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Minutes of the February 10, 1999 Faculty Senate Meeting

Present: Officers: Cordes, Neuse, Allison, Rogers

Senators (Elected): Musick, Bertoncino, Redfern, Lee, Peven, Brewer, Hoffman, Brady, Douglas, Norwood, White, Di Brezzo, Roland, Fort, Hall, Bailey, Chase, Gay, MacRae, Martin, Buono, King, Kral, Rom, Schmitt, Taylor

Senators (Admin.): White, Williams, Geren, Bennett


Senators (Elected): Daniels, Johnson, Cleveland, Miller, Salamo, Schroeder, Waligorski, Freund, Swartz, Olejniczak, Myers, Killenback, Caldwell, Graham, James, Knowles, Goodstein, Ziegler

Senators (Admin.): Scifres, Buege, Madison, Dutton, Stegman, Loewer, Strickman, Young

I. Wally Cordes called the meeting to order at 3:33 PM.

II. It was moved and seconded to approve the Agenda – motion passes.

III. It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of January 13, 1998 - motion passes

IV. Reports

Chancellor White presented several university business items. Dr. Johnette Brazzell was introduced as the VC for Student Affairs (formally Division of Student Services). Budget priorities continue to be faculty and staff salaries (at 6% and 3%, respectively), scholarships and fellowships, library funding, information technology, and strategic investments. Sponsored research matching (VC Geren, proposal to ASTA - 5 million per year for match) was a capital budget priority. Projected revenues include 4.71%/yr from state funds and 7.33%/yr from tuition and fees. Retention of students will result in increasing funds. The Chancellor’s Budget Reallocation program was presented as a method to remain vigilant on spending with benefits to the students. An annual 1% re-allocation per year for 5 years is being initiated. The status of the searches for Provost, the Dean of Library (after the Provost is selected), and the Dean of the Law School was discussed. Activities of the Walton College of Business were presented.

V. Old Business

Item 989-52: Resolution from the Ad Hoc Committee on Early Retirement for Faculty presented by David Douglas. The committee looked at recent UofA administrative changes in retirement incentives. Drastic changes were summarized in an April 1998 memo from VC D. O. Pederson. The committee’s motion called on the Chancellor to reinstate the retirement incentive program as described by the Board of Trustees and for there to be timelines established for submission of retirement materials for consideration– motion passes.

VI. New Business Consent Agenda Item 989-53 through 989-56: - motion passes

Item 989-53: Undergraduate Course Changes - Robert Welch.

Item 989-54: Graduate Course Changes.

Item 989-55: Enrollment Policy Changes.

Item 989-56: Program Change - MPA in Public Administration.

Item 989-57: Test Requirement Change - M.Ed. in Adult Education & Vocational Education

VII. Announcement/Information

Curt Rom will present a video on student alcohol abuse after the meeting is adjourned

VIII. Moved and seconded to adjourn at 4:28. - motion passes.

Wally Cordes, Chair; Neil Allison, Secretary
Minutes approved: March 10, 1999