Minutes of the May 26, 1999 Faculty Senate Meeting





Cordes, Neuse, Allison, Rogers



Senators (Elected):

Goodstein, Musick, Johnson, Redfern, Kral, Lee, Peven, Waligorski, Brewer, Hoffman, Brady, Di Brezzo, Killenbeck, Myers, Bailey, Rom, Ziegler, Norwood, King, MacRae, Martin, Gay, Graham, James



Senators (Admin.):

Geren, Stegman, Williams



Senators (Elected):

Bertoncino, Daniels, Cleveland, Salamo, Schroeder, Douglas, Miller, Roland, Swartz, Fort, Olejniczak, White, Hall, Chase, Caldwell, Knowles, Buono, Freund, Taylor, Schmitt



Senators (Admin.):

White, Scifres, Buege, Madison, Dutton, Loewer, Strickman, Young, Bennett



Wally Cordes called the meeting to order at 3:31 PM.



It was moved and seconded to approve the Agenda, two additions/changes, Item 989-87 there is new material available and Item VIB 989-91a review process differs from one that was received before meeting - motion passes.



It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of 4/14/99 - motion passes







Ad hoc Committee on University Honors Council -- ( S. McCray, D. Gay, R. Di Brezzo, K. Hall, E. Goodstein, and C. Rom, chair). The committee does not recommend re-establishing a Faculty Senate Honors Council because there was no regular business that this body would consider. The VCAA should consider a faculty advisory council for coordinating honors programs.




Concept Proposal for a Master's Degree in Leadership and Public Service at the Clinton School at the Clinton Presidential Library -- Collis Geren. An informational report was given for the proposed program to be started in 2002. This is a joint program with UALR and UAMS. Course and program details will be submitted to the normal review committees as they are developed.







Old Business




Item 989-60: University Calendar for 2004 & 2005. It was moved and seconded to accept the 2004 calendar (spring semester 1/12 to 5/7, fall semester 8/23 to 12/15) and the 2005 calendar (1/18 to 5/13 and 8/22 to 12/14). An amendment was made to move all dates of the proposed 2005 calendar forward one week (thus starting 1/10), except for the dates of the spring break. The amendment passed. The amended motion passed.

Item 989-77: Recommended Student Absence Policy to be included in Faculty Handbook -- Ro Di Brezzo. A substitute motion was made (attached). Richard Lee moved to amend by the omission of the sentence "In these situations the instructor should accommodate the students." amendment passes; substitute motion passes; motion, as substituted, passes.



New Business




Consent Agenda Items 989-79 through 989-87, 989-89, 90 - motion passes




The Undergraduate Course Committee recommended item 989-79.




Item 989-79: 182 changes in undergraduate courses--Robert Welch




The Undergraduate Programs Committee recommended items 989-80 to 86.




Item 989-80: Transfer of Architectural Studies Program from BA in Fulbright College to BS in Architecture




Item 989-81: Addition of Biophysical Concentration to BS in Chemistry




Item 989-82: Change of Biochemistry Concentration within BS Chemistry

Item 989-83: Change of Fulbright College catalog text regarding minors.

Item 989-84: Elimination of the minor in Dance

Item 989-85: Changes in the BA program in Mathematics

Item 989-86: Transfer of BS in Public Administration from Walton to Fulbright.




The Graduate Council recommended items 989-87 through 989-90.




Item 989-87: Graduate course changes .




Item 989-88: Removed from the consent agenda (see below).




Item 989-89: New program in MS in Microelectronic-Photonics

Item 989-90: New program in MS in Applied Physics




Item 989-88: New Organizational Unit: The Graduate School of Business of the Sam M. Walton College of Business Administration -- Collis Geren and Doyle Williams. This school is for the administration of the professional masters degree programs of the College. It is a mechanism to allow the College to recruit students in a manner consistent with schools with which they compete. The following points were emphasized by Deans Geren and Williams in answer to questions raised: The new Graduate School of Business will never circumvent established procedures and policies of the Graduate School. Admissions and degree requirements will be approved by the Graduate School. Program and course changes will follow existing procedures. All University faculty members remain eligible to serve on student committees in the Business College. - motion passes

Item 989-91: Course Review Process -- Pat Koski. An annual review of the courses listed in the Catalog of Studies will result in courses being designated as active, inactive, or to be deleted. The review process was presented. In this process a course which is in an inactive status for three years will be deleted unless justification is provided. - motion passes

Item 989-92: Dennis Bonge informed the Senate of changes being made with respect to the Institutional Review Board policies. These changes will be posted on the web; faculty input was solicited.




Item 989-93: It was moved and seconded to accept the optional certification program proposed by the Dept of Agri and Extension Educ which would allow their teacher education students to graduate with a BS degree and complete teacher certification requirements without completing the MAT degree program. motion passes






  1. Susan Mayes reminded the senators about nominations for honorary degrees.
  2. Wally Cordes announced that next fall Arlene Cash will report on the results of this year's admissions programs and the Chancellor's scholars program.
  3. Wally Cordes thanked the Exec Comm (S. Neuse, D. Gay, C. Rom, B. Springer, P. Taylor, M. Buone, M. Peven, and J. Swartz) for their help this year, and also VC Steven Neuse, Sec Neil Allison, and Parliamentarian Jimmie Rogers.
  4. Buddy Babcock reminded the senators of the importance of faculty governance.





Moved and seconded to adjourn at 4:57. - motion passes.



Wally Cordes, Chair;

Neil Allison, Secretary.

Minutes approved: