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January 20, 1999

Attention all Faculty members, Senators and those who are not:

1. The February Faculty Senate Meeting will convene on Wednesday, February 10, at 3.33pm in the grand Engineering Hall 209.

2. This is the first and last call for Agenda Items for that meeting--they are due (along with all substantiating material) to me by Thursday, January 28 at Noon.

3. Please make sure before submitting agenda items that they have jumped all the necessary hoops (such as University Program, Course, and Core Curriculum Committees and Graduate Council).

4. Any responses or queries to me should be sent directly to my email , NOT through the listserv.

Thank you for your attentive attention.

Steven M. Neuse Professor & Chair Political Science Department Main 428 501-575-3356 501-575-2642 (FAX)