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Minutes of the January 13, 1999 Faculty Senate Meeting

Present: Officers: Cordes, Neuse, Allison, Rogers

Senators (Elected): Musick, Redfern, Cleveland, Lee, Miller, Peven, Brewer, Norwood, Di Brezzo, Roland, Swartz, Fort, Myers, Bailey, Gay, James, Knowles, MacRae, Buono, King, Kral, Rom, Schroeder, Schmitt, Taylor, Ziegler, Waligorski, Chase, Olejniczak, Brady

Senators (Admin.): Williams, Geren, Bennett

Absent: Senators (Elected):Bertoncino, Daniels, Johnson, Freund, Hoffman, Douglas, White, Hall, Killenback, Salamo, Graham, Martin, Goodstein, Caldwell Senators (Admin.): White, Scifres, Buege, Madison, Dutton, Stegman, Loewer, Strickman, Young

I. Wally Cordes called the meeting to order at 3:34 PM.

II. It was moved and seconded to approve the Agenda – motion passes

III. It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of November 11, 1998 - motion passes

IV. Reports - none V. Old Business – none

VI. New Business

A. Item 989-27: A change in the process of election of faculty representatives to the campus council - motion passes

B. Item 989-28: Proposed Changes to the Faculty Handbook Change of sending minutes to the Board of Trustees—Rules of Procedure of the Faculty Senate - motion passes

C. Consent Agenda Items 989-29 through 989-49. - motion passes.

Item 989-29: Kinesiology—changes in major and concentrations; Item 989-30: Food Science—changes in concentrations; Item 998-31: Biological Sciences—change in degrees requirements; Item 989-32: Drama—modified list of courses for the major; Item 989-33: Spanish—changes in course requirements; Item 989-34: Physics—changes in undergraduate program; Item 989-35: Geosciences—addition of focus statement to Geology program; Item 989-36: Business Administration—Honors Program Proposal; Item 989-37: Management—changes in course requirements; Item 989-38: Biological & Agricultural Engineering—changes in major; Item 989-39: Changes in undergraduate courses that have been recommended by the Undergraduate Programs Committee; Item 989-40: Graduate Course Changes; Item 989-41: M.S. in Health Science program changes; Item 989-42: Ph.D. in Health Science program changes; Item 989-43: M.A. in Biology program changes; Item 989-44: M.S. & Ph.D. in Chemistry & Biochemistry changes; Item 989-45: Ph.D. in Environmetal Dynamics program changes; Item 989-46: M.S. in Geology program changes; Item 989-47: M.S. in Statistics program changes; Item 989-48: M.A. in Political Science program changes; Item 989-49: M.A. in Sociology program changes

D. Item 989-50. New degree program, Ph.D. in Public Policy. Discussion including incorporation of ethics thoughout the curriculum and organization when courses are offered in different departments. Page 16 and page 2, the word economic was replaced by community - motion passes

E. Item 989-51. Business Administration-Establishment of an Information Technology Research Center and a name change: Center of Marketing Research is now Center for Retailing Excellence - motion passes

VII. Announcement/Information

A. Robert Brady replaces Eric Studer Ellis as Senator.

B. Wally Cordes appointed an Ad Hoc committee to study the reinstatement of an umbrella committee to coordinate honors studies on the campus. Members are Rom, Di Brezzo, Goodstein, McCray, and Hall

C. Nominations for honorary degrees for Spring 2000 should go to Susan Mays.

D. V.C. Bennett introduced Arlene Cash, Dean of Enrollment Services

VIII. Moved and seconded to adjourn at 4:02. motion passes.

Wally Cordes, Chair; Neil Allison, Secretary

Minutes approved: February 10, 1999

  last update: 02/11/99