH 3503
Item 990-58: Course Revision - ANTH 3513
Item 990-59: Course Revision - ANTH 3523
Item 990-60: Course Revision - BIOL 3861L ( not BIOL 3816L)
Item 990-61: Course Revision - BIOL 3863
Item 990-62: Course Revision - CHEM 3203
Item 990-63: Course Revision - GEOG 1001L
Item 990-64: Course Revision - GEOG 1103
Item 990-65: Course Revision - GEOS 1111L
Item 990-66: Course Revision - GEOS 1113
Item 990-67: Course Revision - GEOS 1131L
Item 990-68: Course Revision - GEOS 1133
Item 990-69: Course Revision - HIST 3203
Item 990-70: Course Revision - HIST 3213
Item 990-71: Course Revision - MUAC 1371
Item 990-72: Course Revision - MUTH 2603
Item 990-73: Course Revision - MUTH 3603
Item 990-74: Course Revision - MUTH 3613
Item 990-75: Course Revision - PHYS 2050L
Item 990-76: Course Revision - PHYS 2050M
Item 990-77: Course Revision - PHYS 2054
Item 990-78: Course Revision - PHYS 2054H
Item 990-79: Course Revision - PHYS 2070L
Item 990-80: Course Revision - PHYS 2070M
Item 990-81: Course Revision - PHYS 2074
Item 990-82: Course Revision - PHYS 2074H
Item 990-83: Course Revision - PHYS 2090L
Item 990-84: Course Revision - PHYS 2094
Item 990-85: Course Revision - PHYS 3113
Item 990-86: Course Revision - PLSC 3913
Item 990-87: Course Revision - PLSC 3933
Item 990-88: Course Revision - ACCT 4003H
Item 990-89: Course Revision - BADM 3003H
Item 990-90: Course Revision - CISQ 4003H
Item 990-91: Course Revision - ECON 4003H
Item 990-92: Course Revision - FINN 3043
Item 990-93: Course Revision - FINN 3102
Item 990-94: Course Revision - FINN 3203
Item 990-95: Course Revision - FINN 4003H
Item 990-96: Course Revision - MGMT 4003H
Item 990-97: Course Revision - MKTT 4003H

Item 990-98: Program Revision - B.S. Degree with a major in Biology
Item 990-99: Program Revision - B.S. Degree with a major in Botany
Item 990-100: Program Revision - B.S. Degree with a major in Microbiology
Item 990-101: Program Revision - B.S. Degree with a major in Zoology

Item 990-102: Program Revision - Gender Studies Minor
Item 990-103: Program Revision - Gender Studies Minor
Item 990-104: Program Revision - Gender Studies Minor
Item 990-105: Program Revision Geology
Item 990-106: Program Revision Geology
Item 990-107: Program Revision - Latin American Studies
Item 990-108: Program Revision - Human Development & Family Science
Item 990-109: Program Revision - Apparel Studies
Item 990-110: Program Revision - Interior Design
Item 990-111: Program Revision - Interior Design
Item 990-112: Program Revision - Interior Design
Item 990-113: Program Revision - Finance Management

The following Course Revisions Constitute the Program Revision in Finance Management:

Item 990-114: Course Revision - FINN 3043
Item 990-115: Course Revision - FINN 3203
Item 990-116: Course Revision - FINN 3102

Graduate Courses and Programs-

Item 990-117: Course Revision - AGEC 5413
Item 990-118: Course Revision - ENTO 4043
Item 990-119: Course Revision - ENTO 4133
Item 990-120: Course Revision - HESC 700V
Item 990-121: Course Revision - ANTH 4033
Item 990-122: Course Revision - ANTH 4153
Item 990-123: Course Revision - ANTH 4163
Item 990-124: Course Revision - ANTH 4513
Item 990-125: Course Revision - ANTH 4523
Item 990-126: Course Revision - ANTH 4623
Item 990-127: Course Revision - ANTH 4633
Item 990-128: Course Revision - ANTH 6813
Item 990-129: Course Revision - ANTH 6823
Item 990-130: Course Revision - ANTH 6833
Item 990-131: Course Revision - ANTH 700V
Item 990-132: Course Revision - MIBO 4703
Item 990-133: Course Revision - GEOS 4410L
Item 990-134: Course Revision - GEOS 4413
Item 990-135: Course Revision - GEOS 4633
Item 990-136: Course Revision - GEOS 5053
Item 990-137: Course Revision - HIST 4403
Item 990-138: Course Revision - HIST 4743
Item 990-139: Course Revision - MUAC 4371
Item 990-140: Course Revision - PHYS 4653
Item 990-141: Course Revision - PHYS 5033
Item 990-142: Course Revision - PHYS 5054
Item 990-143: Course Revision - PHYS 5064
Item 990-144: Course Revision - PHYS 5123
Item 990-145: Course Revision - PHYS 5133
Item 990-146: Course Revision - PHYS 5313
Item 990-147: Course Revision - PHYS 5323
Item 990-148: Course Revision - PHYS 5333
Item 990-149: Course Revision - PHYS 574V
Item 990-150: Course Revision - PHYS 6123
Item 990-151: Course Revision - PHYS 6133
Item 990-152: Course Revision - PHYS 6623
Item 990-153: Course Revision - CISQ 5933
Item 990-154: Course Revision - CEMB 590V
Item 990-155: Course Revision - CEMB 5911
Item 990-156: Course Revision - CEMB 600V
Item 990-157: Course Revision - CEMB 700V
Item 990-158: Course Revision - MEPH 587V
Item 990-159: Course Revision - MEPH 5801
Item 990-160: Course Revision - MEPH 588V
Item 990-161: Course Revision - MEPH 5811
Item 990-162: Course Revision - MEPH 6801
Item 990-163: Course Revision - MEPH 6811
Item 990-164: Course Revision - OMGT 5143
Item 990-165: Course Revision - OMGT 5303
Item 990-166: Program Revision - M.A. in Leadership & Public Service
Item 990-167: Program Revision - M.S. in Computer Science
Item 990-168: Program Revision - M.A. in Physics
Item 990-169: Program Revision - M.S. in Physics
Item 990-170: Program Revision - Ph.D. in Physics






Curt Rom announced the Charles and Nadine Teaching Workshop will be held on Thursday, January 13, 2000 sponsored by the Teaching Academy and asked for faculty to sign-up early for the workshop.



The death of a UofA colleague was noted: Palmer Picher who was an emeritus professor in Political Science died while on a trip to Peru.



Moved and seconded to adjourn at 4:43. - motion passes.



Jerry Musick, Chair;

Neil Allison, Secretary.

Minutes approved:













From: G. J. Musick
Sent: Thursday, December 09, 1999 12:39 PM
To: 99-00 Faculty Senators :;; John White-Chancellor; Daniel Bennett-Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Robert Moberly-Dean LAW; Charles Scifres-Dean AFLS; Michael Buono (Interim) Dean ARCH; Randall Woods-Interim Dean ARSC; Doyle Williams-Dean BADM; Donnie Dutton- Dean CTED; Charles Stegman-Dean EDHP; Otto Loewer-Dean ENGR; Collis Geren, Dean, Graduate School; Juana Young-Interim Dean Libraries

Subject: Promotion and Tenure Process Violation

As promised at the meeting, I have included below the memo that I received from Dr. Cronan about the violation of the P&T Process. It was addressed to Dr. White, me and Dr. Bennett. I did not realize that the APT committee wanted to have it discussed at the Senate Meeting. I should have followed up on it, but did not. To you, I apologize. Also, outlined below is the Chancellor's response.

If the matter is not resolved as outlined in the APT email, I can assure you that the Senate will have it as an item for discussion and action at the January meeting.



Reply-To: From: Timothy Paul Cronan
To: John A. White
Subject: Promotion and Tenure Process Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 08:12:12 -0600

The Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure requested that I advise you of some of our concerns. Regarding the Promotion and Tenure Process at UAF, the Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure asks that the promotion and tenure process as stated in the faculty handbook be followed-- that is,

1. That the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor should present independent decisions -- there should be no joint decision.

2. There is no provision for the Chancellor to consult the Deans as a group in the review of faculty of promotion and/or tenure. The committee reiterates its concern with the process used by the Chancellor last year (consultation with the deans as a group) for a decision. Each Dean has an opportunity in the process to recommend or not recommend promotion and/or tenure to the Chancellor. The consultation (however informal) violates the established procedure (as well as the spirit of the process) and may possibly be a violation of privacy.

3. If a change to the promotion and tenure procedure is being suggested by the Chancellor (that is, consultation with the deans as a group), there exists a process to change the procedure. ==================================================================

Chancellor White's Response:

From: John White
Sent: Saturday, November 20, 1999 6:13 AM
To: cronan@comp.uark.edu
Cc: gjm@comp.uark.edu; dbennett@comp.uark.edu
Subject: Re: Promotion and Tenure Process

Thanks for your note regarding the University's promotion and tenure process. As soon as I have had an opportunity to review the matter, I'll respond to the issues you presented. Thank you for your attention.

John White


Faculty Senate, 8th December 1999

I would like the Faculty Senate to adopt the following resolution. That:
"Faculty Senate requests that the University stops issuing 'Early Grade Reports'".

My arguments are the following:
They are premature rush-to-judgements.

    They reflect a one-size-fits-all attitude to teaching. Depending on the material being taught, the approach of the individual teacher, the subject matter, the way similar material is taught at high school, performance during the early part of a course my not be a good indicator of overall performance.

  1. They discourage students from discussing their progress directly with the professor.
  2. They are an interference into the teaching methods of individual faculty.

Of course, this resolution does not prevent individual faculty from issuing such grades if they deem it appropriate and helpful.

Derek Sears
Chemistry and Biochemistry

* I have learned that many of my colleagues dislike Early Grade Reporting but cite "research" favoring this practice. None seem to be able to locate this research, neither can our Office of Institutional Research. In any event we should still avoid the uncritical application of general results to specific cases. The quoted reason for Early Grade Reports is that they assist with student retention, and I am as keen as anyone on campus to see our retention rates continue to rise, or even accelerate in the rate of improvement. However, these grades may mislead students into dropping or not extending a full effort because they are inaccurate rush-to-judgements. Clearly our anxiety over one issue should not blind us to other issues.