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December 3, 1998

1. The January Faculty Senate meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 13 at 3:30pm in Engineering Hall 209.

2. All faculty receive this message, not just senate members.

3. If you wish to reply to me please do not do so through the listserv since this just creates more work for Ms. Overby. Send stuff to me directly at or PLSC, MAIN 428.

4. This message constitutes a call for agenda items for the January meeting. You have from now until noon, Friday, December 18 to get all items to me. Those of you who sent items in anticipation of a December meeting need not resubmit.

5. Please send another copy of anything you send to me to be considered for the agenda to Nancy Talburt, in VCAA, ADMN 422.

6. Please note: The January meeting is the last chance for curriculum, courses, programs to be considered in order to be included in the catalog next year. If you miss the boat, you'll have to wait for the 2000-2001 catalog.

7. Anything needing to go through the Undergraduate Program Committee, Undergraduate Course Committee, Core Curriculum Committee, or the Graduate Curriculum Committee must be approved by those committees before I can bring it to the Senate Agenda Committee for consideration.

Sorry to be so longwinded but I just wanted to touch all the bases.

Steven M. Neuse Vice-Chair, Faculty Senate & Chair, Senate Agenda Committee