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Minutes of the March 10, 1999 Faculty Senate Meeting
Present: Officers: Cordes, Neuse, Allison, Rogers
  Senators (Elected): Goodstein, Bertoncino, Redfern, Cleveland, Lee, Peven, Schroeder, Freund, White, Di Brezzo, Roland, Swartz, Fort, Myers, Killenbeck, Bailey, Knowles, Buono, Rom, Taylor
Senators (Admin.): Bennett, Williams, Geren, Young
Absent: Senators (Elected): Musick, Daniels, Johnson, Miller, Salamo, Waligorski,
  Brewer, Hoffman, Brady, Douglas, Norwood, Olejniczak, Hall, Chase, Caldwell, Gay, Graham, James, MacRae, Martin, King, Kral, Schmitt, Ziegler
  Senators (Admin.): White, Scifres, Buege, Madison, Dutton, Stegman, Loewer, Strickman
Wally Cordes called the meeting to order at 3:32 PM.
It was moved and seconded to approve the Agenda - motion passes.
It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of February 10, 1999 - motion passes
Reports - None
Old Business - None
New Business
  A. Item 989-58: Recommendation to Amend the Faculty Grievance Procedure - Steven Neuse - amended to include statement: This policy will be implemented July 1, 1999 - amendment passes, Adoption of the Faculty Grievance Procedure as amended - amended motion passes
  B. Item 989-59: Recommendation for Amending University Calendar Routing Procedure - Wally Cordes spoke for Jerry Musick - motion passes
  C. Item 989-60: Recommendation to Approve University Calendar, 2004 & 2005 - Christy Spiegel. Moved to postpone until next meeting with a request for a presentation from the Student Affairs division - motion passes
  D. Consent Agenda - motion passes
  Item 989-61: Program Change - Master of Education
  Item 989-62: Program Change - Education Specialist
  Item 989-63: Program Change - Doctor of Education
  Item 989-64: Test Requirement Change- M.S. & Ph.D. in Entomology
  Item 989-65: Graduate Course Changes
  The Undergraduate Course Committee has recommended items 989-66 and 989-67 for Senate approval
  Item 989-66: Program Change - CISQA
  Item 989-67: Program Change - Electrical Engineering
  The Undergraduate Course Committee has recommended item 989-68 for Senate approval
  Item 989-68: Undergraduate Course Changes
  April 8 is the date for the Campus Council meeting. There will probably be an April and May meeting of the Faculty Senate. For the May meeting there may be more than chocolate.
Moved and seconded to adjourn at 4:28. - motion passes.
  Wally Cordes, Chair; Neil Allison, Secretary.
  Minutes approved: April 14, 1999